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Liposuction Revision Procedure

Published onJanuary 17, 2012 by

Liposuction Revision Procedure

Liposuction Revision Procedure At The Doctors TV

I was recently on “The Doctors” TV show where I performed a revision surgery on a patient who had liposuction previously and was left with significant asymmetries. In the last few months, I’ve taken care of many patients who needed their previous surgery fixed. The severity of their problems ranged from subtle contour irregularities to noticeable asymmetries including shelves or chunks of fat left behind. Some of the worst cases I’ve had to fix involved previous mesotherapy – where injections marketed as “fat dissolving” actually resulted in numerous rocks of scar tissue in the fat. These revision cases are usually extremely challenging to fix. There is often a lot of scar tissue present in the areas of previous surgery so blending the asymmetries takes a lot of surgical planning and skill.

When it comes to body sculpting, as with any surgery, it is important to go to an experienced and trained plastic surgeon. Liposuction and body sculpting requires technical skill and an artistic eye to create an ideal silhouette. Good communication between patient and surgeon are essential. As with any surgical procedures, there are always potential risks involved. When it comes to liposuction or any fat removal procedure, there is always a chance of asymmetries, lumps, dents, or un-evenness. However an experienced and trained surgeon can minimize the chances of any of these complications from occurring.

For patients who have had less than desirable results, it is often emotionally challenging for them to undergo a second revision surgery. Many of my patients told me that they had lost hope that there was any chance of fixing their surgery and because of their previous bad experience; they were hesitant to have a second procedure

For the patients who come to me with previous liposuction complications, I always make sure to help them set realistic expectations for what revision surgery can do for them. Sections of fat left behind can be removed and blended into the surrounding areas to create a smoother contour and asymmetries can usually be corrected. Dents and areas where too much fat was taken can be lifted and fat grafted. However, for areas where there is a lot of scar tissue or deep dents, I caution patients that the scar or dents often re-form.

In general, it’s always best to have surgery performed correctly the first time. I always encourage patients to do their research and make sure they have all their questions and concerns answered before proceeding with surgery.

Dr. Cat Begovic

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