Designer Vagina by Dr. Cat

Many times women come into their consultations with so much shame or embarrassment to talk about their vagina they are literally in tears – I believe that this stigma must be eradicated. No woman should feel shame for seeking help for themselves. I find labiaplasty such a life-changing and positive procedure for women that I spent time and effort to develop a special technique that allows for precise shaping, has a nearly invisible scar, and a quick recovery. A few years ago, I authored a chapter on this subject in the International Textbook of Aesthetic Surgery and have perfected my technique even more since then with the large number of labiaplasty surgeries I have performed.

Women get this procedure because they feel uncomfortable when wearing tight clothing like yoga pants, leggings, or jeans, they have discomfort when exercising or with intercourse, they have trouble keeping the area clean because of excess tissue, or they just don’t like the way it looks. My patients range from young college students, to moms post pregnancy, to post menopausal women seeking rejuvenation after menopause.

For any of you that question the dramatic difference labiaplasty makes – visit my labiaplasty gallery on my website The photos are too graphic to show on Instagram but the results truly speak for themselves. Like all of my surgeries, to create a truly beautiful shape with a seamless incision and quick recovery – creativity, artistry, attention to detail and talent are necessary – especially for such an important part of a woman’s body.

Watch the video above to see Dr. Cat performing the designer vagina labiaplasty procedure.

Video Transcriptions 1

Intro/Welcome:  Watch Dr. Cat as she performs a clitoral hood reduction, as well as remove excess labia minora tissue from both sides, on a young mom. This patient also has some asymmetry, with a much longer clitoral hood on one side than the other. Dr. Cat’s “labia of love” surgical skills will greatly alleviate any discomfort the patient is currently experiencing, while sculpting a more aesthetically appealing shape. Insert:  Music overlays a montage of imagery showing Dr. Cat hard at work on patient. Viewer discretion is advised.
Transcription: (Dr. Cat)…I am applying a few of the final sutures.  You can see how beautiful and symmetrical this is. Initially, she had a lot of asymmetry.  There were a lot of folds here at the top; they joined differently.  I was able to piece it together really precisely to create this really nice, symmetrical, “tucked-in” look and I’m really excited for this patient.  She’s going to be super happy. So, I just want to show the final pieces of labia that I removed.  You can see that is measures almost a centimeter on both sides.  And, these extra little pieces were fine-tuning that I did to ger her as symmetrical as possible.  And, you can see that she did have some asymmetry.  She had these, like, extra folds and “joining together” that were very, very different.  So, you can see this wrinkly, dark edge is now removed and this will make a huge difference for her in her final aesthetic. End:  Music overlays montage of graphic before/after images.