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Vaginal Plastic Surgery Procedures

Published onDecember 25, 2017 by

Vaginal Plastic Surgery Procedures

Vaginal Plastic Surgery Specialist Dr Cat Can Help You

Just like other parts of our bodies, all women have different looking vaginas. Looking different from one another is what makes us unique individuals. There is no specific definition or shape that describes a normal or abnormal looking vagina – they vary immensely.

However, sometimes the shape and the size of the labia (the skin flaps on the side of the vagina) can create rubbing and discomfort, affect the sex life, and limit women from wearing clothes like leggings and bikini bottoms.  Luckily there are procedures that help and more and more women are now open to seeking help.

I specialize in vaginal plastic surgery (labiaplasty) and vaginal rejuvenation procedures such as ThermiVA and I have seen a 70% increase in these types of procedure the last year.

When performed skillfully with a surgeon with extensive experience, it is a quick recovery with minimal pain and one of the best things women do for themselves to feel more comfortable and confident.

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