A Complete Guide to Breast Implant Sizing

If you are looking for a way to enhance the size and shape of your breasts and boost your confidence, then breast augmentation is a great option to consider. This surgery is so popular that it’s one of the top five surgical procedures in the cosmetic industry in the United States.

The good news is that the satisfaction rate is high after breast augmentation. As many as 98% of women who have this surgery indicate that their outcomes met or exceeded their expectations.

Deciding to move forward with breast augmentation surgery is just the first step. When you meet with the surgeon, there are many other decisions you will need to make about the specific type of surgery, implant size calculation, and more. Dr. Cat has many years of experience and helps each patient create a personalized surgical plan to ensure optimal results for every surgery.

During your consultation, you have the opportunity to feel, see, and try on different sizes of breast implants. This breast augmentation with implant sizing consultation is designed to help you make your decision and communicate your desires with the surgeon.

Factors That Affect Implant Size Calculation

Not all breast implants are the same. These enhancements are available in a range of sizes and styles, so every body type can be accommodated with a personalized approach to treatment. You’ll want to consider your goals and cosmetic desires when talking with the surgeon about factors that affect boob job sizes.

These are three measurements you need to know about when talking with a cosmetic surgeon about the sizing and dimensions of breast implants:

1. Breast Implant Volume

Doctors measure implant sizing by cubic centimeters (CCs) instead of cup sizes.

  • If you want a smaller breast size, then the recommended implant size will be between 150 – 200cc.
  • If you want large implants, then you will choose sizes 400cc and above.

In the United States, you can choose implants between 100cc – 800cc. The most popular range is between 300cc – 400cc, but every patient’s anatomy is different.

2. Implant Profile

The profile of breast implants is the measurement in which the breast sticks out from the flat part of your chest.

You can choose from different profiles depending on how “perky” you want them to be: low, moderate, high, or ultra high.

  • Low Profile: Implants with a low profile have a flatter appearance and minimal projection. They are a good fit for patients who have wider chests.
  • Moderate Profile: Moderate sticks out a little more than low profile. This sizing can create a natural appearance and looks good on patients with narrow or smaller chests.
  • High Profile: If you want significant projection, then high profile implants are the ideal solution. This type of profile creates breasts that are very prominent and round and is a good fit for patients with narrow chests.
  • Ultra High Profile: This implant has the maximum projection and fullness of the upper pole. They have the narrowest base and these are great for petite women with a narrow chest and little breast tissue as this type of implant can help patients go up multiple cup sizes for a natural, yet dramatic look.

Talk to your surgeon about the desired outcome to choose the ideal implant profile to create the results that you want.

3. Implant Diameter

The diameter measurement is the width of the base of the implant, which affects the breast outline and shape. Body type is a big consideration when choosing the ideal diameter because you need to get the correct width to create a breast that looks natural.

The diameter typically ranges anywhere from 7.4cm to 17.2cm.

Breast Implant Sizing Guide

Can Final Bra Cup Size Be Guaranteed?

When you are meeting with your surgeon to talk about breast augmentation with implant sizing, it’s convenient to share your vision by talking about the cup size you desire. Most patients are familiar with cup sizes, but not as familiar with the other measurements listed above.

Your surgeon will help you compare photos and talk about boob job sizes to match your desired cup size. Even though a surgeon does their best to help you achieve these results, keep in mind that cub size isn’t guaranteed. Every body is different, so the final results can change depending on how the implants settle into your body.

Tips for Choosing the Right Breast Implant Sizing

Before you head to the consultation, here are a few things to consider about sizing and options for breast implant sizing:

There is a Difference Between Cup Size and Implant Size

Keep in mind that breast implant sizes are measured differently than bra cups. So, when you are wondering how to determine breast implant size, it’s more than deciding on the cup size that you desire.

Cubic centimeters (cc) are used to measure implants. For every 150 – 200 ccs in the implant, your cup size will increase between 1 to 1.5 cup sizes. The results vary depending on the measurements of your body and the type of bras that you wear. Remember that cup sizes even vary between bra brands! You might wear a 36B in one brand and a 34C in another brand.

Think About Your Lifestyle and Activities

Remember that implant sizing will affect your movement, so you want to think about your normal activities and exercise routines. If you are a highly active person and participate in running, sports or heavy exercise, then larger breast implants might get in the way. You can still participate in these activities, but you might find that it’s not as comfortable or easy compared to how you would feel with smaller breast implants.

Athletes often want to enhance their appearance, but tend to keep the implant sizing on the small side. The goal is to improve the curves without letting the implants interfere with sports activities.

Evaluate Your Clothing Preferences

Take a look at your closet to see how breast augmentation will affect the fit of your swimsuits, shirts, and dresses. If you often walk around without a bra or you prefer to wear clothing that looks best without a bra, then you’ll probably want to choose a smaller implant size.

On the other hand, if you like wearing tops that look good with larger breasts to fill them out, then you might choose a bigger implant size. In some cases, women need to update their wardrobes after breast augmentation because their clothing fits differently.

Consider Your Body Type

Bigger isn’t always better, especially for smaller-framed people. It’s important to consider your body type if you want to be sure that the implants look natural and normal. During your breast augmentation with implant sizing consultation, Dr. Cat will help you pick a size that matches your frame.

For example, a woman with a larger frame will need a bigger implant size compared to a woman with a smaller frame.

Not only do the right boob job sizes matter for a natural appearance, but the sizing can also have an impact on your comfort. Smaller implants can save you from unnecessary pain in the back and shoulders, which is a common problem when the implants are too large.

Look at Natural Tissue and Skin Capacity

Consider the amount of natural tissue you already have to see how the size of the implant will fit within the tissue that is already there.

Additionally, you also need to consider the capacity of the skin. Smaller framed people have less skin available to hold the implants. So, there might be skin capacity limitations if you want bigger breast sizes.

Age Factors and Body Changes

Younger patients have more elasticity in their skin, which makes it easier to adjust the profile of breast implants. On the other hand, patients who are older in age tend to have sagging skin, which can affect the outcome of the surgery.

Often, older patients not only need breast augmentation with implants, but they also benefit from breast lift surgery to position the implants optimally.

Keep them Guessing

There are many patients who prefer to keep it under the radar that they had a breast augmentation. Smaller implants can enhance your shape without announcing to the world that you had surgery. However, it’s also possible to have larger implants, achieve a natural look, and keep them guessing.

Immediate Benefits and Future Considerations

While it’s easy to see how the breast implants will fit your current lifestyle and preferences, also remember that you will be wearing these same implants for many years. Most implants last between 10 – 20 years, then you can change the sizing when they need to be replaced (if you want different implant sizes at that point).

Do you think your implants will match your lifestyle in 5 or 10 years? Think about how your lifestyle might be changing between now and then.

Important Things to Know Before Breast Implants

Breast Implants are not lifetime devices, they must be replaced approximately every 10 years. For silicone implants, the FDA recommends getting imaging every other year to check for a leak.

There is a rare lymphoma called BIA-ALCL associated with breast implants.  They are predominately associated with textured implants but this is still under research and investigation.

Breast Implants are not for everyone. Some women report symptoms of Breast Implant Illness. Dr. Cat recommends her patients review the FDA Black Box warning on breast implants when deciding to get breast implants.

Pros and Cons of Smaller and Larger Breast Implants

Here are a few pros and cons to consider when you are wondering how to determine breast implant size:

Small Breast Implant Benefits

  • More natural appearance, helping you avoid a shape that is too round or big.
  • Keep more of your natural tissue, which results in a more natural, softer texture.
  • Less space is needed to hold the implants, which means there is a lower risk of stretch marks.
  • The incisions are smaller, which reduces the risk of scarring after the surgery.
  • Since less of the natural breast tissue is damaged, patients tend to have a faster recovery.
  • There is a lower risk of complications because of the limited damage to natural breast tissue.
  • Smaller implants usually result in more comfort because you aren’t carrying around too much weight which causes strain on the shoulders and back.
  • Ideal sizing for women with a petite or smaller build.

Smaller breast implant sizes allow you to enhance your appearance without going overboard. Remember that a little bit can go a long way! But if you want a more noticeable enhancement, then you might consider larger boob job sizes with a higher profile.

Larger Breast Implant Benefits

Some of the benefits you can expect from larger breast implants include:

  • More enhancement to the bust.
  • Bigger changes to the overall shape and contour of the body to create an hourglass figure.
  • Ideal sizing for women who are taller or have a broader build.
  • Create a more glamorous, Hollywood-style

But bigger isn’t always better. Larger breast implant sizes come with notable restrictions and drawbacks. For example, if your breast implants are too big for your frame, they can impede your exercise or daily activities. Another potential problem is that the heavier weight of the implants can result in damaged breast tissue and sagging over time. So, there’s a possibility that you might need a breast lift in the future so the tissue can be tightened.

Additionally, women with larger implants tend to have a higher risk of shoulder and back pain after the surgery.

What to Expect During a Breast Augmentation Surgery

This outpatient surgery can be completed in an hour, allowing you to go home after you are done with a bit of recovery in the clinic. Dr. Cat has experience completing many breast augmentations and uses the most gentle and meticulous techniques to ensure optimal results for every patient.

Here are a few things you can expect during and after the augmentation surgery:

  • Side Effects: Soreness, mild bruising, and temporary swelling that will subside after a few days.
  • Recovery After Surgery: Most patients need a few days to a week before they are comfortable enough to return to work and light activities. You will need to avoid strenuous activities for 1 – 3 weeks.
  • Potential Risks: As with any type of surgery, there are potential complications. Risks include asymmetry, bleeding, pain, implant failure, infection, or capsular contracture (a buildup of scarring around the implant).
  • Length of Results: 10 years is the average lifespan for breast implants. You will need to replace the implants at that time, as recommended by the FDA.

How Much Smaller Do Breast Implants Get After Surgery?

The volume of the breasts and implants shouldn’t change much after augmentation surgery. But there are a few noticeable differences in size, shape, and appearance.

For example, when the swelling starts to subside, you might notice that your breasts seem slightly smaller. The tissue is no longer inflamed once it is healed from surgery.

Additionally, the breasts will drop into the pocket. High-profile and ultra-high-profile implants can take up to 6 months to fully drop. At that point, the overall appearance of the breasts will look a little different compared to the shape and size immediately after surgery.

Some patients might feel like their implants are too big or too small at this stage of recovery. But give it more time before you evaluate the overall results. It also takes time to adapt psychologically to your new body image.

At this point, the implants will look more natural and normal since the swelling has gone down and the implants have dropped into place. It can take a few months before you see the final results.

It Should Be Fun: Implant Size Calculation

Initially, you might feel nervous or overwhelmed by the decisions you are making to choose the perfect breast implant sizing. But let go of the stress and keep in mind that this process should be fun! This opportunity is a chance for you to create the shape that you have always wanted. Enjoy the creativity of this process and work closely with your surgeon to learn more about the different options that are available.

There are various ways to communicate your preferences and identify the specific features that you prefer. Not only will the doctor have pictures that you can look at, but also consider bringing photos that you find online to show the shape and sizing of breasts that you desire.

The more you communicate, the higher the likelihood that you will be happy with the results. Dr. Cat always dedicates the time necessary to talk with each patient and get to know you on a personal level. This is important in order for Dr. Cat to fully understands the goal and look you are trying to achieve. This customized approach ensures that our team can create the best breast augmentation plan for your unique needs.

Call Dr. Cat for a Consultation

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You can feel confident in knowing that you are in good hands when you choose our clinic. In addition to breast augmentations and breast lifts, we also have a variety of other surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures that you might choose.

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