Tips and Care for Maintaining Breast Augmentation Results

At Dr. Cat Plastic Surgery, we believe surgery is only the beginning of your transformative journey. After your procedure, it’s up to you to maintain breast augmentation results and ensure your new body is a lasting reality.

We know the fear of undoing all your hard work can be daunting—after all, you worked so hard to get here. You deserve to enjoy the beauty and self-love your new curves bring for years to come.

In addition to post-operative care for breast augmentation, there are steps you can take to preserve the look and longevity of your new assets. That’s precisely what we’re here to unveil today.

Join us as we empower you with invaluable tips for maintaining breast implants to safeguard the remarkable transformation you’ve undergone.

9 Tips to Maintain Breast Augmentation Results

Just as each person is unique, so, too, is every breast augmentation procedure.

While your journey is one-of-a-kind, there are universal steps every patient can take for preserving breast augmentation outcomes and their dream silhouette.

Without further ado, here are nine tips for maintaining breast implants and preserving your newfound confidence:

1. Set the stage for a smooth recovery

Having a support system in place after surgery makes it much easier to embark on your recovery journey and maintain breast augmentation results.

Some common post-op preparations include:

  • Getting your recovery space ready
  • Securing a ride home after surgery
  • Clearing your schedule as needed
  • Leaning on relatives or friends to help with everyday tasks

Arranging these details ahead of time establishes a solid foundation for successful recovery to maximize your post-surgical results.

2. Follow post-operative care for breast augmentation

If prepping for recovery lays the groundwork for optimal results, your post-op instructions are your blueprint to getting there.

Breast augmentation maintenance

After your procedure, your surgeon will provide specific guidelines for post-operative care, such as:

  • Recommended downtime
  • Proper wound care and medications
  • Wearing supportive garments
  • Massaging your breasts
  • Maintaining a certain diet or lifestyle
  • Periodic check-ins with your doctor

Your provider has these guidelines in place for a reason. Following them accordingly is crucial to healing and maintaining the benefits of breast augmentation.

3. Adopt healthy habits

Did you know that significant weight fluctuations can affect the size and shape of your augmented breasts?

When you gain or lose substantial amounts of weight, it alters fat distribution throughout your body—breasts included. This can increase or decrease the volume in your breast tissue, causing them to appear larger, smaller, or asymmetrical.

Maintaining a stable weight and embracing healthy lifestyle changes after breast augmentation greatly contribute to preserving your desired aesthetic.

Some healthy habits for long-lasting breast augmentation results include:

  • Adopting a balanced diet
  • Engaging in regular exercise (once healed)
  • Avoiding smoking or excessive alcohol consumption

4. Massage your breasts

Massaging your breasts is another important aspect of preserving breast augmentation outcomes.

Gently massaging your breasts feels good and also helps maintain the suppleness, softness, and natural movement of your implants. It also helps reduce your risk of complications, like capsular contracture or scar tissue formation.

By familiarizing yourself with how your new breasts look and feel, you’ll also be able to promptly identify any changes or abnormalities that arise.

So, don’t be shy—give your new assets a little TLC. It’s a simple and enjoyable way to indulge in self-care and protect your stunning results.

5. Invest in supportive bras

Breast augmentation results

One of the most overlooked tips for long-lasting breast augmentation? The right bras.

After breast augmentation, your new breasts need adequate support to prevent unnecessary strain or displacement. Ill-fitting bras with poor support can cause implants to shift, sag, or lose their shape over time.

Opting for well-fitted bras with wide bands, underwires, and adjustable straps gives your augmented breasts the necessary support and stability they need—optimizing the longevity and outcome of your surgical results.

Who doesn’t love another reason to shop for their new curves?

6. Practice good posture

We all love a good slouch, but if you want to master how to maintain breast augmentation results—good posture is a must.

When it comes to your new breasts, the right posture helps avoid unnecessary strain on your chest muscles, ensuring optimal alignment and positioning of your implants. Plus, it helps you exude confidence and grace.

So what does proper posture look like?

  • Stand tall
  • Shoulders back
  • Engage your core
  • Chin straight ahead
  • Relax your neck
  • Stretch regularly

This is a simple yet effective way to maintain breast augmentation results and keep you looking your best for many years to come.

7. Sleep in supportive positions

Learning how to sleep after surgery is another one of many lifestyle adjustments after breast augmentation most people don’t commonly discuss.

Your comfort during recovery is of utmost importance. That said, some sleeping positions can strain your newly augmented breasts, causing discomfort or even implant displacement.

As a result, you may need to adjust how you sleep to keep your beauty rest from compromising your results.

Breast augmentation before and after

Some tips for sleeping after breast augmentation are:

  • Sleep on your back
  • Remain slightly elevated
  • Use supportive pillows and bedding

As you heal and adapt, you’ll gradually regain the flexibility to revert to your preferred sleeping habits. Until then, these techniques will facilitate healing and safeguard your beautiful results.

8. Avoid strenuous activities

After achieving your body goals, the last thing you want is for some sort of physical impact to compromise your confidence-enhancing investment.

Maintaining breast augmentation results requires mindfulness when it comes to physical exertion. While it’s tempting to push yourself to the limits, you must give your body the time it needs to heal.

Some strenuous activities you should avoid for the first few months include high-impact exercises, heavy lifting, and contact sports.

By striking a balance between staying moderately active and allowing for proper recovery, you’ll ensure your stunning transformation remains intact for the long haul.

9. Embrace a positive mindset

One of the most powerful habits for long-lasting breast augmentation results, or any surgery, is cultivating a positive mindset. Why? Because healing is as much psychological and mental as it is physical.

Again, recovery looks different for every patient. Some individuals bounce right back, while others may not heal as quickly as anticipated. Adjust your expectations as necessary, and don’t let negativity consume you.

Instead, take this time to nurture self-love and self-care. Embrace the power of positivity, believe in your body’s ability to heal, and celebrate your incredible transformation.

By maintaining a positive mindset, you’ll navigate the ups and downs of your healing journey with grace while radiating confidence and happiness.

Dr. Cat Plastic Surgery: Your Secret for Curves that Never Go Out of Style

You’ve come a long way on your breast augmentation journey, and the transformation you’ve undergone is nothing short of amazing. It’s only natural to want to preserve your fabulous new body and continue loving the skin you’re in. 

With the right knowledge and a few simple adjustments, you’ll maintain breast augmentation results and cherish your new figure for years to come.

Trust in the process, believe in yourself, and let Dr. Cat be your partner in turning your dream body into a reality. Schedule your consultation today!