Out of Town Patients

Out of Town Patients

​1. Schedule your consultation​

Schedule your consultation by filling out the requested form by clicking on Book Pre-Consultation. You can, also, call our office at 310-858-8808 on Monday-Friday, 9am to 5pm, and Saturdays 9am to 3pm.

2. Send us your photos

After you have scheduled your consultation with Dr. Cat, our office will email you an invitation to sign onto OnPatient where you will fill our patient consent forms, and upload your photos. Please send us clear photos of your front and side views. Photos should be taken in good lighting and clearly show your areas of concern. To protect your privacy, photos must be sent to us through OnPatient. Please do not email us photos or sensitive information until you have reviewed and signed our “Patient Privacy Consent Form” that you will receive from our office upon scheduled consultation.

3. Phone or video consultation

We will set up a time for a phone or video consultation with Dr. Cat once we receive your photos and consultation forms to discuss the specific procedures you are interested in and determine if you are a candidate for surgery. Dr. Cat will explain to you what the surgery entails and also answer all your questions. Our consultation fee is $500 payable by credit card prior to consultation. If you schedule a procedure, the $500 will be applied to your procedure

4. Schedule your procedure

Once you have completed your consultation, our surgical consultant will give you a quote for your procedure and help you schedule a date for your surgery. A deposit of $2,500 (two thousand, five hundred) is required to book your surgery date.

5. Read and sign

After you have scheduled your surgery, we will send you a packet containing pre and post operative instructions, as well as consent forms for your procedure. Please read all the documents carefully, initial each page, and sign them. If you have any questions, please email or call us. Dr. Cat will review the consents as well as the instructions with you prior to surgery.

6. Required clearance/labs

You will need a medical clearance from your doctor and routine blood tests prior to surgery. We recommend you schedule an appointment with your doctor as soon as you schedule your surgery so you have sufficient time to be seen. The tests must be done 14 days before the day of your surgery so that there is sufficient time to obtain and review the results. The exact tests that must be ordered will be determined by your age, general health and planned procedures. We will send you the list of required lab work and medical clearance after reviewing your consultation form.

If you are considering breast surgery, you will need to have a mammogram. This must be arranged in advance. If you have had a mammogram, it must have been done within the previous 12 months to be valid. You will need to send us the report.

You will need prescription medications after your surgery. These medications should be filled out at least one day before surgery. You can choose to obtain them in Los Angeles after your arrival.

7. Travel plans

When making your travel plans, you will need to arrive at least one full day prior to your procedure and see the doctor for your final pre-operative visit. We will email you consent forms and instructions prior to surgery which Dr. Begovic will review with you at your pre-operative appointment. The pre-operative appointment is around 3 weeks prior to surgery. It will be done over the phone or video conferencing.

You will need to stay at least a week in Los Angeles before you can return home. The exact amount of time depends on your procedure and how far you are traveling. You will need to have an adult with you throughout your stay. If you do not have someone that could accompany you, we can help you arrange for a caretaker to take care of you after your surgery. On average patients stay for a week after surgery and up to 2 weeks for more extensive procedures.

8. Concierge travel service and post op nursing care

We partner with the concierge luxury extended hotel AKA in Beverly Hills as well as post-operative plastic surgery nursing facilities and private nurses to help our patients have the best possible experience. Dr. Cat’s patients receive discounted rates and our surgical consultant will provide you with all necessary information on how to reserve.

9. Cancellation policy for office procedures and/or surgery

Dr. Cat and her office take a big pride in providing unparalleled medical care and quality service for all patients every step of the way. To make sure that is accomplished, the following cancellation and rescheduling policy for both non-surgical and surgical procedures is necessary and is strictly enforced. Any changes to this policy must be approved and done in writing by Dr. Cat’s office.

Non-surgical procedures:

Payment for certain non-surgical procedures (i.e.ThermiVA), $500 deposit (Botox, Filler) will be collected at the time of scheduling your appointment to secure your appointed time for your procedure.

Cancellations/Rescheduling 4 weeks prior to your procedure(s) will result in a charge to your account of 100% of the procedure or $500 deposit (Botox/Filler)

Surgical procedures:

Surgical scheduling requires careful planning and coordination between our office, the Surgery Center and their operating room staff, as well as the anesthesiologist. In addition, special medical instrumentation is prepared and sterilized for each individual procedure. Additionally, Dr. Cat’s surgical schedule is planned for months in order for her to be able to provide exceptional medical care and quality service that her patients expect from her. For this reason, the following cancelation & rescheduling policy is strictly enforced:

  • The surgery deposit of $2500 is non-refundable and collected at the time of surgical day reservation.
  • Cancellation/Rescheduling at any time will result in a loss of the surgery deposit. Rescheduling will require an additional $2500 to reserve a new surgical date. Each time a surgery is canceled or rescheduled, this will result in a charge of $2500 which is NOT applied towards the total surgical fee. Only one surgery deposit is applied towards the surgical fee.
  • Cancellation/Rescheduling 4 weeks prior to your procedure date will result in a 50% loss of the surgical fee plus $2,500 surgery deposit.
  • Cancellation/Rescheduling 2 weeks prior to your procedure date will result in a 100% loss of the surgical fee plus $2,500 surgery deposit.

Payment for the surgical fee must be received in full 4 weeks prior to your surgery date or your surgery may be cancelled and you will lose the surgery deposit and your surgical date. Acceptable forms of payment are by credit card, CareCredit, cashiers check, or cash. If you use a credit card for the payment and a refund becomes necessary, the processing fee charged by our credit card processing company (3%) will be deducted from the refund.