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Achieve harmonious nasal aesthetics through expert rhinoplasty at Dr. Cat Plastic Surgery in Beverly Hills. Learn about the procedure, outcomes, recovery, and why we're your local choice for nose reshaping.
Dr. Cat Begovic is a board-certified plastic surgeon in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, California. She is a three-time winner of Best of Beverly Hills Award in the cosmetic surgeons category.

About Rhinoplasty Beverly Hills

You’ve been contemplating it for a while—making the change that could redefine how you see yourself and how the world sees you.

Rhinoplasty is more than a nose-reshaping surgery; it’s an art form that enhances your natural beauty by refining your nose’s shape and size. Whether it’s a subtle lift or a complete redesign, we tailor our superior service to meet your unique aesthetic goals.

This popular plastic surgery procedure can completely transform your appearance, giving you the facial symmetry you’ve always dreamed of.

But rhinoplasty transcends cosmetic improvements. It also offers functional benefits, like resolving breathing difficulties, giving you the best of both worlds: enhanced beauty and a better quality of life.

Dr. Cat’s extensive experience, award-winning expertise, and features in numerous medical publications make her the trusted authority in the field of rhinoplasty.

She analyzes your facial features and subtly alters the nose’s structure to ensure you achieve the desired result while remaining authentically you.

With a board certification in plastic surgery and extensive background as an ENT, Dr. Cat offers a unique blend of aesthetic artistry and medical precision. Whether you’re looking to enhance your natural beauty or improve breathing issues, her decades of experience and meticulous approach ensure you’re in the best hands.

Unparalleled Expertise at Dr. Cat Plastic Surgery

Dr. Cat Begovic isn’t just the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Beverly Hills; she’s your dedicated ally in this transformative journey.

Here’s why the Beverly Hills community puts their trust in Dr. Cat:

  • Board certification in Plastic Surgery and extensive background and previous board certification in Otolaryngology
  • Three-time recipient of the Best of Beverly Hills Award in Cosmetic Surgery
  • Harvard Cum Laude graduate who mentors the next generation of surgeons
  • Hundreds of successful rhinoplasties that define the Beverly Hills aesthetic
  • A beacon of empowerment and innovation in the surgical industry

With nearly two decades of specialized rhinoplasty experience, Dr. Cat blends cosmetic surgical mastery with a completely customized technique, making her the go-to expert for Beverly Hills locals and international patients alike.

Don’t just dream of a better nose—make it a reality with Dr. Cat.

The Rhinoplasty Procedure: What to Expect

Every nose is unique, and so is every rhinoplasty procedure.

Dr. Cat’s dynamic approach to rhinoplasty is one-of-a-kind thanks to her background as a previously board-certified ENT surgeon. This dynamic dual expertise compels her to focus on the external aesthetics of your nose and on preserving the internal anatomy for optimal breathing and function.

Her rhinoplasty procedures are highly detailed, employing a 3.5X microscopic examination for precision. Dr. Cat typically begins by making discreet incisions inside the nose to access the underlying bone and cartilage.

Depending on your desired outcome, Dr. Cat may shave down the bone for a flatter bridge or alter the cartilage at the tip of the nose. She also addresses any asymmetry or structural abnormalities affecting your breathing.

Dr. Cat specializes in two rhinoplasty techniques:

  • Open rhinoplasty: An external incision on the columella for greater surgical access
  • Closed rhinoplasty: Internal incisions foster a quicker recovery and leave no visible scarring

Having performed hundreds of each type, she’s an expert at both techniques and will work closely with you to pick the approach that best suits your personal goals.

Common Rhinoplasty Corrections

Is your nose the root of your self-consciousness? It’s time to turn the page.

Rhinoplasty can revive your confidence by correcting concerns like:

  • A bulbous (or rounded) tip
  • Nose width and/or length
  • Hooked or downward tip
  • Pronounced nostril flare
  • Dorsal bump
  • Flat nasal bridge
  • Over- or under-projection

The procedure can last 3 to 4.5 hours, depending on the complexity. Each minute spent is a minute closer to unveiling a new, more self-assured you.

Rhinoplasty Benefits Go Beyond the Surface

From improving your breathing to boosting your self-confidence, the life-changing benefits of Rhinoplasty Beverly Hills are both aesthetic and functional.

Experience Beverly Hills Confidence

In a city that thrives on beauty and elegance, your self-confidence is your currency. Rhinoplasty is your golden ticket to that coveted Beverly Hills glow, making you feel right at home on Rodeo Drive.

Facial Harmony, Hollywood Style

Your nose is the centerpiece of your face. An artfully performed rhinoplasty brings balance and proportion, making your natural features shine like Hollywood’s brightest stars.

Enhances Your Breathing

It’s not just about looks; it’s about quality of life. Rhinoplasty can improve your breathing, making exercise and everyday activities all the more enjoyable.

Tailored Just for You

At Dr. Cat Plastic Surgery, individuality is celebrated. Dr. Cat’s expertise ensures your rhinoplasty is as one-in-a-million as you are, aligning with your personal aesthetic goals and lifestyle.

Minimal Downtime

Between events, romantic outings, and a bustling social calendar, who can afford to hit pause? Dr. Cat’s advanced techniques aim to reduce recovery time so you don’t miss a beat.

Timeless Results

Rhinoplasty Beverly Hills isn’t a quick fix; it’s a lasting transformation. With proper care, the stunning results of your rhinoplasty will timelessly last a lifetime.

A Fresh Start

For many, rhinoplasty is more than a cosmetic procedure; it’s a new chapter. Whether it’s a bump you’ve disliked since high school or asymmetry that’s always bothered you, this is your chance to turn the page and reinvent your identity.

Ready to experience these life-changing benefits for yourself?

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Rhinoplasty Candidacy: Is It Right for You?

In Beverly Hills, your look is as much a part of your personal brand as your latest designer purchase. Imagine elevating to new heights with a nose that’s as perfectly designed as your Birkin.

Ideal Rhinoplasty Candidates:

  • Good overall health – Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure, so your body must be capable of healing properly. That means you should be in good general health and refrain from smoking for a period before surgery.
  • Breathing is a struggle – Rhinoplasty may be the medical intervention you need to improve breathing difficulties or correct a deviated septum.
  • Ready for a change – Whether it’s a genetic bump or a disproportionate profile, you’re looking to enhance the shape, size, or angle of your nose to better complement your facial anatomy.
  • Financially ready – Average rhinoplasty costs range from $10,000 to $45,000, depending on your specific needs. Prepare for the investment, including any follow-up care or additional procedures that may be necessary.
  • Have realistic expectations – Understanding the possibilities and limitations of Rhinoplasty Beverly Hills prevents potential disappointment and ensures optimal satisfaction with your final results.


Rhinoplasty isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, and may not be for you if you:

  • Have chronic health conditions that could hinder surgery or recovery.
  • Are under the age of 16, as your nose structure may still be developing.
  • Have unrealistic expectations about the outcome of the surgery.
  • Experience severe nasal blockages that require more extensive medical treatment.

We know how significant this procedure is for you. That’s why Dr. Cat personally walks you through every option and consideration during your one-on-one consultation, ensuring you’re informed and comfortable for the journey ahead.

Rhinoplasty Consultation: The Stage is Yours

Your rhinoplasty consultation is more than a clinical assessment; it’s the beginning of a relationship.

At this initial meeting, Dr. Cat carefully examines your nasal anatomy, medical history, and discusses your aesthetic goals. She also shares before-and-after photos from her past rhinoplasty results to inspire you and set realistic expectations for your journey.

If Dr. Cat feels that rhinoplasty isn’t ideal for you, she’ll be upfront and guide you toward other solutions that align with your goals. Openness and honesty are cornerstones of her consultations.

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Rhinoplasty Recovery Timeline

Amidst the lively bustle of Beverly Hills, downtime is a coveted luxury. One of Dr. Cat’s primary goals is a swift and easy recovery. Most of our patients return to their regular routines within just a few days of surgery.

A lightweight splint is placed on your nose for the first week, providing support to heal beautifully and maintain its new shape.

You’ll be ready to embrace your normal lifestyle within 7-10 days. Just remember, no physical activity for at least three weeks.

While you’ll see some immediate changes, the final, gorgeous results will gradually appear over the next 6-12 months. And don’t worry about scarring—Dr. Cat’s technique leaves virtually no visible clues of cosmetic surgery.

Patience is key, but the wait is so worth it.

Local Testimonials from Patients Just Like You

These testimonials from our local community offer a firsthand look at the life-changing results achieved through Beverly Hills rhinoplasty with Dr. Cat.

Their stories could soon be yours:

Our glowing patient testimonials highlight our unwavering commitment to helping you unlock your most confident self. Your transformation could be the next inspiring chapter in our legacy of excellence.

Real Rhinoplasty Results, Visualized

In the heart of Beverly Hills, the mecca of plastic surgery, our before-and-after gallery highlights Dr. Cat’s refined rhinoplasty artistry.

Witness the transformative rhinoplasty results of patients all over the world, and imagine what Dr. Cat can do for you.

Visualize your potential results through our curated gallery of liposuction before and after images.

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Our Prestigious Facility

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Nestled on iconic Rodeo Drive, our 4,000 sq ft plastic surgery penthouse suite and operating room are a haven for transformative beauty and healing. 

With chic, modern exam rooms, state-of-the art equipment, and handpicked fine arts, we’ve curated every detail to ensure comfort and elevate your experience.

Dr. Cat Plastic Surgery: It’s Your Time to Shine

Imagine stepping off a Beverly Hills movie set and catching a glimpse in the window—completely captivated by your own reflection. Or taking that flawless selfie, no filters needed. It’s your natural radiance glowing from every angle.

With Dr. Cat Plastic Surgery, that dream isn’t just for A-listers; it’s within reach for everyone.

You deserve to feel comfortable and beautiful in your own skin. With Rhinoplasty Beverly Hills, we tailor your transformation to reflect the inner confidence you were born to flaunt.

Every day, we empower our patients through rhinoplasty and life-changing cosmetic procedures—now, it’s your turn.

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Is Rhinoplasty Only for Cosmetic Concerns?

Some patients may be under the assumption that rhinoplasty is only performed for cosmetic reasons. While most patients seek nose jobs to improve their appearance, there are other patients who need rhinoplasty to ease specific breathing issues. These are often patients who have structural abnormalities like a deviated septum.

How Much Does a Nose Job Cost?

A rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills can range from $10,000 to $45,000, depending on a patient’s needs and anatomical concerns. Every patient is different, which means that the procedure may vary to a certain extent. During a consultation, our team will discuss pricing and provide you with an estimate of costs.

Will Insurance Cover My Rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills?

Since rhinoplasty is generally considered to be a cosmetic procedure, most insurance companies will not provide coverage. If your rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills is being performed to relieve breathing difficulties, however, you may be able to submit an appeal to your insurance provider for partial coverage.

With that being said, my office does not accept insurance. Before having any cosmetic procedure performed, it’s important to check with your plastic surgeon’s office to see whether they accept your insurance coverage.

Does a Rhinoplasty Produce Immediate Results?

It will generally take about 3 to 4 months to see the final results of your rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills. You may have minor swelling and bruising after a nose job, which will require time to heal. It takes several weeks for the cartilage and tissue to settle into their new position before you can see the final outcome of your procedure.

How Obvious Will My Rhinoplasty Be?

A common concern for most patients is how apparent their surgery will be. They worry that it will be obvious they had a nose job or that their scars will be visible. This is why I have developed a specialized approach to rhinoplasty that creates natural-looking results with virtually no scarring.

Your rhinoplasty incision will be made in a discreet area. With the appropriate scar treatment, you should not be left with any obvious scarring. I use a gentle hand to make strategic changes to the bone and cartilage, giving you a new nose that fits naturally with your face. This creates a subtle enhancement to your overall appearance.



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