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Don’t Give Up

Published onOctober 17, 2018 by

I’ll never forget the time I was ready to give up. I just felt like I couldn’t do it. Both me and my husband invested pretty much everything we had at the time in our businesses. It seemed that the future was so uncertain and since I was never a risk taker I couldn’t take it. He said, “do you really want to exchange your dreams and everything you’ve always wanted just to feel security and be something you are not? We got this babe,” he said. Somehow that’s all I needed to hear at the time when I was at that crossroad. I’m glad we chose our dreams. We did it all together, from zero. We failed, we succeeded, we failed again and we succeeded again. No matter how bad our day was, at the end of each day we had each other and we had our dreams and that was enough. When one of us got tired the other one started rowing.

We have now come a long way even though our journey has still just begun and we took this photo recently in our new home once we got the keys and we looked around and then we looked at each other and smiled. We didn’t have to say a word while saying so much to each other…

With that said, never marry for the money, lifestyle or the idea of how your life could be. Marry someone you truly love and someone you can see yourself building everything together with. Someone who will know how you feel and think without saying a word. I feel like my husband is always watching over me like a guardian angel even though he may look more like an angry lion when it comes to protecting me lol. That’s powerful and strong and will get you through anything in life. Through richer and poor.

Dr Cat

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