Brazilian Butt Lift Beverly Hills

A Brazilian Butt Lift, BBL, is a skilled technique of using undesired fat from certain body parts such as abdomen, hips, lower back, or thighs through liposuction and injecting it strategically into buttock.
Dr. Cat Begovic is a board-certified plastic surgeon in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, California. She is a three-time winner of Best of Beverly Hills Award in the cosmetic surgeons category.

What is Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure

Brazillian Butt Lift is a combination of two surgeries – liposuction to remove and harvest fat and fat transfer to the buttocks. I most commonly perform liposuction 360 with BBL and harvest fat from the back, waist, and abdomen and then transfer the fat to the butt to create an even and flowing curve. Removing fat around the waist and then transferring it into the butt and hips, dramatically changes the waist to hip ratio. Liposuction and BBL are not for weight loss or a replacement for diet and exercise – it is more for re-shaping the body. I tell patients to visualize the procedure as if they were made of clay – liposuction scoops out and thins certain areas and then the fat transfer adds it to the butt and shapes it. As a woman, I understand how diet and exercise have limitations – many of us genetically have pockets of fat deposited in areas we can’t get rid of and also hollows or proportionally smaller butt and hips.

It is important to note that it is critical for this surgery to be performed with extreme care and meticulous technical skill. It is important that the fat be harvested and injected safely to avoid serious complications. Also – as I specialize in Revision Liposuction (fixing liposuction errors), too often I see liposuction performed over-aggressively resulting in bumps, irregularities, and injuries to the skin and tissues that are often irreversible. Also, waist I believe it is important that all areas blend smoothly into each other so your results have longevity. The waist should be the thinnest area and then all liposuction areas should blend seamlessly into the surrounding areas like shoulders and hips. This avoids weird “shelves” of fat or the feeling that fat moved to different areas. Like everything else, liposuction requires meticulous attention to detail and artistry to create the best possible results.

Also – my PSA when it comes to Brazillian Butt Lift is please please do not be fooled by some of the photos that are presented on social media. I have had patients bring me photos of “goal photos” that they screenshot and the photos were obviously photoshopped to create results that are not realistically obtainable and create distorted body image ideals. These have been altered photos not only posted by individuals but also by surgeons and clinics.

Good To Know Before Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure In Beverly Hills

 How Can I Tell If I’m A Candidate For a BBL?

At your consultation, I will evaluate your personal anatomy to see if you are a candidate for this procedure. You will need to have enough fat to donate from other areas of your body to create a nice shape for your buttocks. We will discuss where the areas of fat that are to be liposuctioned as well as the volume of fat transferred and the desired butt shape. As every woman has their own perspective of what shape they would like, I recommend you bring some pictures of buttocks you like so I can get a better idea of what look you are hoping to achieve and give you an honest and realistic opinion of what a Brazilian Butt Lift in Beverly Hills can accomplish. I will also give you a lot of information as to what to expect after your surgery during the recovery phase. With this procedure as with all fat transfer procedures, the technique for harvesting and transferring fat is extremely important. The fat that is transferred is living tissue so it is critical to maximize fat survival for the best possible results. I have developed a gentle multi-phase liposuction and fat transfer technique that has very high-fat survival and minimizes complications.

Do I Need to Lose Weight Before the Procedure?

Patients on a weight-loss plan should be close to their goal weight before having surgery. For best long-term results it is advisable that weight is stable after surgery (without a lot of yo-yo-ing up and down).

How Should I Prepare for Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure?

I require patients to have stopped smoking for anywhere from 2 months to a year depending on their smoking history before having surgery. To minimize the possibility of excess bleeding, you will need to avoid taking drugs containing aspirin, anti-inflammatories, alcohol, or herbal medications two weeks before surgery. You will receive a complete list of medications to avoid and detailed instructions before surgery. I consider the preparation before surgery and your understanding of how to take care of yourself critical to having the best possible results so myself and my Beverly Hills staff will walk you through each part of the process every step of the way.

What Happens During Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure

For your comfort and safety, BBL is done under general anesthesia. I will also place a numbing solution in all the operative areas so you will not feel pain even though you are under anesthesia.

After placing the numbing solution, I make small (less than 4mm), discreet incisions in the areas to be treated. I will show you where all these incisions will be placed prior to surgery. I have developed a special multi-staged technique that removes fat in an even and gentle fashion. The details of this and why it is important will be explained to you in your consultation. A thin liposuction cannula is inserted in a small incision and attached to a suction machine.

How Long Does Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure Last?

The procedure may take an hour or several hours, depending on how many areas are involved. I take pride in creating even, symmetric, and natural-looking results. As I specialize in Revision Liposuction (fixing liposuction errors), I take extra time and care with every single stroke and motion and with the shaping of the body. Too often I see liposuction performed over-aggressively resulting in bumps, irregularities, injuries to the skin and tissues that are often irreversible. Like everything else, liposuction requires meticulous attention to detail and artistry to create the best possible results. The fat that is harvested is gently washed and then carefully injected into the tissues of the buttocks to create your desired shape. The shape is something we will have carefully discussed prior to surgery since every patient has their own aesthetic. I consider this surgery and all body sculpting surgeries to be an art. I will take the time to turn you in different directions, evaluate your body from different angles, and re-shape you in a way that is proportionate and feminine. The fat that survives transplantation will give long-term results and with a proper healthy diet and exercise, the liposuctioned areas will preserve their shape.

A Brazilian Butt Lift procedure takes anywhere from four to seven hours depending on the number of areas that fat is harvested and is performed under general anesthesia.

Enhance Feminine Curves With Brazilian Butt Lift

Overall, my patients are extremely happy with their new shape. A Brazilian Butt Lift enhances feminine curves and when done meticulously and artistically has stable long-term results. I always enjoy getting pictures from my patients months after their procedure in a new bathing suit or dress as they show off their new sculpted shape!

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About Dr. Cat

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Cat Begovic is a board-certified plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, California. She graduated from Harvard University with Honors in Molecular and Cellular biology. From there she was awarded her medical degree at UCLA, where she also finished two surgical residencies. Dr. Cat has been in private practice since June 2010.

Dr. Cat’s passion for p surgery and for women’s transformation, her meticulous attention to detail, and her unique skills have positioned her as a leader in the field of cosmetic surgery.

Brazilian Butt Lift Gallery Beverly Hills

Case BBL-0765

Liposuction of the abdomen, back, flanks, hips, and arms with fat transfer to the buttocks

After years of struggling with back fat and a “muffin top” that wouldn’t budge despite diligent workouts, this patient turned to Dr. Cat for a Brazilian Butt Lift. Standing at five feet tall and weighing 137 pounds, this patient had a BMI of 26.8 and desired a more contoured and shapely figure.  She had previously lost weight through exercise but was unhappy with the unintended loss of volume in her buttocks and breasts. To address her concerns, Dr. Cat performed liposuction on her abdomen, back, flanks, hips, and arms, followed by a fat transfer to her buttocks — 430cc to the right and 420cc to the left. The results, now six months post-op, are exactly what she had hoped for: a well-proportioned body with a fuller butt and no more troublesome back fat. Her recovery was quick and she only took Tylenol for minimal discomfort. Her only regret is that she wishes she had done it sooner! 

Case BBL-0711

Liposuction of the abdomen, back, flanks, hips with fat transfer to the buttocks

This young patient, standing at five foot two and weighing 125 pounds with a BMI of 22.9, sought out body contouring specialist, Dr. Cat, for a transformative Brazilian Butt Lift. She underwent liposuction of the abdomen, back, flanks, and hips, and followed by a fat transfer to the buttocks, with 380cc of fat meticulously added to each buttock. Overjoyed with the outcome, she now boasts a more sculpted silhouette, clothes that fit her better, and a surge in self-confidence. Before the procedure, she had struggled for years with persistent back fat and love handles that resisted diet and exercise, and she longed for her clothes to fit more smoothly. Now, thanks to Dr. Cat Begovic, she has achieved the figure she always dreamed of, enhancing both her appearance and self-esteem. She is only 1 month post-op and her results will continue to get better as she fully heals.

Case BBL-0504

Liposuction of the Upper & Lower Abdomen, Upper, Mid, & Lower Back, Hips, and Flanks With Fat Grafting to the Buttocks.

This 24-year-old patient came to Dr. Cat with a desire to transform her “boxy” frame into a more hourglass shape. Despite being in great shape and committed to diet and exercise, she was unable to achieve the proportions she wanted. Her BMI is 23.2. 

Dr. Cat performed liposuction to remove excess fat from her waist, back, and abdomen and transferred the harvested fat to her buttocks for a Brazilian Butt Lift. The result is a more defined waist and a fuller, more rounded butt, providing her with the hourglass figure she had always desired. 

The patient had a speedy recovery with minimal bruising and swelling and needed only Tylenol for any discomfort. She is now 3 months post-op and she is beaming with confidence. Her only regret is not having the surgery sooner!

Case BBL-0365

Liposuction of the Upper Back, Lower Back, Abdomen, Hips, and Flanks With Fat Transfer to the Buttocks.

Following her pregnancies, this patient had excess fat and some skin laxity in her abdomen, common post-pregnancy issues. In her consultation with Dr. Cat, they discussed the options available to address these concerns. Given Dr. Cat’s commitment to patient safety and achieving the best possible results, they decided on a staged approach for Tummy Tuck and Liposuction with Fat Grafting. The patient wanted to start with addressing the excess fat, but she plans to address the remaining skin laxity with a tummy tuck in the future.

Dr. Cat performed gentle and meticulous liposuction to remove excess fat from the patient’s abdomen, upper and lower back, hips, and flanks. The fat was then meticulously transferred, with 540 cc of fat placed in the right buttock, and 560 cc of fat placed in the left buttock. This will help correct the patient’s asymmetry, and create a sculpted, more defined hourglass shape, a thinner waist, and rounder buttocks. 

Consistent with the patient’s desire for natural-looking results, Dr. Cat’s precise approach ensured the enhancements were subtle and free from obvious signs of surgery.


Is Brazilian Butt Lift painful?

I have developed a gentle Brazilian Butt Lift technique that has minimal pain and a quick recovery. You will spend the first night at a plastic surgery after-care facility with nursing. They will pick you up from the surgery center and bring you to my office for your first post-op visit. After BBL surgery, you may experience some soreness or discomfort, bruising, and swelling but overall with my gentle technique there is little to no pain.

Will I need to take medications?

If you do have discomfort, you can take Tylenol. I will give you a prescription for a few pain pills to have in case you need them but they are usually not necessary since I use a gentle and meticulous BBL technique. I encourage patients to stick to Tylenol instead of the prescription pain medication since those pills often create constipation and bloating.

When can I sit on my butt?

You should avoid sitting directly on the buttocks or lying on your backs for six weeks to maximize results. We will provide a special pillow that helps place pressure on the thighs instead of the buttocks when sitting.

How long is the recovery?

Compression garments will need to be worn for 6 weeks to reduce swelling of the buttocks and also to reshape the liposuctioned areas. Most patients return to work one week after their Brazilian Butt Lift and are able to resume most normal activities within four weeks. Swelling typically dissipates by the sixth week.

Does Brazilian Butt Lift Leave Scars?

I use dissolvable sutures so they don’t need to be removed. Following Brazilian Butt Lift, the scars, which are extremely small, may be a little red. Over the next 6-12 months they slowly fade. You will start scar treatments at around 2 weeks after your BBL. I will discuss scar care in detail with you and also provide you with scar medications and products.

What happens if I gain weight after BBL?

Your body genetically has a certain number of fat cells deposited in particular areas. Some people are just born with more fat cells in their abdomen, flanks, inner thighs and no matter what they do, they just can’t lose the fat there. Liposuction removes the total number of fat cells that has preferentially deposited in these areas. If you gain weight, each fat cell in the body gets bigger, but because you have fewer fat cells in liposuctioned areas, you should proportionately gain less in the liposuctioned areas. It is always a possibility that if you gain a lot of weight, you may need liposuction again. For best long-term results it is advisable that weight is stable after surgery (without a lot of yo-yo-ing up and down).


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