7 Reasons Women Get Labiaplasty in Beverly Hills

The Benefits of Vaginal Rejuvenation: 7 Reasons Women Seek Labiaplasty

One of the most common plastic surgical procedures throughout the world is labiaplasty (otherwise known as vaginal rejuvenation surgery). In fact, nearly 10,000 labiaplasties were performed in the United States alone last year (ASPS).

Labiaplasty is a cosmetic procedure that can change the appearance of the vagina by removing excess labia minora. If you find yourself considering labiaplasty surgery, you may be wondering if it is the right choice for you. Understanding why other women have gotten labiaplasties can help determine if it would meet your needs. In this article, we’ll discuss seven of the most common reasons women seek labiaplasty surgery.

Dr. Cat Begovic is a labiaplasty specialist in Beverly Hills, CA, who utilizes the most advanced, meticulous labiaplasty techniques to help patients address several concerns. Dr. Cat has developed innovative labiaplasty techniques that can resolve aesthetic issues, physical discomfort, and more with minimal pain and a quick recovery. Read on to learn more about Dr. Cat’s labiaplasty and the various reasons that women seek this procedure.

What Is a Labiaplasty?

Labiaplasty or vaginal rejuvenation surgery is a cosmetic surgical procedure that aims to improve the appearance of the vagina by removing excess labia minora. The labia minora, the inner lips that sit directly outside the vaginal opening, may be resected to a smaller size (trimmed) so that it’s symmetrical with the labia majora.

Dr. Cat explains the significance of the labiaplasty procedure here:

“Through the advocacy I have done to normalize labiaplasty discussions and make women feel more comfortable seeking solutions for themselves, it is becoming more popular. It is one of the most common surgeries I perform. In most cases, the procedure is more than cosmetic; it truly improves a woman’s quality of life.”

7 Reasons Women Get a Labiaplasty

There are various reasons that women seek labiaplasty surgery. For some women, the appearance of their vaginas has resulted in self-esteem issues, and they want to improve their appearance and reduce vaginal laxity.

For other women, their vagina has anatomical issues that cause them physical pain or discomfort during certain activities. No matter the reason, having labiaplasty is an excellent way to resolve these issues, improving the appearance of your vagina and alleviating physical discomfort.

1. Aesthetic Concerns

One of the biggest reasons women seek labiaplasty surgery is to resolve specific aesthetic concerns about their vagina. Some women feel that their vaginal lips or labia minora are too long, extending far outwards from the vaginal opening. In these instances, the labia minora tissue can be resected to be shorter.

Another aesthetic concern that women have is asymmetry. When the tissue of the labia minora is not symmetrical, one side may appear significantly longer than the other. A labiaplasty can correct this by removing the excess tissue, creating a more even appearance.

2. Pain During Intimacy

A common reason that women choose to have a labiaplasty is pain during intimacy. While pain during intimacy can result from certain medical conditions, sometimes, the anatomy of the vagina can actually be the cause of pain.

This often happens when the labia minora tissue is too long, and as a result, tugging or pulling occurs during intimacy. This excess labia minora tissue can be resected and shortened to resolve the pain during intimacy during a labiaplasty.

3. Discomfort from Clothing/Underwear

Some women find themselves experiencing pain or discomfort when wearing tight pants or certain types of underwear. This can happen when the labia minora tissue is excessively long, resulting in friction with the clothing fabric.

Women with this issue may find it incredibly uncomfortable when they remain in a sitting position for too long, as the fabric constricts their anatomy and rubs against it. A labiaplasty can resolve this issue by removing the excess labia minora tissue coming into contact with clothing and underwear.

4. Labial Tears After Childbirth

Many women get labiaplasties after childbirth. Giving birth vaginally often results in changes to the labial tissue. This may include things like labial tears. Tearing to the labia minora can be both unsightly and uncomfortable, resulting in both self-consciousness and pain during certain activities. Having a labiaplasty completed can remove scarred and damaged labia tissue, resolving discomfort and creating a more appealing appearance.

5. Interferes with Physical Activity

When there are natural anatomical issues with the way the vaginal tissue is structured, it can result in pain and discomfort during certain activities. For example, labia minora tissue that is too long can lead to discomfort when doing activities like bicycle riding.

Other exercises like cardio can result in friction in this area, leading to chafing and pain. Labiaplasty can resolve pain and discomfort with physical activity by removing excess labia minora tissue.

6. Self-Consciousness

A common concern for many women is the appearance of the vagina during intimate activity. When there are certain aesthetic issues like asymmetry, some women may feel very self-conscious. This self-consciousness can be so consuming that it results in the complete avoidance of sexual activity. In some cases, labial issues can actually show through tight clothing, leading to self-consciousness outside of intimate situations as well.

Every woman deserves to feel confident with their body, which is why labiaplasty works to resolve issues like this. A labiaplasty procedure can correct cosmetic problems like asymmetry and create a more desirable appearance that restores a woman’s confidence in her body.

7. Changes from Aging or Childbirth

Many women find themselves seeking labiaplasty because the appearance of their vagina has changed over time. The natural anatomy of a vagina can change subtly due to factors like aging and childbirth. With age, tissue in the labia minora can become laxer, looser, softer, and more open. The result is often a heavier-feeling intimate area that sags downwards. Childbirth can also cause the labia minora to appear longer and hang downwards.

As a result of these changes, women may even experience medical issues like urinary incontinence, excessive discharge, or dryness. While labiaplasty can’t treat all of these issues, it can potentially resolve some of the symptoms of urinary incontinence while addressing aesthetic concerns and restoring the labia minora tissue to its original state.

Labiaplasty in Beverly Hills


Whether it be aesthetic concerns or physical discomfort, there are numerous reasons women seek labiaplasty. Whatever the reason, finding an expert cosmetic surgeon to perform your labiaplasty is crucial for having the best results. Dr. Cat Begovic is a board-certified plastic surgeon who performs labiaplasty in Los Angeles. She explains why labiaplasty is such an important procedure for her here:

“As a woman myself, I am particularly sensitive to women seeking vaginal cosmetic surgery procedures. Often women live with discomfort, embarrassment, avoidance of certain tight-fitting clothing, and feel self-conscious in their relationships because of labial asymmetry, protuberance, or excessive labial show. In your consultation, my staff and I will do everything to make you as comfortable as possible. I will discuss what your specific concerns are and develop a customized surgical plan for you.”

Being a renowned cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Cat has developed an innovative approach to labiaplasty procedures. As a female surgeon, Dr. Cat makes patients feel at ease as she works on their most intimate areas. She takes extra care and consideration to ensure that you get the best results possible, helping you to feel more comfortable with your anatomy.

To begin your plastic surgery journey, please contact us to schedule your consultation with Dr. Cat today!