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Revision Liposuction Beverly Hills

Revision Liposuction Specialist

I specialize in repairing and revising previous liposuction. Revision liposuction is an extremely challenging surgery that requires detailed pre-operative planning and meticulous technical skill. Although I am located in Beverly Hills, I have patients from all over the country and all over the world who have suffered from significant asymmetries, irregularities, indentations and scarring from previous liposuction surgery. The severity of their problems ranges from subtle contour irregularities to noticeable asymmetries including shelves or chunks of fat left behind and deep indentations or grooves that are adherent to the underlying muscle.

Sections of fat left behind can be removed and blended into the surrounding areas to create a smoother contour and asymmetries can usually be corrected. Dents and areas where too much fat was taken can be lifted and fat grafted. However, for areas where there is a lot of scar tissue or deep dents, I caution patients that the scar or dents often re-form. In some cases, the damage is too great and revision liposuction surgery cannot be performed. I always make sure to help my patients set realistic expectations for what revision liposuction surgery can do for them. At your consultation, I will evaluate all areas that need to be repaired and give you an honest assessment. If you are from out of town and are doing an on-line consultation, please send photographs from different views in good lighting.

Don’t Live in Baggy Clothing – Revision Liposuction Can Help

For patients who have had less than desirable results, it is often emotionally challenging for them to undergo a second revision surgery. Many of my patients told me that they had lost hope that there was any chance of fixing their surgery and because of their previous bad experience; they were hesitant to have a second procedure. Many of my patients told me that after their poor liposuction surgery they couldn’t wear fitted shirts or pants because their irregularities were visible even through clothing so they stopped going shopping and lived in baggy clothes. I’ve helped young women in their 20′s and 30′s who could never wear a bikini or even a bathing suit. Although these have been some of the most difficult cases I have performed, they are also the most rewarding and I feel grateful that I have been able to help so many patients look and feel better.


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    stars 6/18/2014

    commaFirst of all, there is not enough room to express my gratitude and praise for Dr. Begovic. She is an incredible person and doctor. I am an out of town patient, and Dr. Begovic spoke to me for an hour before we ever even met, just to talk over the procedure and review my photos. She is incredibly honest and she really shows true compassion for her patients. I had liposuction 9 years ago by a surgeon who "botched" me. He left me looking truly deformed, all the lumps and bumps, hills and valleys, and a LOT of scar tissue in my flanks and abdomen. I was told by many different doctors that I need a tummy tuck to fix this.....needless to say, I didn't want a tummy tuck if I didn't need one. I saw Dr. Begovic on the Dr's show and she did a liposuction revision on a patient and I was literally blown away, hope was finally in the horizon for me! After having 3 kids, I decided to contact Dr. Begovic. She was incredibly detailed about what happens during liposuction, she explained the risk of doing liposuction on patients who already had liposuction and was very upfront that I may not be able to fix all that was "botched". I felt very confident after speaking with her, reading her reviews, and seeing her photo gallery, so I booked my surgery. Here I am, 5 days later, a HUGE smile on my face. I look amazing, yup, I said it :) Amazing! Not only did she fix what happened in my prior mess of a surgery, but she gave me a waist that I've never had, and she took the "flap" away in my arms. Dr. Begovic called me the evening of my surgery to check on me. She saw me the next morning (on a Saturday) and called me again on Sunday to check in. I saw her one more time before I flew back home and everything was spot on. If you have the chance to have her as your surgeon, then take it, you will not regret it. She is amazing as a Dr., and even more amazing as a person! Thank you Dr. Begovic, you are a life changer and a blessing!!!comma

    line Christina S.
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    stars 4/19/2014

    commaDr. Begovic is beyond fantastic. All the reviews read prior to meeting her, do not provide sufficient credit for her marvelous work and professionalism.

    As a surgeon, I found her to be detailed, precised, and meticulous. A true sculpturist. I first contacted her through Facebook and within an hour she had replied. I was astonished to see how she quickly answered and showed her interest in helping me regain my confidence and figure. At that moment, I knew she was my surgeon to go.

    Two months after, I went from NYC to LA to see her. Her patient care is superb. She has maintained constant communication with me and has provided a genuine care of my satisfaction and well-being. In 2010, I went to the Dominican Republic to have lipo- sculpture. Unfortunately, the surgeon in the Dominican Republic was very aggressive and I was left with lots of ridges on my abdomen, over-suction places and lots of scar tissues.

    Dr. Begovic performed a lipo-revision of my full abdomen and flanks. She was very detailed in looking at my body and even during the surgery she ensured that she could target anything that was bothering me. She worked persistently and hard (almost broke her hand) to ensure that she removed as much scar tissue as she could. She also did some fat grafting to fill in the holes. She ensured that I had realistic expectations of my results and explained with detail the procedure. After the surgery, I had my first visit, and the results were. I cried of joy and happiness. It has been three days since my surgery and I can attest that her dedication and perfectionist demeanor has made me "perfect". Thank you Dr. Begovic! I am forever grateful!comma

    line Ambar V.
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    stars 4/17/2014

    commaI would like to start by saying that Dr. Catherine Begovic is one of the most talented doctors that I've ever had the pleasure to meet. She has such a kind heart and a personality that will put you at ease immediately. Her skills are unmatched and a gift from God. She cares deeply about each patients results. She does not treat people like numbers but makes you feel special and your concerns are heard. She takes her time with each patient. She makes no false promises. Dr Begovic has been an answer to my prayers. I came in a mess from a previous doctor and had lost hope until I met her. She was able to do a miraculous revision with amazing results. I call her my angel sent to help me. Words could not say enough for my gratitude to her for her help.comma

    line Donna B.
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    stars 2/26/2014

    commaI had revision lipo surgery in February 2014 .Dr Begovic took the time to explain what her plan of attack was and took the time to answer all my questions .She has the demeanour of a family doctor and it's easy to tell that your more than just a number when you meet her. Dr Begovic went above and beyond my wildest expectations (she pinpointed many sections that still contained fat that i was not even aware of ,.wow ) . Dr.Begovic is a perfectionist and she will make sure that you will get the best results possible , i would highly recommend visiting her for a consultation before even considering another doctor , she will blow you away with her knowledge ,passion for her job and her total dedication towards making sure that she gets you the best results possible .comma

    line Sam G.