Victoria H.

Location: Massachusetts

Procedure: Breast Augmentation

Q: Tell us a little about yourself and what made you decide to get Breast Augmentation Surgery?

VH: Hello there! My name is Victoria, I am 28 years old, and I grew up in beautiful New England. I live and breathe for music, it has captivated my soul since I was a very young child. I love to travel and am always seeking new adventures, new experiences. Creativity and art have always been very important to me and are a big part of my life. I love finding different ways of expressing myself. I call myself an introverted-extrovert, because while I have always been a bit shy and independent, I also cherish the human connection; I love inspiring and being inspired by the stories of our lives. That always lead me to be very individualistic, I knew who I was and I developed a very personal and unique sense of style early on. I think the way you present yourself is such a fun opportunity to express who you are. I’m very passionate about health and fitness. I’ve been vegan for 16 years and I love exercise to strengthen my body and mind. I was never a particularly confident person though, always pretty hard on myself, and so learning to take care of my body and mind was a game changer for me. It felt so good to look in the mirror and feel proud and strong, to love my body and be grateful for all that it is capable of. I had put the work in, I was feeling great, but there was still this one thing that I couldn’t change on my own. I have always had very small breasts. And by very small I mean tiny. And by tiny I mean basically nonexistent. I have always felt very feminine still, but I didn’t have the womanly curves that I found so beautiful. It started to be something I thought about more as my fitness journey progressed. My body fat percentage got lower, and what small semblance of breast tissue I may have once had was all but obliterated. I would look at men at the beach and think, how is it possible that they have more going on up there than I do?! I had known for the past ten years or so that getting a breast augmentation was something I wanted to do someday. I was nervous because I feared it would be a big challenge for someone to achieve a result that looked natural given where I was starting from. I knew it was time though to explore the possibilities and figure out what my options were. I was ready to complete the transformation I had been working on for the past few years and finally feel like myself, finally, look in the mirror and with 100% confidence say,

Q: Now that you’ve gone through this journey, what’s your life like? Any plans or new outlook for the future?

VH: I wish I could find the words to truly express how overjoyed and complete that my breast augmentation has left me feeling, but it is almost indescribable.. My whole life, I have looked in the mirror and not seen any semblance of the curves that so uniquely and beautifully say- I am a woman. Ever since the procedure, my confidence has skyrocketed. I feel sexy, I feel womanly, I feel balanced. I am having so much more fun wearing- and not wearing- clothes! On my off days, I can often be found lounging around the house in my PJ shorts and nothing else, a seemingly little thing, but where in the past I would cover up what I felt wasn’t worth looking at, I now bask in the glory of. That might sound silly, but to finally feel like my true self, to see myself in the way I’ve always envisioned, it’s breathtaking. I can wear bathing suits and clothes and they actually fit! I used to constantly have to worry about my breast falling out of a swimsuit or low-cut dress because there was just nothing there to hold it in place. The smallest size bras would have this ridiculous gap between the fabric and my chest because there was nothing to fill it out. I can wear the lingerie that I have always so loved and feel amazing in it. I always said that the first thing I was going to put on once fully healed was my cherished lingerie set from Agent Provocateur, which has never gotten enough love. I can’t tell you what it felt like to finally put that on and look in the mirror and have it filled out in the way I always dreamed. I am just filled with gratitude and I can’t wait to continue life with this newfound confidence thanks to Dr. Cat’s incredible work!

Q: Tell us about your emotions and how you felt throughout your Breast Augmentation Plastic Surgery journey?

VH: I had been thinking about a breast augmentation for many, many years. I have worked really hard on my body in the gym, and my boyfriend, knowing that I still felt there was this one thing missing, started to encourage me to look into setting some consultations up. He has always been so incredibly supportive, always truly loved me just the way I was, and made me feel beautiful every day. He wanted me to be able to see myself in all the ways that he already did. And so, the journey began. It was a very emotional experience for me because this was something I had wanted for my whole adult life so badly, but I had kind of stopped thinking about. I hadn’t felt inspired by surgeons I had met with in the past, so I was stuck with this lack of optimism in my mind. I hadn’t thought about traveling for surgery yet. I have followed Dr. Cat on social media for many years and my boyfriend Steve had heard me talk so highly of her so many times. When he told me to set up a consultation with her I just got so excited. It wasn’t a possibility I had ever even thought of. After we talked, I knew that with her, I would be in the most capable hands possible. My decision was made. The flight out to LA felt so surreal. Walking into her office the next day and meeting her in person, I almost couldn’t believe it was all finally happening. Time stood still and sped up at the same time. I was overwhelmed with excitement and anticipation. There wasn’t a fiber of my being that had a single trace of doubt, or nervousness or fear. When you meet Dr. Cat, this wave of calm comes over you. Because to have a surgeon that is so confident, so talented, so intelligent, so kind, so the very best at what she does; there’s nothing to feel but peace in the fact that you are exactly where you are supposed to be, and elation for the glorious transformation that you are about to make.

I was so excited the morning of my surgery, I woke up with happy tears in my eyes; this was really finally happening TODAY! Dr. Cat and her entire team had done such a thorough and masterful job at helping me feel comfortable and prepared, I was just so ready for this day. The amount time Dr. Cat puts in and her deep attention to detail to ensure that everything is perfect, leaves you feeling just so at ease. When I woke up from surgery I was not alone, there was a nurse right by my side and Dr. Cat quickly appeared to make sure that I was feeling okay. You always have the knowing that your well-being and comfort is of the utmost importance to Dr. Cat and her team. They were never more than a phone call or message away during my recovery weeks, and coming in for the post-op visits where Dr. Cat would personally check up on your healing process and share in your excitement over the new you, made the whole process so fulfilling. The emotions that surround this whole experience for me really are just overwhelming joy and deep gratitude.

Q: How did it feel when you and Dr. Cat met and decided that your procedure was the right for you?

VH: I had followed Dr. Cat on social media for many years, and when I decided to pursue the decision to undergo my breast augmentation, I couldn’t stop thinking about her. I’d had some consultations in the past where I really just didn’t feel enough concern or connection or attention to detail when I spoke with other surgeons. For years, in the back of my head, I always heard this voice telling me, Dr. Cat is your girl, she should be the one to do this.. And so finally, I booked the consultation. Since I live in Massachusetts, we did this via video chat over the computer. Dr. Cat went over the hour I had booked with her, spending all the time necessary to, in exceptionally thorough detail, explain to me the process, my options, answered any and every question I had. I had been very worried that because I had such small breasts to begin with, it would be a daunting task for a surgeon to take on, and I had left conversations with other doctors in the past feeling uninspired and without hope. Dr. Cat spoke with such confidence and such certainty, she knew she could help me and that we would end up with a result that I would absolutely love. I was floored by her certainty and enthusiasm, her knowledge, and her depth of experience. I’ll never forget that conversation. When the consultation ended, I looked over at my boyfriend and I just broke down in tears, saying, “She’s the one, I always knew it, she’s my surgeon.” A few days later, I called the office and booked my surgery. Dr. Cat gave me the precious gift of absolute confidence and trust, gave me glorious peace in knowing that beyond a shadow of a doubt, I was going to be in the most capable hands out there. Being able to get the breast augmentation I had always wanted done, with no reservations or doubt or worry, was a beautiful blessing. The excitement I felt is still indescribable. Meeting her in person when I flew out for my surgery just further solidified the knowledge that I had made absolutely the right decision. Her kindness is tangible, her confidence is infectious, her talent and intelligence are ever evident and beyond doubt. From moment one, I felt safe and cared about. You can see her passion for what she does, she shares in your joy and is excited to go on this journey with you. I am so very grateful that she gives her patients such peace in knowing that they have put their trust in the best of the best, because that’s exactly who Dr. Cat is.

victoria hill tummy tuck photo 1

Q: How did it feel when your new body or new look was revealed to you?

VH: I remember waking up, in that foggy dreamlike haze, Dr. Cat came in to check on me, and she told me that she had gotten the implant size in that I was hoping for. I just smiled so big and said wow! She spent extra hours in the operating room, taking the time to meticulously do her work and to allow me to wake up with the elation that my highest hopes were now my reality. I felt so grateful to have had a surgeon who truly cares about her patient’s outcome. Who approaches her surgeries as also works of art. Who cares about the little details. Who makes sure that things are done the right way. Who goes above and beyond to giver her patients the results they’ve dreamed of.

And now, as I have fully healed and my implants have settled into place, I feel even more amazement and gratitude. I still cannot believe how natural and beautiful my breasts look. I never thought anything this good was possible. I’m not sure that I will ever stop feeling such happiness when I look in the mirror and see the perfection that she has created. To wake up every day and feel so good, so complete, it’s incredible.

Q: What do you think other people should know before undergoing Breast Augmentation Plastic Surgery?

VH: I think people should really think it over for a while and make sure they’re ready for a procedure. Make sure it’s important to you and that you are ready to take care of your body and go through the healing process so you can end up with the best possible result. Surgery is not a one-day and then-done thing. You’ve got to care for yourself and rest, follow your surgeon’s instructions and be patient. Give yourself the time to recover the proper way. Not all surgeons are created equal, and I think this is the most important thing to know before deciding that plastic surgery is the path you want to take. The best thing you can do for yourself is to choose the best surgeon out there, not just the one who is the cheapest, or has the soonest available surgery date, or has the closest location; you want the surgeon that will leave no question unanswered, who will ensure that you are prepared and cared for, who has the knowledge and experience to create the result you’ve always envisioned. A surgeon who will put their all into giving you the best and safest experience possible. And that is why I chose and will always choose Dr. Cat, she is the absolute best there is.

Q: With so many other doctors, why did you and why should others choose Dr. Cat?

VH: You have one body, that’s it. And you’ve decided on plastic surgery because you want to feel better, you want to be the best version of yourself. Why trust this one precious body that you were given in the hands of anyone who isn’t the absolute best? There are so many surgeons who just aren’t that invested in their patient’s long-term outcome. From our very first conversation, it was undeniable how caring, confident, knowledgable, experienced, and exceptional Dr. Cat was. Any reservation or nervousness just vanished. She takes every single bit of time and attention necessary to ensure that the result of your surgery is perfection.
I never imagined I would come out of surgery and within a few days, be without what little pain was already easily managed and taken care of to begin with, but Dr. Cat is just that good. She truly cares, and the techniques she uses not only ensure a beautiful result, but your comfort along the way too.

I have had friends undergo procedures and have been so surprised by the number of questions they’ve reached out to me with regarding what to expect, recovery after their procedures, and beyond. I couldn’t believe how many uncertainties they still had both pre and post-operation. A good surgeon will absolutely ensure that there are no questions left unanswered and that any which may arise are addressed promptly, and clearly. Dr. Cat and her team leave no box unchecked and they set you up for absolute success. You can always feel the enthusiasm and excitement and care from her and her entire team. You never feel like just another patient, you feel important, they are always making sure that every step of your journey is a safe and happy one.

There’s no other doctor I will ever put my trust into because I’ve already found the best- Dr. Cat will do it right and she will do it better than any. By choosing Dr. Cat, you know that you are in the hands of truly the best and most caring surgeon out there. You can let go of worry and just enjoy this wonderfully exciting experience. That peace of mind is invaluable, and you deserve it!

Q: Is there a particular moment or memory that stands out for you?

VH: I remember coming home the afternoon of my surgery, my sister and my boyfriend helping me inside, and sitting on the kitchen counter was the most impossibly stunning floral arrangement I had ever seen. Dr. Cat had picked out something so unique and beautiful that she thought I would love, and sent it to the house for me to come home from surgery to. It brought tears to my eyes; even though I was home now, she was still there with me. I had this lovely gift that would scent the air and bring beauty to the room while I recovered. It was just so unexpected and so thoughtful. I truly am unbelievably blessed that you are my surgeon, Dr. Cat, you made every moment wonderful and have made every memory from my journey a beautiful one.

Q: Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

VH: The world of plastic surgery is a better place for having Dr. Cat in it. And the world as a whole is a better place with the presence of such a dedicated, caring, wonderful human being. I couldn’t have possibly hoped for a more fulfilling and joyful experience, and I know that it is because I chose Dr. Cat. Thank you, thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for everything!

Q: Favorite Plastic Surgery Memory?

VH: I tell people this story all the time because it really stuck with me. At the surgical center the morning of my surgery, we had gotten me all changed up into the stylish gown-stocking-slipper-hairnet combo. Dr. Cat came in to do the marking up on my skin, and she was so meticulous, measuring and remeasuring, taking her time, and I was amazed and comforted by just how much she cared that every single thing be absolutely perfect.

It was time to go into the operating room. As I laid down on the table, Dr. Cat sat down next to me and started to ask me to imagine a beautiful peaceful place in my mind. Before I could even really walk through that field of flowers, I was falling asleep. The last thing I remember was Dr. Cat sitting there beside me, she reached out and held my hand in hers, rubbing it gently as I drifted off. It was just such a sweet and caring thing and made me feel safe and peaceful and cared about. That’s my favorite memory, it really moved me and I’ll never forget it!

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