Breast Explant: Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills Breast Explant Surgery is a cosmetic procedure that removes existing implants and reshapes the breasts, returning a natural harmony to your décolletage.
Dr. Cat Begovic is a board-certified plastic surgeon in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, California. She is a three-time winner of Best of Beverly Hills Award in the cosmetic surgeons category.

What is Beverly Hills Breast Explant Surgery?

A breast explant procedure aims to reverse breast augmentation with implants. Expert breast explant surgeons like Dr. Cat sometimes pair this procedure with a capsulectomy, which also addresses the surrounding scar tissue.

They might also perform this procedure to address other issues such as:

  • Capsular Contracture
  • Breast pain
  • Aesthetic changes
  • Health concerns
  • Lifestyle changes
  • Interference with medical imaging
  • Autoimmune symptoms
  • Psychological distress

Implant removal is a complex procedure.

Like fingerprints, every breast and scar tells its own story. After thousands of breast surgeries, our practice adeptly navigates the delicate nuances of each case, ensuring you feel safe, comfortable, and understood during your surgical experience.

Dr. Cat’s Expertise in Beverly Hills Breast Implant Removal

From humble beginnings as a volunteer at local hospitals, Dr. Cat Huang-Begovic has solidified her standing as a globally recognized leader in plastic surgery. Today, she’s celebrated as one of the best breast implant removal surgeons, earning her reputation through dedication and unparalleled expertise.

Patients from all over the world entrust their breast rejuvenation procedures with Dr. Cat and her surgical team. Her distinguished credentials include:

  • First-class medical training at Harvard and UCLA
  • Double-board plastic surgery certifications 
  • Thousands of successful breast surgeries and revisions
  • Former star of “Dr. 90210

But Dr. Cat isn’t just a highly skilled surgeon; she connects deeply with the challenges her patients face. Having personally undergone multiple breast surgeries herself, she brings a firsthand perspective, combining her renowned expertise with genuine empathy. 

Yesteryear’s implants don’t need to shape tomorrow’s confidence. Let Dr. Cat help you reclaim the beauty of your natural self.

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Beverly Hills Breast Explant Procedure: What to Expect

You might have experienced breast surgery before, but this journey is entirely different. Rest assured, with our expert guidance, any pre-op nerves will soon give way to trust and excitement about the transformation to come.

Your Consultation

At your consultation, you’ll share your concerns and aesthetic goals with Dr. Cat. From there, she’ll carefully assess your anatomy and medical history. After a detailed discussion, Dr. Cat gets to work, crafting a bespoke treatment plan customized to your body and unique needs.

As part of your preoperative workup, we may request blood work or breast imaging in preparation for your surgery. To guarantee a smooth and successful procedure, you’ll also receive preoperative instructions, which include refraining from smoking for a specified period and arranging transportation after your surgery.

Your Candidacy

It may be time to meet with a Beverly Hills Breast Explant plastic surgeon if you:

  • Are in good overall health with no conditions or medications that could impair healing.
  • Are unhappy with the size, shape, or appearance of your current breast implants.
  • Suffer from capsular contracture (hardening of the tissue around the implant), implant rupture, or displacement.
  • Experience symptoms potentially associated with breast implants, such as breast implant illness (BII).
  • Your lifestyle or personal preferences have changed since getting your implants.
  • Have had your implants for a long time and they’re due for replacement or removal.
  • Find that your implants obscure mammography screenings.
  • Experience pain or discomfort from the weight or position of your implants.
  • Feel your implants no longer complement your body due to natural changes from aging or weight fluctuations.
  • Have balanced expectations and a clear understanding of your surgery’s limitations.

A rejuvenated, more confident you is waiting to emerge — you just have to take the first step.

Your Surgery

Before your breast explant surgery begins, you’ll receive local and general anesthesia. This allows you to slip into a peaceful slumber, ensuring your procedure is both painless and tranquil.

Once you’re sound asleep, Dr. Cat begins your Beverly Hills breast implant removal by making one of three potential incisions:

  • Along the lower border of the nipple-areolar complex
  • Around the entire border of the areola
  • Along the inframammary fold (or breast crease)

Whenever possible, Dr. Cat tries to use your existing augmentation scar for the breast implant removal incisions, minimizing additional scarring.

From here, she carefully removes your existing implants. In many cases, she also performs a capsulectomy to deal with any associated scar tissue.

Additional Procedures

There are four approaches to capsulectomy surgery in Beverly Hills:

  • Total capsulectomy: Removes the entire capsule and all surrounding scar tissue. It’s ideal for cases of thickening, calcification, or capsular contracture.
  • Partial capsulectomy: Removes only a part of the capsule, typically when full removal risks damaging nearby tissues like the chest wall or lungs.
  • Subtotal capsulectomy: Nearly all of the capsule is removed, leaving some small sections intact where it’s tightly adhered to vital structures.
  • En bloc capsulectomy: This extracts the implant and its capsule as a single unit without opening it, ideally to prevent contamination from a ruptured silicone implant or for complete removal of problematic tissues.

But what if you want to remove your implants without sacrificing size or volume?

Many of our patients choose breast explant surgery to upgrade their implants or switch to a breast augmentation with fat transfer for a more natural enhancement.

No matter which route you take (and don’t worry, Dr. Cat will be there to assist), her commitment to achieving natural-looking results that align with your vision is second to none.

Recovery from Breast Implant Removal

How does the recovery from breast explant surgery compare to your initial augmentation? Here’s what to expect:

Day 1: After surgery, you’ll awaken in our recovery facility before you can go home (or to your hotel). Some soreness, swelling, and bruising are normal, but you shouldn’t feel any pain. You’ll also wear drains (to prevent fluid accumulation) and a surgical bra.

Week 1: Rest is key during this time. After the first week or so, Dr. Cat removes your drains, checks your progress, and adjusts your surgical bra as needed.

Week 2: You should feel a bit more like yourself. Most patients return to work, but you’ll still have to avoid any strenuous activities. You’ll also begin scar management therapy around this time.

Weeks 4 to 6: Most patients get back to their normal activities. Missed your early morning pilates? Dr. Cat will likely clear you to jump right back in!

Month 2 and Beyond: Your breasts will gradually settle and the final results of your transformation will slowly come into view.

In no time, your rejuvenated décolletage will wash away the discomfort of your past implants.


Choosing a top-rated breast explant surgeon in Beverly Hills means you can anticipate outcomes like these:


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Who says change isn’t beautiful? Beverly Hills Breast Explant is your fresh start for comfort and authenticity in your own skin.

Entrust your journey toward reclaiming your natural silhouette to one of the top experts in the field. Dr. Cat provides outcomes that exceed expectations, so you can finally feel like you again.

Let go of what no longer serves you and embrace a future brimming with confidence and self-acceptance.

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How much does Beverly Hills breast implant removal cost?

Beverly Hills breast implant removal costs typically range anywhere from $5,000 to $18,000 or more. Dr. Cat Plastic Surgery offers various financing options to help make your dream transformation a reality.

Will my breasts look normal after explant?

Absolutely! Dr. Cat excels in achieving the most flattering, proportionate results for each patient. Many patients feel relieved and thrilled with how natural and beautiful their breasts look and feel after surgery.

What celebrities are removing breast implants?

Many famous stars are opting to remove their implants for different reasons, such as Chrissy Teigen, Pamela Anderson, Victoria Beckham, Adrienne Bailon, Yolanda Hadid, Ayesha Curry, and Danica Patrick to name a few.



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