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Brow Lift Beverly Hills

Brow Lift & Forehead lift surgeries are performed on patients who have excessive wrinkles across their forehead from aging. They are also performed on younger patients who wish to elevate their eyebrows – usually the lateral eyebrows. Brow and forehead lifts thus create a smoother, more youthful appearance. This brow lift surgery procedure can be performed in conjunction with other surgeries.

About Forehead and Brow Lift Surgery

During a brow lift surgery, an incision is generally made across the top of the forehead usually behind the hairline from the front of one ear to the front of the other ear. The forehead and brows are elevated and excess skin is removed. The flap is then sutured.

For a lateral brow lift – to elevate the lateral eyebrows, two small incisions are made in the hairline. The forehead skin is elevated off deeper structures and then a small wedge is removed. The brows are elevated as the excess skin is removed. The incisions are then sutured.

Brow Lift Recovery: Forehead and Brow Lift Post-Operative Information

Antibiotics may be prescribed for several days following your forehead lift. Sutures and staples are generally removed within one week. Swelling and some bruising may occur, but they should subside within a few weeks. Our doctors will prescribe ice compresses and eye exercises to reduce swelling and regain mobility. Women will be allowed to use eye cosmetics up to two weeks after surgery. You can proceed with your normal daily activities within 1-2 weeks. A final evaluation may occur within several months from the initial surgery.

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Brow Lift Surgery Before and After Photos

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