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Strong Body Strong Mind

Published onJuly 2, 2018 by

Strong Body Strong Mind

Dr. Cat Begovic: Strong Body Strong Mind

It has been a very very intense past week with many large surgical cases so my days started early and ended pretty late followed by more administrative work while also trying to eliminate Mom guilt and spend time with my family. I absolutely love what I do and if I did anything else other than being a plastic surgeon I would have probably burned out long time ago.

Here are just a few things that come to mind when I think about what got me where I wanted to be and what is keeping me going, staying strong, and motivated.

1. Live a life true to yourself and not others
2. Work hard but don’t forget the reasons why
3. Don’t be afraid to express yourself
4. Stay in shape, choose whatever activity you enjoy. Strong body, strong mind
5. Never apologize for who you are
6. To know the value of success you need to pay the price
7. Never let failure get to your heart.
8. Never let anyone bring you down. Fire back.
9. Know people around you and who is rowing with you and who is drilling holes when you are not looking.
10. Don’t think about success. Keep working on it and you most likely won’t even notice when it happens.

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