Dr. Cat

Dr. Cat on Dr. 90210 Premiers Tonight

Dr. 9021 TV Show is so near and dear to my heart. 5 years ago I teamed together with a producer from EntertainmentOne and presented a plastic surgery show reel to various networks. We ended up having a meeting at the E! Network and I expressed to them how I wanted to show a different […]

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Dr. Cat on UNWAXED podcast with Sophia & Sistine Stallone

It was such a pleasure meeting Sophia and Sistine Stallone and being a guest on their podcast show UNWAXED. I couldn’t decide what was more incredible – the fact the sisters decided to do something creative together with so much love and support for each other, or their show itself discussing adulting, pop culture, their […]

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Dr. 90210 – A Dream Come True

I’m so excited to announce that I will be starring in the new Dr. 90210 show coming this fall to E!

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Becoming A Plastic Surgeon

The process of becoming a plastic surgeon was long, painful, and many times felt like a dark tunnel without any light on the horizon. Invested time and money wasn’t my biggest sacrifice.

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A Day In Life Of A Plastic Surgeon

Being a plastic surgeon in private practice doesn’t start or end in the operating room. You have to wear many hats and I have learned many things that weren’t a part of my education. They can only be learned in real life by going through the process of starting and running a medical practice. I’ve […]

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10 Year Challenge

Photo to the left is from 2010 on the first day I opened my plastic surgery practice. Photo to the right is new. Looking back at my 2010 photo I reflect on how challenging but also fulfilling my journey has been. I started a solo private practice in Beverly Hills during the recession and one […]

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