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How Common is Labiaplasty Surgery?

Published onJanuary 29, 2018 by

How Common is Labiaplasty Surgery?

Labiaplasty Surgery Growing in Popularity

Although cosmetic surgery of the vaginalabiaplasty – is not a topic that many people discuss, it is one of the most common procedures I perform and specialize in and one that really improves women’s quality of life.  I have developed a special technique that allows for precise reshaping, has a nearly invisible scar, and a quick recovery.  I recently authored a chapter on this subject in the International Textbook of Aesthetic Surgery. Women get this procedure because they feel uncomfortable when wearing certain clothing like yoga pants, leggings, or jeans, they have discomfort when exercising or with intercourse, they have trouble keeping the area clean because of excess tissue, or because they just don’t like the way it looks.  If you don’t think it makes a difference, just look at the before and after pictures on my website.

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