Breast Implant Shapes: Finding The Right Fit

Different Types of Breast Implant Shapes

The moderate, moderate plus, high profile, and ultra high profile are all different types of shapes of implants. The moderate is the flattest shape, the high profile more round with more projection, and the moderate plus in between. The ultra-high has the most projection and is the most round. For each volume, the moderate profile will be the widest and flattest (least projected), and the ultra high profile the most narrow and most projected.

For example, for a 300cc implant, a moderate implant has a width of 12.8cm and a projection of 3.1cm, a moderate plus implant has a width of 12cm and a projection of 3.6cm, and a high profile implant has a width of 11.1cm and a 4.5cm projection. The ultra-high is even more narrow and more projected. I tend to use mostly high and ultra-high profile implants, but if my patients want a more natural teardrop look I will sometimes choose a moderate plus. I almost never use moderate which is very flat.

In your consultation, I will assess your individual anatomy, discuss the look you are hoping to achieve, and together we will choose what range and projection will be best for your anatomy. The base diameter- the width of your breast- is the most important measurement to determine this. You wouldn’t want an implant that was too wide for your chest or one that was too narrow that looked like a small ball on your chest. Every implant looks different on every patient so you can’t just go based on someone else’s size. I believe it is extremely important to take the time to understand each patient, take time with sizing, and communicate well.

Here is an example of a moderate plus (300cc), high profile (350cc), and ultra high profile (480cc) implant result. The base width is about the same but with higher and higher profile there is more projection.