Frequently Asked Questions


We hope this FAQ helps answer some of your questions! Please remember that plastic surgery procedures should always be performed with a good understanding between patient and doctor of realistic expectations, and with an emphasis on safety.


Is there a consultation fee?
The consultation booking fee is $500 and is applied towards your surgical procedure. The consultation booking fee cannot be applied towards Botox, filler, lasers, or any other in office procedures.
What is your cancellation policy for consultations?
You have up to 72 hours before your appointment to cancel to obtain a full refund of your consultation fee.
Why is there a consultation fee?
The consultation is probably one of the most important steps in the entire process. During that visit, Dr. Cat takes the time to understand specifically what your concerns are and what you are hoping to achieve with surgery. She will also perform a detailed history and physical exam and review with you a customized surgical plan. She will describe the procedures with you in detail and answer all your questions. Because Dr. Cat performs the consultations herself and there are a limited number of consultation spots available a week, the consultation fee with Dr. Cat is $500 and goes towards the surgical procedure. She is also available for video consultations for out-of-town patients. If you have general questions you would like answered, you can set up a free phone consultation with one of our amazing phone Consultants.
Can I have surgery the same day or in the same week as my consultation?
No, this would be very unlikely unless it was a very small procedure done under local anesthesia and Dr. Cat happened to have a cancellation. Prior to surgery, you will need to get medical clearance from your doctor and routine blood tests prior to surgery which usually takes some time. After the consultation you will also have a pre-op appointment with Dr. Cat to review instructions and consent forms and to be fitted for any garments prior to surgery. However, if you do urgently want to schedule surgery, please let us know and we will do our best to help you.
Is the consultation fee refundable?
No. The consultation fee is for the time spent with Dr. Cat where she will discuss your individual concerns and aesthetic goals, perform a detailed exam and analysis and formulate a customized plan.
When is the consultation fee due?
The consultation fee needs to be processed to make an appointment. We process the payment over the phone when you schedule an appointment to secure the time and date of your consultation and it will be applied to the surgical fee. Appointments cannot be made without the consultation fee being processed.
How does a Video Consultation work?
After you have scheduled your consultation with Dr. Cat, our office will email you an invitation to sign onto Symplast, our patient privacy secure electronic medical system, where you will fill out patient consent forms, and upload your photos.
My family and I are both interested in surgery. Can we have our consultations together?
Each consultation is an hour long and Dr. Cat will want both of you to get the full attention you deserve. You will each need your own consultation to be assessed by the doctor but you are welcome to be present for each other’s visit. We will try to accommodate back to back appointments as best we can.


What does labiaplasty do?
Labiaplasty removes excess labia minora and shapes it. It reduces rubbing of the labia in clothing. It reduces pulling and tugging during intercourse. It helps patients feel more comfortable in tight clothing and with exercise.
I need labiaplasty but also bladder lift, does Dr. Cat do that?
Dr. Cat doesn’t do bladder lifts since that is a urologic surgery. However if you want both surgeries to be performed at the same time I could perform a joint surgery with another surgeon where we operate at the same time.
What causes enlarged labia?
Labia shape and length is largely genetic. Some changes occur post pregnancy due to hormones or injuries from childbirth. Some patients have lost a lot of weight resulting in excess labia tissues.
Do patients have better sexual sensation after labiaplasty surgery?
Most patients feel significant improvement with intimacy after labiaplasty because removal of excess tissue that pulls or causes discomfort is no longer there. Also for patients who have excess clitoral hood, this excess tissue often blocks the clitoris so reduction helps with sensation and makes it easier for patients to orgasm. Also because patients are more confident with the way their vagina looks the report an improvement in their sex life.
Do you ever remove the clitoral hood when performing labiaplasty or does that reduce/ increase sensitivity once it’s removed ?
Dr. Cat often performs clitoral hood reduction with labiaplasty. It is not removed, but rather she trims the excess wrinkles or extra folds in order to create a smoother and more balanced shape.
How does vaginal rejuvenation actually work?
Vaginal rejuvenation is non-surgical and has no downtime. It uses radio frequency to increase collagen to the tissues, tightening it. It also increases blood flow to the vaginal area, which increases moisture and sensation to the clitoris and G-spot, which are two of the specific areas treated. I do them to myself a few times a year. It’s awesome!
I have one labia bigger than the other one. Can I do something about it?

Asymmetry is very common- in fact, almost half of the patients I perform Labiaplasty on are for the asymmetry. (See before and after gallery). I have patients who range from 16-60 who have this surgery done. 

Why do women care about the way their vaginas look anyway?

The vagina is one of the most important parts of the female body. The vagina should be revered- it is where life is created! Feminine power is one of the strongest forces that exists. And when it comes to intimacy, women want to feel confident about the way they look in this area. They don’t want to have discomfort when performing activities they enjoy, like yoga, spinning, working out, or worrying when wearing tight leggings or jeans from rubbing. Women should be able to embrace loving their vagina and caring for it like the rest of their body. I am passionate about breaking down any social boundaries or embarrassment when having conversations about the vagina or labia. Many of my patients have suffered for years with discomfort, afraid to talk about the subject. Women should be able to feel comfortable talking about and loving all parts of their body. 

Does labiaplasty improve sexual feeling?

Most of my patients feel a significant improvement because the excess tissue pills or causes discomfort during sex. Also, excess clitoral hood tissue sometimes blocks the clitoris, so trimming it helps many with sensation or makes it easier to orgasm. Also, because my patients feel more confident about their intimate area looks, many report an improvement in their sex life. 

Do you stitch the labia after cutting extra skin?

Over the years, having done hundreds of Labiaplasty surgeries, I have developed a unique and personal technique that involves artistic and meticulous shaping and suturing. The surgery takes me 3-3.5 hours, and I use magnifying lenses for extra precision. Millimeters matter to me! If you inquire about labiaplasty, make sure to ask about the technique. Like everything else, it’s extremely important. 

Can labiaplasty fix asymmetry?
Many women have asymmetry of their labia minora – it is very common. In some cases one side is much longer than the other, or they have different shapes. Dr. Cat performs labiaplasty surgery to help create a symmetric tucked in shape.
Can liposuction be performed in the mons pubis or FUPA?
Yes, Dr. Cat often performs liposuction in this area. It helps reduce the bulge or fullness that can sometimes be seen in clothing.
Does Dr. Cat do the “wedge” labiaplasty technique?
Dr. Cat has developed a special technique that precisely shapes the labia and clitoral hood if necessary. The “wedge” technique takes a pie shaped piece out of the labia which leaves behind the dark wrinkly edge that most women don’t like. Also the wedge technique produces a suture line that is horizontal to the natural curve of the labia that makes it very visible and often pulls apart. Dr. Cat has performed many revisions on wedge labiaplasty surgeries.
Is labiaplasty procedure painful and how long is the recovery?
Dr. Cat has developed a gentle technique that has little to no pain and quick recovery. Patients usually do not require pain medication after surgery. The labia do get swollen after surgery so Dr. Cat has her patients apply ointment and ice. Patients cannot have sex or wear tight clothing for 1 month.
Does it hurt or burn while peeing or period?
I have developed a special technique that has little to no pain. Most patients don’t take pain pills, only Tylenol. If you google on the internet, there are horror stories of Labiaplasty recovery being excruciating or having bleeding for a month, but it doesn’t have to be this way. If you read my patient’s experiences, they all had little to no pain and a quick recovery. It does not hurt to pee or have a period because of the water-tight closure.
Why is labiaplasty and vaginal rejuvenation important?

Many women seek labiaplasty, so they feel more comfortable in tight clothing. Less rubbing and pain with exercise, so there is less pinching with various activities and intercourse. Many women want to have their labia symmetric tucked in shape for aesthetic reasons or to feel more confident. 

Vaginal rejuvenation helps restore collagen after childbirth or aging and helps increase sensation, tightness, moisture, and smoothness of the skin.

Why is it important! Vaginas are important! Vaginas are the gateway to life. We should cherish it as we cherish the rest of our body.

I’m always having to tuck in my lady parts. Does labiaplasty help with this?

Yes. My labiaplasty patients tell me that they feel like they always have to tuck in the excess labia when they are wearing yoga pants, swimwear and leggings. It is not just for aesthetics, it significantly helps make women feel more comfortable without rubbing, tugging, pulling constantly on the excess labia. 

I saw other doctors “after” and it looked weird with bumps. Yours look pretty and natural. Why?

‘I’ve done alot of revision labiaplasties on patients who have had this surgery elsewhere and I understand and know what you mean by the bumps. The bumps have to do with irregular and large suturing of the edge. I have developed a special labiaplasty technique that creates pretty and natural results. The surgery itself takes anywhere from 3 to 4 hours. I think it is super important to make it look like nothing was ever done, the suture line is invisible, and it looks natural.

Would you (have you already) had the labiaplasty done?

No I have not had this surgery done, but I totally would. In fact, I would love to have it done if I could find someone who could use my technique, who would be as artistic with the shaping and meticulous with the closure and the suturing. I do however do the vaginal rejuvenation treatments on myself because it helps restore collagen, increase blood flow, increase sensation. It is good for overall vaginal maintenance and keeping everything down there looking youthful.

Is the surgery painful? Does it hurt to pee after?

I have developed a special labiaplasty technique that is really gentle and has little to no pain. Most of my patients take one, maybe two tylenol. I have a special way of closing the edge that is water tight, so it does not hurt to pee.

Tummy Tuck

Does Dr. Cat do Mini Tummy Tucks?
Should I lose all the weight first or is it possible to work on losing weight after the surgery?
I would recommend being close to your goal weight before having surgery. And continuing a healthy diet and exercise is recommended after surgery.
Can you get pregnant after tummy tuck?
Yes. However the tightening that was done with the tummy tuck will likely stretch out again and you may need to re-do the tummy tuck.
Is it better to get tummy tuck before kids or wait until I’m done having kids?
It’s really a personal choice. It’s ideal to wait until you are done having kids but many patients do get tummy tuck before then. Many of my patients want to have a flatter and tighter stomach now and don’t want to wait for years until they are much older. The most important thing to know is that you may need to re-do the tummy tuck after future pregnancies.
Can you do surgery on patients after a patient has had weight loss surgery?

I have done many tummy tucks on patients after weight loss surgery. It is one of the things I specialize in. If you go to my medical page on instagram @surgeon there are a lot of before and after photos as well as video’s on my IGTV of my patients surgeries. I’d also advise you to read my patient Elora’s inspiring Success Story and how having an Extended Tummy Tuck after significant weight loss changed her life!

What is the difference between a Tummy Tuck and Extended Tummy Tuck?

The only difference between a Tummy Tuck and an Extended Tummy Tuck is that an extended Tummy Tuck is for patients with wider anatomy. I will determine which procedure you need when I assess your anatomy during the consultation.

Why do some patients have the appearance of a camel toe after having a Tummy Tuck with a pubic lift?

What you are describing is usually caused from excess fat in mons area and over-pulling of the pubic area in an unnatural direction. If patients have excess fat I perform liposuction of the mons at the same time as the pubic lift and also I carefully tailor the way the pubic area is elevated.  That way the mons and pubic area has a natural and blended shape.

Do you do lipo with the tummy tuck?
Yes but it depends on your anatomy, total OR time and the areas that need to be liposuction. The blood supply to the stomach skin during the tummy tuck runs through the fat so it is not recommended to do extensive or aggressive liposuction at the same time as a tummy tuck.
Do you have to be at a certain BMI before you’ll do a tummy tuck?
It is recommended that your BMI be close to 30 to have a tummy tuck. However, there are some exceptions that can be made based on patient anatomy and overall health.
If I have diabetes can I get a tummy tuck?
As long as your diabetes is well controlled and your Hemoglobin A1C and glucose are normal and you are overall healthy, you should be able to get a tummy tuck.
Do you repair umbilical hernias during a Tummy Tuck?

If patients have an umbilical hernia, the hernia is repair at the same time as the tummy tuck by one of my general surgeon collages. This is the best time to repair the hernia since we are both focused on protecting the blood supply to the belly button. Usually during umbilical hernia repair (not done with the tummy tuck) the general surgeon cuts off the base of the belly button and fixes the hernia- but then if patients wants a tummy tuck in the future, the belly button has already been cut off. So if you have an umbilical hernia and need a tummy tuck- PLEASE do it at the same time.

What do you do with the skin flap after a tummy tuck?

The tissue from Tummy Tuck and other surgeries is placed in biohazard waste and disposed of. 

Dr. Cat, how do you determine if a patient should have a tummy tuck or liposuction?

A tummy tuck repairs the abdominal muscles, tightens the abdominal wall and removes and tightens excess skin.  Liposuction removes and thins excess fat. Patients’ desired goals and anatomy determines the choice of procedure. The best thing is to do a consultation with me and we’ll discuss all options

Can you do Tummy Tuck and Breast Lift at the same time?

I would not recommend this for several reasons. First off, the total amount of OR time is very long. Both surgeries have long incisions and to properly close them meticulously in layers for the best possible scar, it takes a very long time. Second, the tummy tuck pulls the skin downward and this also pulls on the breast lift scars. Lastly, for post op care. When doing the tummy tuck, patients cannot use their abs and must use their arms to pull themselves out of bed, out of a car etc, and for breast surgery, patients cannot use their arms to pull or lift for 2 weeks. Therefore to properly care for each surgery site the best I believe in doing them separately.

Mommy Makeover

I am pregnant. How soon after I deliver can I have surgery?
You would want your weight to be stable or to be close to goal weight prior to having a tummy tuck – this is usually at least 4-6 months after delivery. However, I do book surgeries about 6-9 months in advance so we could start with a consultation a few months after you deliver or when you are about 10 pounds within your goal weight.

Facial Surgery

Do you specialize in revision rhinoplasty?
No. I specialize in initial Rhinoplasty surgery.


Do you do revisions of breast reconstruction post mastopexy?
I specialize in cosmetic revision breast surgery. I do not do post mastectomy breast reconstruction surgery.
Do you do implant removal? If so, do you remove the capsule?
Yes. I remove breast implants. When breast implants are removed, the capsule around it must also be removed.
Can you have two surgeries like Breast Implants and Labiaplasty at the same time?
Yes, some surgeries can be combined as Long as the OR time is not too long, and also that the post op care can be done properly by the patient. For example, I would never do Tummy Tuck and BBL since one surgery site is always crushed, and I would never do breasts and BBL for the same reason. My goal is to never squeeze in as many surgeries as possible and rush- my goal is to create the best possible results for my patients. You only have one body- the results should never be compromised for inconvenience.


If I gain weight after liposuction will I need it again?
Your body genetically has a certain number of fat cells deposited in particular areas. Some people are just born with more fat cells in their abdomen, flanks, inner thighs and no matter what they do, they just can’t lose the fat there. Liposuction removes the total number of fat cells that has preferentially deposited in these areas. If you gain weight, each fat cell in the body gets bigger, but because you have fewer fat cells in liposuctioned areas, you should proportionately gain less in the liposuctioned areas. It is always a possibility that if you gain a lot of weight, you may need liposuction again.
Can Liposuction help me lose weight?
Liposuction is not a treatment for obesity or a substitute for diet and exercise. It is for re-shaping the body to treat areas that have a dis-proportionate amount of fat. Liposuction is ideally designed for pockets of fat in isolated areas that do not respond to diet and exercise. Also, the law limits the total amount of liposuction that can be removed at one time to 5L of liposuction for safety reasons. I always tell my patients to start with diet and exercise and to maintain a stable weight before undergoing liposuction. However, having liposuction often motivates patients who look better in their leggings or workout clothes, to begin a healthier lifestyle, and many people lose even more weight after their procedure.
I’m fit but I don’t like a pocket of fat that bulges - Am I still able to have liposuction?
I would say that the ideal candidate for liposuction is someone who is of healthy height and weight with small pockets of fat that they just can’t lose despite diet and exercise. As long as there are a few centimeters of fat present in an area, it can be removed. Many of my patients are very fit bikini models who don’t like the extra fat bulge or shape of their inner or outer thigh, or feel that they have a “muffin top” making their waistline bigger than desired. Liposuction is ideal for this type of re-shaping. I had an extremely small amount of fat removed from my knees and inner thighs over 10 years ago when I was modeling – so I can really relate to wanting removal of these small fat pockets. On the other hand, I have turned away patients who just didn’t have enough fat to be removed. In general, if you’re unsure, it’s best to see a plastic surgeon in consultation to evaluate your particular anatomy and decide if you are a candidate for liposuction.
Will liposuction hinder my ability to lose weight in areas I did not have liposuction?
I perform liposuction in a way where all areas blend naturally into the surrounding areas. It doesn’t prevent fat loss. I would recommend you schedule a consultation where we can have an in depth discussion about this and all of your questions.
Why Do I have to wear compression garments?
The liposuction cannulas make tiny tracks as they remove fat. I tell patients to imagine a sponge with small holes. The compression garments help squeeze all the fluid and tissues down to allow for a smooth flat thin contour. They are sometimes cumbersome to wear, but worth it to have the best possible outcome. One of my celebrity liposuction patients who had to do several red carpet events soon after her surgery found some compression garments that give a nice smooth contour under clothing. I now use these often for my patients so the garments are less obvious under clothing.
Is liposuction Dangerous?
Any surgical procedure has risks of anesthesia, risks of getting a blood clot, and a number of other complications. Many of the serious complications from liposuction in the past involved cardiac reactions to the local anesthesia injected in the body before the procedure. Also, procedures involving large volumes of liposuction (> 5L) resulted in fluid shifts that caused cardiac and respiratory problems. These occurrences are now quite rare. A safe, well-trained surgeon will carefully calculate and keep track of the amount of local anesthesia used as well as the amount of liposuction removed. A partnership and good communication with the anesthesiologist will help to ensure the safest conditions possible.
I’ve seen some bad liposuction performed by other surgeons. What happened there?
I know exactly what you are talking about – I can spot bad liposuction a mile away. There is always the possibility of asymmetry, skin dents, wrinkling, or folding. However, an experienced liposuction surgeon should be able to avoid most of these things from happening. Most of the really bad liposuction results often come from over suctioning the fat causing the skin to stick unnaturally to the underlying structures. I always tell patients that I have to leave a small cushion of fat under the skin to keep this from happening. I do the majority of the fat removal through surgery, and they do the rest with diet and exercise.

Facial Fillers

Do you dissolve filler?
Whether or not filler can be dissolved depends on what type of filler was used and where. Please obtain your records from the doctor who injected you and Dr. Cat will see if it can safely be dissolved.
Can pregnant women get Botox/Filler?
Pregnant or breastfeeding women cannot get Botox/Filler since it’s not FDA approved for those patients.

Surgery Questions

Does Dr. Cat perform Butt Implant Removal?
Dr. Cat does not perform Butt Implant Removal.
Can Dr. Cat help me with questions if I’ve had a surgery with another surgeon?
If you have had surgery with another surgeon and have a complication with your surgery or a bad outcome from your surgeon, it is recommended you speak with that surgeon first. Dr. Cat specializes in revision plastic surgery so this is something that she does a lot. Dr. Cat can provide second opinion consultations, but these need to be scheduled as a consultation since the evaluation is usually very complex and detailed. Please have your operative and doctor’s notes and any photos from your previous surgery available for review. This information is very important for Dr. Cat to help you.
Do you have Mommy Makeover packages?

Dr. Cat will determine exactly which procedures you may need and create a customized plan based on your anatomy and the goals you are hoping to achieve. But as Mommy Makeover encompasses several different procedures, our surgical consultant will take that into consideration when doing pricing.

I want to do a surgery but I’m so afraid of the pain?
Dr. Cat has developed a gentle technique for the surgeries she performs; her patients have little to no pain after surgery and a quick recovery. Most of her patients don’t need any pain medication at all or just take a few Tylenol.
After a Brazillian Butt Lift does the pants size of the patient usually change?
Dr. Cat tailors the size and shape of the Brazilian Butt Lift to each patient’s volume and aesthetic desires. For those patients who desire a lot of volume and a lot of fat is transferred, the pant size increases, but for those who do it mostly for shaping with less fat transferred, there isn’t a change.
When can I schedule my surgery?
At the end of your consultation you will meet with the patient coordinator who will review the surgery schedule with you and reserve your surgery date with Dr. Cat.
How soon after breastfeeding would you recommend to come in for a lift and implants?
For any breast surgery you would want to make sure you are done breastfeeding and have no nipple discharge or liquid. That varies from person to person but on average is several months after finishing breastfeeding.
Can I have more than one procedure done at once?
It is possible to have more than one procedure done at once taking into consideration the total OR time and also post op care that is needed for each surgery. For more extensive surgeries like tummy tuck or Brazillian Butt Lift (BBL), Dr. Cat usually performs each procedure separately for maximal patient safety. During the consultation she will create a customized plan and timeline based on your anatomy and the goals you are trying to achieve.
Do you do Soft Sculpt?
Soft sculpt is just a marketing term. From what I understand it’s just liposuction performed awake with only local anesthesia. This can actually be more dangerous since you have to use much more lidocaine (numbing medicine). The times there have been deaths from liposuction have been from too much numbing – lidocaine toxicity. The vibrating cannula they describe is just a PAL system which most surgeons use. I have developed a gentle multi phase technique that is even less traumatic and creates smooth and natural results.
If I prefer to do mommy makeovers in separate segments what would you recommend first?
The surgical plan depends on each person’s anatomy and aesthetic goals but in general I usually recommend a tummy tuck first in order to tighten the core, remove excess skin and put it in place. Then I usually do 360 liposuction with or without fat transfer to the butt in order to refine the curves and overall shape. I usually perform the breast surgery last because I feel that it is easier for women to visualize what breast size is the most proportionate to the rest of their body once the waist and hips are set.

Post Surgery & Recovery

Do I need to bring someone with me to take care of me after surgery?
You will need to have an adult with you throughout your stay. On average patients stay for a week after surgery and up to 2 weeks for more extensive procedures.
Where can I stay after surgery?
We partner with post-operative plastic surgery nursing facilities and private nurses to help our patients have the best possible experience. We also have a list of hotels in the area that we recommend. Our surgical consultant can assist you with this.
How long before I can workout after my tummy tuck surgery?
Dr. Cat has developed a special technique that has a quick recovery so you will be walking right after surgery. She recommends waiting 2 weeks before doing cardio but 6 weeks before resuming full workouts.

Out of Town Patients

Where can I find more information if I’m an Out of Town Patient?

If you need more information on how to be an Out of Town patient, please follow this link. The process is very simple and our surgical consultant can assist you with all your needs.

If traveling from out of state for a procedure, how long until you can return Home?

If you are driving from out of state, most of the smaller surgeries require you to stay about a week after surgery but larger surgeries where drains are placed like tummy tuck or breast reduction may require you to stay longer. 

How long is recommended to stay in town after surgery?
If you are visiting from far away, you will need to stay at least a week in Los Angeles, up to two weeks depending on the procedure and how far you are traveling. Dr. Cat goes over your exact recovery during the consultation.

Financing & Fees

Does your office accept medical insurance?
No we do not. Medical insurance does not cover cosmetic surgery but it may cover some other associated costs like lab work. We accept CareCredit and Alphaeon Credit as a financing option for the surgery fee.
Can I pay the consult fee or surgery deposit with Care Credit?
No those cannot be paid with Care Credit. We accept debit and credit cards only for the consult fee or surgery deposit.
How much is the deposit to secure a surgery date?
The deposit to secure your surgery date is $2,500 and it is applied as a credit towards your total surgery fee.
Does your office accept payment plans?
We accept CareCredit and Alphaeon Credit as a financing option for the surgery fee. For patients who want to pay incrementally towards their surgery instead of a single large payment, we will accept multiple payments. However the entire surgery fee will be due 1 month prior to surgery.
Why aren’t surgical procedures prices listed on the website?
Every patient’s anatomy is different and the complexity of each surgery varies from patient to patient as well as total OR time. We are able to give you a general range for each procedure but at the end of your consultation you will be given the exact price for your surgery.
Does your office offer discounts?
In general our office does not offer discounts. Our practice focuses on providing the best surgical outcomes and highest quality patient care experience.

Career & Employment

Can I shadow Dr. Cat to gain experience?
Dr. Cat has served as a mentor throughout the years and she offers support and shadowing for select students when the time and patient privacy allows. Please send your detailed request and description of what you’re hoping to accomplish with your shadowing at our practice as well as 2 recommendation letters to [email protected]
Does Dr. Cat answer short questions through email to non-patients?
Dr. Cat receives a large number of messages and she loves them all. For your personal privacy she cannot answer any questions via email or to non-patients. Also, when it comes to more specific medical questions, the best way to communicate would be a private consultation in Dr. Cat’s office or a Video Consultation in order to be able to give a complete assessment of your anatomy, review your medical and operative history, and develop a customized plan. There is also a lot of information about specific surgical procedures on her Instagram page @beautybydrcat @surgeon and YouTube page that we encourage you to use as a resource.
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