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Jen Selter Butt – Is It Real?

Published onApril 27, 2015 by

Jen Selter Butt

Jen Selter Butt Fake?

After posting some pictures of Brazilian Butt Lift on Facebook and Instagram, I got a bunch of questions online about popular celebrities who have very full butts and skinny legs, especially Jen Selter.  They wanted to know whether or not her butt was real!

I have never met or examined Jen myself, and she is not a patient of mine but I will tell you that I often suspect that women with that type of anatomy may be fake. Fake meaning they had some sort of enhancement procedure or that in reality their butts are not as full as they appears on social media photos.  Jen Selter claims that she developed her shapely butt through exercise. However upon examining her photos, she has thin and relatively undeveloped legs.  As someone who is fitness authority, I can tell you that it is very difficult to develop gluteal muscles without also developing leg muscles. Squats, lunges, even butt blaster machines and other exercises designed to shape the butt inevitably also develop the quads and hamstrings especially.  If you look at fitness celebrities like Michelle Lewin who trains very hard, you’ll see that in addition to her well-developed glutes she also has very muscular and developed legs.  This is what naturally happens when you work your butt muscles.

One of the things that I always tell any of my patients who come into my office wanting to look like a particular person that seems unrealistic, is that a lot of times pictures they see on Instagram or Facebook are photoshopped or taken at a certain angle with particular lighting to look more dramatic than reality.  So please ladies, don’t beat yourself up if you cannot have Jen Selter’s butt.

Is Jen Selter's butt real?

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