Our Office

421 N.Rodeo Drive, Penthouse 4
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
Sr. Cat office - room

We’d like to welcome you to our new state-of-the-art, custom-designed, and meticulously crafted Plastic Surgery clinic located on the world-renowned Rodeo Drive. Every square foot of the 4000 sqft. Penthouse level suite is designed with the patient experience in focus. Dr. Cat’s vision of creating the most luxurious, yet inviting and healing medical environment has now finally come to life. She put love into every little detail, from the chrome and glass exam rooms to the hand made tufted and rhinestone walls, and custom designed art boxes recessed in the chandelier corridor. Our office is located on 421 N. Rodeo Drive, Penthouse 4, Beverly Hills, CA 90210. Welcome!

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