Breast Revision Surgery

Breast Revision Surgery is a plastic surgery procedure to correct previously performed breast surgery usually involving implant problems, implant pocket problems like lateral displacement and bottoming out, implant size issues, capsular contracture (hard scar tissue around the implant) or breast lift revision. Breast Revisions are extremely challenging and require detailed analysis of breast anatomy and extensive experience and technical skill.

Dr. Cat Begovic is a board-certified plastic surgeon in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, California. She is a three-time winner of Best of Beverly Hills Award in the cosmetic surgeons category.

What is Breast Revision Surgery

Breast Revision Surgery is a plastic surgery procedure to correct previously performed breast surgery. As breast revision surgery varies from patient to patient depending on their individual anatomy and concerns, each revision surgery is specifically tailored to each patient. Because there are anatomic changes and deformities created as a result of the previous surgery, a detailed analysis of breast anatomy is critical as well as experience with breast revision surgeries to tackle complex problems.

The most common complications that I see in patients who have had previous breast augmentations surgery with implants are implant pocket problems like lateral displacement and bottoming out, implant size issues, or capsular contracture (hard scar tissue around the implant). Symmastia where the implants cross-chest midline is also a breast implant problem I have treated. Patients also have complications or issues with previous mastopexy surgeries where the breasts are persistently droopy, asymmetric, there are lift scar problems, or the areolas are asymmetric, irregular, or have an abnormal placement (too high, too low, or off-center).

Some of the most common reasons for getting a Breast Revision Surgery are:

  • Wrong Size Implants – Some women who undergo breast augmentation may want to increase or decrease the size of their breasts. Sometimes the initial implants are too wide and low, or don’t fit their frame. Sometimes there are two different sized implants resulting in asymmetry.
  • Capsular Contracture or Scarring – Capsular contracture is where hard scar tissue forms around the implants causing the breasts to be hard, distorted or asymmetric.
  • Implant Pocket Problem/Improper Placement – The pocket is too wide so implants fall to the side, bottoming out where the implant slips under the fold, symmastia where the implants cross the midline.
  • Breast Asymmetry – Although most women have some natural asymmetry, following breast augmentation some women may notice that their breasts are significantly uneven, an issue that can be improved.
  • Nipple and Areola asymmetry or size problem – Some women have asymmetric nipples, oddly shaped areola, or are unhappy with the size. Often the nipples are too high, too low, or off center or too large
  • Persistent breast ptosis – Some women after having breast augmentation or after a breast lift still have droopiness of their breasts needing a revision of the lift or a different type of lift.
  • Breast lift scar problems – After a previous breast lift, some women have irregular or wide scars or abnormal contours from the scars.

Good To Know Before Breast Revision Surgery

I have performed many breast revision surgeries in Beverly Hills to correct various breast augmentation or breast lift problems. I believe that the key to any breast surgery is communication – being a good listener so I can understand what my patients hope to achieve, and also my taking the time to answer questions and set realistic expectations on what can and cannot be fixed with surgery. It is extremely important and helpful for surgical planning for you to get your previous operative reports and also implant information. Also – as previous surgeries may have created irreparable damage or anatomic changes, it is important to understand that revisions are challenging and require an experienced surgeon to tackle these complications.

What Happens During Breast Revision Surgery

For your comfort and safety, breast revision surgery will be performed under general anesthesia. I will also place a numbing solution in your breasts so you will not feel pain even though you are under anesthesia.

The surgery may take 3 to 7 hours depending on complexity, anatomy, and what needs to be repaired. I will make a precisely calculated incision usually using your previous surgical incision. If there is an implant problem, the old implant will be removed and replaced. If there is a pocket problem it will be repaired with sutures and sometimes with an internal support tissue. All repairs will be performed to restore anatomy as best as possible and create an aesthetic improvement. I take extreme care during breast revision surgery to be very gentle and to keep the pocket clean with little to no bleeding. If your breast revision includes implants, I will meticulously test the pocket, and then when both pockets are symmetric and perfect, the entire field will be re-prepped for final implant placement. The implants will be placed using a no-touch technique to minimize the risk of contamination of the pocket. After the implants are placed, any lift revisions will be made, and if needed the areola will be adjusted and re-sized.

The entire breast revision will be done precisely and meticulously to create the best possible scars and best possible results. As a woman who had a less than ideal first implant surgery and then struggled with complications after my breast revision – I truly understand firsthand how important this surgery is. I take extreme pride in my attention to detail with every single step of breast revision surgery.

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About Dr. Cat

Breast Revision Specialist

Dr. Cat Begovic is a breast revision specialist in Beverly Hills, California. As a woman who struggled with complications after her breast revision, Dr. Cat understands firsthand how important breast revision surgery is. She takes extreme pride in her attention to detail with every single step of breast revision surgery.

Dr. Cat believes that plastic surgery is a combination of art, science, and creativity. Over the years, Dr. Cat has developed gentle and meticulous surgical techniques to procedure refined and natural-looking breast revision results.

Breast Revision Surgery
Before & After Photos

Case BRV-2313

This woman had six previous breast surgeries with severe scar tissue. Dr. Begovic removed the scar tissue and replaced her implants resulting in improved symmetry.

Case BRV-2317

This is a Before and After of a woman who had too much separation between her breast implants. Dr. Begovic removed and replaced her implants with change of implant pocket to give her better cleavage.

Case BRV-3519

This patient had asymmetry and scar tissue around her old implants. She underwent revision breast augmentation with capsulectomy and replacement of her implants from 525cc to 800cc with peri-areolar mastopexy creating better shape and symmetry.

Case BRV-5059

This patient had deflation of her right breast implant resulting in contraction of the right breast pocket. She had removal and replacement with 325cc silicone implants.




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