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Taylor Swift Breast Implant Rumors

Published onJuly 27, 2016 by

Taylor Swift Breast Implant Rumors

Taylor Swift Breast Implant Rumors. Did she or didn’t she?

Recently, Taylor Swift has been seen sporting a larger bust-line. There’s speculation that she got breast augmentation.

I think people and the media should leave Taylor Swift alone about her possible breast augmentation surgery. Breast surgery is very personal and no woman wants to admit they are flat-chested or talk about bra padding they may or may not use.

Breast implants definitely make a huge difference for patients and is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedure for women. Patients always tell me how much better they feel to have breasts that fit their figure and make them feel more confident and feminine. I personally got breast implants 15 years ago and it was one of the best things I ever did. However, not everyone is as open about it nor should they be forced to talk about it.

Taylor Swift has been looking happy and confident as she hits the town with her new boyfriend, Tom Hiddleston. Whether her confidence and happiness comes from her new boyfriend or her possible new procedure, she should be able to have her privacy about this very personal decision.

Taylor Swift Breast Implant Rumors Taylor Swift Breast Implant Rumors

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