Madison F.

Location: Utah

Procedure: Mommy Makeover, Tummy Tuck

Q: You are a mother, actress, and influencer. Tell us a little bit more about yourself and what made you decide to get Plastic Surgery?

MF: Having 5 kids within 6 years, I was going back to back with pregnancies and the first pregnancy was twins. I was very small framed so when I had the kids, my stomach stretched out so much. Ever since I had the twins I knew I wanted to fix my stomach but I knew I wanted a big family, so we waited and kept having kids. As soon as I knew my son was going to be my last pregnancy, I could not wait! I wanted to get plastic surgery so bad because my abs were really separated, I had a hernia and a lot of loose skin that no matter how often I worked out, it would just not go away. So, this surgery was life-changing and I’m so excited.

Q: How does it feel to come to Rodeo drive in Beverly Hills to have your tummy tuck done by the world’s best plastic surgeon? It must be exciting.

MF: It is beautiful here! Flying into Beverly Hills with the beautiful weather and coming to Rodeo Drive. There’s nothing that beats Rodeo Drive! Also, Dr. Cat’s Office is incredible! It’s so inviting and beautiful and bright. I clicked with Dr. Cat immediately! This experience has been great.

Q: You decided to travel from Utah to Beverly Hills to have surgery done with Dr. Cat instead of going somewhere locally. With so many other doctors, why did you and why should others choose Dr. Cat?

MF: I looked into a lot of different surgeons and did alot of research. When I was living in LA I actually thought of going to Dr. Cat. Once I moved to Utah, I thought it wasn’t even an option to go to Dr. Cat as an out-of-state patient. The more I researched, I realized Dr. Cat has many out-of-state patients and accommodations for them. I thought about having surgery in Utah and I even had a consultation with another doctor, but Dr. Cat was my first choice. Dr. Cat was my top pick because there were so many things about her work that stood out to me like her thin scars and natural belly buttons.

Q: After having 5 kids you must feel grateful to reward yourself with this perfect tummy tuck. You deserve it. How do you feel?

MF: I feel so much better in my own skin! It has been such a life-changing surgery for me. I was so self-conscious about my stomach for so many years, wearing high-waisted mom jeans and being worried that my pants would fall a bit and show all of my loose skin. It didn’t matter how many ab workouts I did, it didn’t make a difference in my stomach muscles or loose skin. This surgery changed my confidence level tremendously and I am so happy with my results.

Q: Now that your muscles are tight, and your tummy is flat, you are going to look and feel so much better! Are you excited to get a new wardrobe or to be able to work out and feel so much stronger?

MF: The first thing I am going to do is start working out! I was looking at my stomach during my follow appointment yesterday and I was thinking well not that my stomach looks so good I need to get my legs and butt muscular and toned. I’m going to go back home to Utah and work out hard! This summer is going to be awesome!

victoria hill tummy tuck photo 1

Q: At Dr. Cat’s office, we all focus on providing the absolute best patient experience and always being there for our patients day and night. What has been the best part of your experience so far?

MF: Dr. Cat and all of the staff in her office are amazing when it comes to patient care and that’s one of the things that stood out to me and why I chose her as my surgeon. Everytime I would get on my patient portal to send a question or a message, no matter what time of day or night it was, I would always get a response right away. Dr. Cat would take the time to call me after finishing an 8 hour surgery and have an in-depth conversation with me not only about my surgery and how I’m feeling, but she would also ask me about my life and check-in on me to see how I am doing.

Q: Dr. Cat is world reknown for her thin and barely visible perfect incisions and natural-looking belly button. Have you seen yours yet? What do you think?!

MF: Yes! The first thing I noticed when I saw my results was the thin incision line. That’s one of the reasons I went to Dr. Cat was her barley visible scars. My husband and I both looked at it and thought “wow that scar is going to be invisible once it heals because it is so small, thin, and straight! Dr. Cat did such an amazing job!” My belly button also looks awesome! It’s still at the phase where it’s healing and the scab needs to fall off, but the shape of it and everything is just perfect and looked so natural!

Q: Tell me what exciting things you have planned or are hoping to do now that you have had this life-changing surgery. Any plans or new outlook for the future?

MF: After this surgery, I feel like I can do anything. I feel invincible! I just want to go on vacation now. And for the first time ever, I was looking at bikinis in target right before I came here for my appointment. I thought to myself “Wow, I can buy bikinis if I want!” Before, I only would look at one-piece bathing suits because I didn’t feel comfortable showing my stomach.

Q: Now that you are getting ready to go back home, Is there a particularly positive moment or memory that stands out for you?

MF: This whole journey has been great, everything has felt so organized, and I thought it was really great how Dr. Cat recommended other treatments to promote my healing like hyperbaric oxygen therapy, which I’ve never heard of before. Also, the aftercare facility was amazing and so comfortable since it was in a hotel room, I’ve never seen a facility like that before! Dr. Cat and her office have all of these extra little things that make your experience that much better and easier.

Q: Final thoughts?

MF: I can’t speak highlier of enough of Dr. Cat. She is awesome! She has a great personality, and she is so talented in her work. If anyone is looking into what surgeon they should go to, if you’re on the fence and not sure who to go to, definetly go to Dr. Cat! You won’t regret it.

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