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Request A Plastic Surgery Appointment

The consultation with Dr. Begovic is very detailed and extensive. First, you will meet with her surgical consultant who will give you some general information and review photographs with you.

Then Dr. Begovic will have an extensive discussion with you to talk about all your concerns and take the time to thoroughly understand what you were hoping to achieve.

Dr. Begovic will then perform an examination and evaluate your individual anatomy. She will take appropriate measurements and help determine what your surgical options are. She will then do a thorough review of your medical history and evaluate you to make sure you’re an appropriate candidate for cosmetic surgery. She will also discuss with you her specific surgical techniques that have allowed her patients to have smooth natural results also a quick recovery and how she minimizes complications.

She will then take the time to answer all of your questions. We encourage our patients to write down and bring any questions they may have.

You will then meet again with our surgical consultant to review all the details of booking surgery and undergoing pre-operative planning and post-operative care.

We take pride in the appropriate reservation of your procedural date and time! Our priority is to schedule procedures that can be attended with the utmost of care.

Policy for non-surgical procedure:

  • Payment for certain non-surgical procedures will be taken at the time of scheduling to secure your appointment (i.e… Laser & injections).
  • Cancellations/Rescheduling 4  weeks prior to your procedure(s) will result in a charge to your account of 100% of the procedure or $500 deposit (Lasers & all injections).
  • Scheduled treatments on prepaid packages will result in debit of treatment from series if appointment is cancelled within four (4) weeks.
  • All balances must be paid prior to scheduling any future appointments.

Regarding surgery scheduling, this requires careful planning and coordination between our office, the Surgery Center and their operating room staff, as well as your anesthesiologist, if applicable. In addition, special medical instrumentation is prepared and sterilized for each individual procedure. Therefore, please understand the importance of respecting our “One Month Cancellation/ Rescheduling Policy” which entails the following:

  • The surgery deposit of $2500 is non-refundable and collected at the time of surgical day reservation.
  • Cancellation/Rescheduling at any time will result in a loss of that $2500 deposit.  Rescheduling will require an additional $2500 to reserve a new surgical date.  Each time a surgery is cancelled or rescheduled, this will result in a charge of $2500 which is NOT applied towards the total  surgical fee. Only one $2500 deposit is applied towards the surgical fee.
  • Cancellation/Rescheduling  4 weeks prior to your procedure date will result in a  50% loss of the surgical fee plus $2,500 surgery deposit.
  • Cancellation/Rescheduling 2 weeks prior to your procedure date will result in a 100% loss of the surgical fee plus $2,500 surgery deposit.

Payment for the surgical fee must be received in full by cash/ credit card/ CareCredit, four (4) weeks prior to your surgery date.

If you use a credit card for the payment and a refund becomes necessary, the processing fee charged by our bank (3%) will be deducted from the refund.

If you are planning on having Botox or Juvederm, please stop aspirin, Motrin, ibuprofen and herbal medication for at least 10 days.

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