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A Medical Doctor And A Human Being

Published onJuly 30, 2018 by

A Medical Doctor And A Human Being

Are my post too superficial, boastful, materialistic and posting pictures of me buying shoes make me look bad as a medical doctor and a human being? Apparently that’s the case according to some people who took the time to passionately express their opinion via multiple public channels. Okay, here is the truth behind those “vacuous” posts. Before I started using social media I was very conservative with my posts. I was at dinner one night with a friend of mine and her 15 year old daughter told us that there was no point for her to go to college arguing with examples of all the popular women who were millionaires and barely finished high school showing us their social media images with extravagant lifestyle, sexy pictures, shopping, and partying. Wow it looked fun for sure! I realized once I started telling her that she could have all of that if she continued school, that I sounded like someone I would not want to listen to if I were a teenager. I spent most of my life studying, giving up weekends and fun. Even now, it’s still not glamorous most of the time. I can’t blame girls who don’t want to see that side. I mean who wants a life like that when someone is presenting “easier, more fun options”, right? I was worried I’d have the same conversation with my own daughter in a few years who was 1 at that time. The next day I posted an image of myself wearing a tight designer dress with a caption of me loving being a doctor and it got twice as many likes as my previous post with comments such as “goals af” (I had to google “af”). There simply weren’t enough career women who dared to express their success visually, you know posting stuff that are “goals af”, that inspire others and keep them from losing hope in education and self-improvement. I’m proud of my accomplishments and I’m proud that every single thing in my “materialistic” posts I earned myself. My goal with my posts is to inspire, empower, and educate. If you take the visuals out of context and you decide to make your own judgment that is all on you. Just unfollow me. For strictly medical posts I did recently start @surgeon where I promise you’ll never see a post of my shoes or purses. Live, love & believe.

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