Pre-Op Instructions for Plastic Surgery

Pre-Op Instructions for Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is not a destination- it is a journey. Along this journey, there are steps that you must follow in order to ensure that it is exciting, enjoyable, safe, and an overall wonderful experience. To make sure you have the best possible outcome, it is very important that you do all you can to prepare for your procedure in Beverly Hills. Here’s what you need to do:

Two months before surgery – stop smoking. This includes all nicotine products but also any other inhalants. Anything that affects your lungs will affect the way you recover from surgery. Nicotine can also interfere with the blood flow to your skin, and that affects wound healing.

One month before surgery – schedule your pre-operative clearance appointments with your doctor(s) and or specialist(s). The list of pre-operative requirements was provided to you at the end of your consultation and can also be found in your OnPatient portal.

Several weeks before your procedure – arrange for someone to drive you to your surgery and back. Please do not count on a taxi or Uber; you need someone to drive you home, get you settled, make sure you take your medications.

Two weeks before surgery – it is important that you stop taking Aspirin, Motrin, Ibuprofen, Aleve (Naproxen), or other NSAIDs. You should also discontinue all herbal medications, vitamins, and diet pills and stop drinking alcohol. Do not take Advil even if you have a headache, or cramps, take Tylenol instead.

Two weeks before surgery – do not overexpose yourself to the sun or get a sunburn.

The week before your surgery – let us know if you have a cough, fever or any other illness, or any skin changes or infections. If you are feeling sick, please do not take over-the-counter medications without asking us.

The week before the surgery – pick up your medications. When you go to the pharmacy, you should also pick up the special soap we recommend – Hibiclens soap, and also above-the-knee, low compression ted-hose.

Two days before your procedure – thoroughly wash your body with the Hibiclens soap. This will minimize the chance of infection. Shave or remove hair around your surgery site.

Two days before surgery – stick with a light diet. You want to avoid being bloated during or after.

The night before your surgery – do not eat or drink anything after midnight. This includes water. You can take your high-blood pressure medications with a sip of water the morning of surgery, but otherwise, do not eat or drink anything the night before your surgery.

On the day of the surgery – do not use makeup, creams, lotions, hair gels, sprays, perfumes, powder, or deodorant on your skin, hair, or face. Also, do not bring or wear any valuables or jewelry to your surgery. Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes.