Lauren M.

Location: Southern California

Procedure: Tummy Tuck

Q: Tell us a little about yourself and what made you decide to get tummy tuck plastic surgery?

Lauren: I’m a young mom of 3. I’ve been fairly thin all my life but having 3 children definitely put a strain on my body – especially my stomach. The mom pouch! I had always struggled with self esteem especially when it came to my tummy. I remember being in high school thin as can be and still I would pull pillows in front of my stomach while sitting on the couch or bed just to feel more secure. I knew I wanted a “tummy tuck” after my first child but never thought I would have the guts to go through with it. Fast forward to 2018 – I had a really tough year mentally but I decided 2019 was going to be all about me! I started to lose a few of the extra pounds I had (I knew I wanted to be a certain goal weight before my procedure) and then I took the leap made the consultation appointment! See, even being fairly thin and regardless of how confident I was in a cute outfit, I was beyond insecure when naked. I hated being intimate, I hated having to walk past the mirror when getting in the shower, I was just so unhappy with my stomach. I wanted the confidence I had fully clothed to NEVER go away. I was tired of feeling like no matter how much weight I lost it was not going to solve my self esteem issue when naked. And while I highly suggest loving your body as is, I know it’s just not that easy. Luckily, we have amazing surgeons on this planet like Dr. Cat to help!

Q: Now that you’ve gone through this journey, what’s your life like? Any plans or new outlook for the future?

Lauren: The absolute BEST decision I have ever made for myself. The confidence I was given after my procedure is priceless! Not to mention the confidence overflowed into all areas of my life. I finally was able to embrace my body and my self love grew tremendously. I use to hate going to the beach or the pool, now you can’t keep me out of a bikini! My body is nowhere near perfect, but I was never looking for perfect. I was looking to be comfortable in my own skin. And now I AM! I love to travel and make as many memories as I can. I’m pretty sure my phone is about to run out of room due to all my bikini selfies! The best part is, it’s like the results only get better and better with time!

Q: Tell us about your emotions and how you felt throughout your Plastic Surgery journey?

Lauren: I prepared myself the minute I made the decision mentally in 2018. I found Dr. Cat and I watched her Snapchat and IG stories of her procedures religiously! I suffer from anxiety so I like to know every step of the way beforehand. I practically memorized the steps of the procedure and once I could watch it fully without getting anxious or a little grossed out (they are graphic) I knew I was ready! From the first appointment to the day of my surgery I was never nervous or scared. I had all the trust in the world in Dr. Cat not only because I studied her and did my research but also because she is the most welcoming and caring surgeon I’ve ever met. She understands your needs as a woman and meets them beyond expectation!

Q: How did it feel when you and Dr. Cat met and decided that your procedure was the right for you?

Lauren: Dr. Cat is wonderful! From the minute she stepped in the room with me she made me feel safe. She is very open and honest and is receptive to your wants and needs. I am getting excited just writing this because that’s how I felt in the exam room that day!

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Tamara Baylis
Tamara Baylis

Q: How did it feel when your new body or new look was revealed to you?

Lauren: I was amazed! Like I said, I had always has a huge insecurity about my stomach (even before kids) so to have a stomach that made me feel sexy and confident was one of the greatest feelings in the world!​

Q: What do you think other people should know before undergoing Plastic Surgery?

Lauren: Anesthesia. Maybe do your research on anesthesia effects. That was the only thing that caught me off guard. I had been under anesthesia before but not for very long. I could have prepared myself better if I would have researched that more. Also, get to your ideal weight first, although your confidence will probably motivate you even more after the surgery but for the best results try to be as close to your goal weight as possible

Q: With so many other doctors, why did you and why should others choose Dr. Cat?

Lauren: Because she’s the best! Absolutely the best. There are many other surgeons out there and some do great work, but the overall experience of her bright and outgoing personality coupled with her precision, attention to detail, and gentle techniques that create the best possible outcome for recovery is unparalleled!

Q: Is there a particular moment or memory that stands out for you?

Lauren: My favorite memories are my interactions with Dr. Cat. I swear I’m going to start telling people she’s my friend! It’s so comforting to not really feel like you’re in a “doctor – patient” situation even though you are. It was never awkward or uncomfortable

Q: Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

Lauren: I have a review up on Yelp – feel free to message me personally there! You won’t regret getting the procedure you want and you most certainly won’t regret choosing Dr. Cat!

Q: Favorite Plastic Surgery Memory?

Lauren: My favorite memory of the procedure was pre-op, when she marks you up and goes over the last minute details. I remember feeling so calm it was strange, I thought surely I was supposed to be nervous but I wasn’t at all. I was just full of excitement and couldn’t wait to be on the road to recovery so I could start my new life!! Thanks Dr. Cat!

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