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Before and After Liposuction: Life Transformation

Published onOctober 29, 2018 by

This is one day after revision liposuction of a dorso-cervical fat pad. This young patient had previously had liposuction twice with other surgeons as well as Kybella injections but said that none of the treatments had worked. There had been minimal change after all of the previous procedures (not that the fat had come back.) She had also had several extensive endocrinology workups to evaluate her for any underlying cortisol imbalances or any medical reasons for the fat pad – but they were all normal – it was something she had for her entire life and genetically, many members of her family had the same bump. At first I was reluctant to operate since she had so many previous surgeries and treatments that hadn’t worked and also I knew there would be extensive scar tissue from them. She was getting married soon and was wearing a backless dress and the bump on her back really bothered her and made her (and me) sad. I had gotten an MRI to make sure the bump wasn’t bony or muscular and it showed that there was fat creating the bump. After setting realistic expectations for her about the unpredictability of this being her 4th procedure, I promised her I would do everything I possibly could to help her – her results brought tears of joy to my eyes when I saw her the next day! I used a special multistep lipo procedure to remove the bump and placed her in a special compression garment. Her back looks smooth and flat and beautiful! I can’t wait to see her in her dress on her wedding day. Follow my other strictly medical IG account for more plastic surgery and other medical content @surgeon

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