The Importance Of Self Care

As a high performer who cared and wanted so much to excel in academics and in my career, for almost my whole life, I got used to the feeling of needing to constantly be doing things.

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Brazilian Butt Envy or Not?

During my vacation to Latin America, I was able to visually study body types and genetics related to this part of the world. It’s no secret that full and well-shaped bottoms were very popular in this part of the world way before it became a popular Instagram and social media sensation. So is it genetics,

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Real vs. Photoshop

Social media is filled with photoshopped photos and the polished reality of people’s lives is nothing new. Adding filters, adjusting light and color is no big deal and we have all done it. Today I got this photo from my graphic designer, telling me that she had edited my waist since it looked thicker than normal

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Time to Reassess Yourself

If you are feeling bored or unsatisfied with your life or finding that you envy others, then it may be time to reassess yourself and your life. It’s normal to feel stuck and unmotivated sometimes. However, if you make conscious decisions to steer your life in a better direction every day, you will find yourself

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