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Botched Plastic Surgery

Published onAugust 13, 2018 by

Botched Plastic Surgery

The Dangers of Botched Plastic Surgery Procedures

I keep seeing social media flooded with images of oversized butts that are clearly not the result of genetics or squats. I’m concerned that because these images are so prevalent that people are starting to think this is normal and think butt injections aren’t a big deal. In my practice I have seen many many girls coming in for repair after botched butt procedures – infections, cysts that requires drainage creating large dents, big uneven lumps, hard scar tissue that feels like pebbles, oversuctioned lower backs, and areas where the skin died.

I’m so frustrated by people going to foreign countries for “discount plastic surgery” or unlicensed practitioners and non board certified plastic surgeons here in the states and having silicone or other illegal injections placed. Some of the women I’ve seen don’t even know what material was placed in their body. These procedures in the worst cases can result in embolism leading to infection with loss of legs that have to be amputated and even death. Implants placed in the butt are different from the breast – they tend to get infected, shift or extrude.

Brazilian butt lift where your own fat is used and transferred to the butt is a much better and safer technique but even then has to be done with technical skill and care to minimize complications and also be performed in a way to create a naturally full look that is not fake looking. The fat must be transferred drop by drop in its own space and not over filled or it starts to die. The way that the fat is harvested and processed is also very important. I have a three step fat harvesting process that optimizes the survival of the fat. I believe plastic surgery should enhance your natural beauty, and create feminine curves not create something that looks super fake and is dangerous.

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