Benefits of Breast Reduction Surgery: A Complete Guide

What are the benefits of breast reduction surgery? For many women, too much breast tissue can lead to constant struggles with back and neck pain. Far from being simply a cosmetic issue, very large breasts can weigh the body down and heavy breasts can cause everything from skin irritations to spinal issues and even breathing problems.

Thankfully, breast reduction surgery offers a solution, giving women better posture, less breast volume, and the ability to have their breasts lifted and reshaped to be perkier, and more youthful while retaining a naturally attractive look to their cleavage. But, as we’ll learn, not every cosmetic surgeon approaches breast reduction the same way. Some surgeons focus almost entirely on the quantity of breast volume to remove, while Dr. Cat takes a balanced approach that focuses on relieving patients of excess weight while creating an aesthetically pleasing look.

What is breast reduction surgery?

Breast reduction surgery is often referred to by its official medical term, mammoplasty. Essentially, breast reduction surgery, as the name implies, is used to reduce the volume of breast tissue for patients who have excessively large breasts. Dr. Cat takes a refined approach to breast reduction surgery. While she works to remove breast volume, she also pays close attention to what the new shape of the breast should be, preferring to form a beautifully rounded shape that looks more natural and youthful.

Breast Reduction Surgery ResultsTo do this, she focuses on removing breast tissue from the sides of the breasts, rather than the middle and top. This allows for breasts to continue to look perky and full while reducing in overall size. It also prevents the between-breast gap and cone-shaped breasts that some breast reduction surgeries can create.

Breast reduction surgery is performed using general anesthesia. Dr. Cat prefers to combine breast reduction surgery usually with a breast lift to ensure the end result is extremely flattering to a patient’s figure. Here, the areolas and nipples will be moved upwards to lift and shape the breasts This involves an anchor-like incision around the areola and down the center of the breast to the underfold.

Dr. Cat’s gentle approach prioritizes easing recovery and minimizing scarring. She designed a special breast reduction technique to ensure the incision area is as small and the least visible as possible. To get a feel for what the end result looks like, it’s a good idea to browse breast reduction before and after pictures to understand what changes are possible.

How long does it take to recover from breast reduction surgery?

Recovery time can vary based on the procedure and the surgeon performing it. Dr. Cat, for instance, has devised a special breast reduction technique to ensure discomfort is minimized and recovery goes quickly. She generally advises patients to rest and take it easy for two weeks after surgery. Once that time has passed, you can resume daily activities like walking and progress to light jogging at around four to six weeks. Every person’s body is different, however, and it’s best to listen to your body and stop an activity if you begin to feel pain.

What to wear after breast reduction surgery?

A supportive bra is an essential part of post-breast reduction recovery. It will provide protection, keep your breasts from moving and help aid your recovery. Dr. Cat makes certain every patient who receives breast reduction surgery with her leaves with a custom-fitted bra provided by her Beverly Hills office. You’ll use this post-surgery bra for two months after surgery while your breasts heal.

What is the average breast reduction cost?

Nationally, the average cost of breast reduction surgery ranges between $6,000 – $20,000 however in some areas of the country, like Beverly Hills and New York City, this price can double or even triple.

Although cost is always a factor in decision-making, it shouldn’t be the only reason to choose a cosmetic surgeon. Many inexpensive breast reduction surgery procedures don’t have the time or the technique to artistically shape breasts during the surgery. They focus entirely on breast volume reduction only.

Because breast revision surgery can be a challenge with breast reduction surgery (because there’s little excess skin and tissue left to work with) it’s important to get breast reduction surgery right the first time. Dr. Cat sees patients who are unhappy with the breast reduction they received from another who did not properly shape the breasts. She says this can be challenging to correct because of the unnatural shape that was created.

Rather than need a second or possibly third surgery to correct a flawed breast reduction, it can be very beneficial to make the investment the first time to prevent further surgeries from being necessary.

Artistry and Skill: Not All Breast Reduction Surgery is Created Equal

As you can see, breast reduction surgery with Dr. Cat is much more nuanced than just tissue removal. It’s an entire re-shaping procedure. The artistry of this surgery comes from the shaping and tailoring of the breast tissue to make sure to retain fullness in the cleavage. Dr. Cat uses a meticulous technique to create precise symmetry, perfect round nipples, and a thin and nearly-invisible incision.

Does insurance cover breast reduction?

Although breast reduction surgery is sometimes covered by insurance, there are important caveats to understand. First, most insurance will only cover breast reduction surgery that meets a breast reduction weight requirement. Typically, this ranges anywhere from 200 grams per breast to 800 grams per breast. It’s best to begin by asking your insurance provider about their specific breast reduction weight requirements.

In addition, since many cosmetic surgeons do not accept insurance, you may be limited in your surgeon options. “I have repaired many botched plastic surgery patients so I wouldn’t feel comfortable recommending anyone,” explains Dr. Cat. “Also, I would use caution undergoing the reduction through insurance as the insurance company normally requires a significant amount of breast tissue to be removed which often compromises the shape.”

Trust Dr. Cat’s Refined Breast Reduction Technique in Beverly Hills

As you can see, proper breast reduction should provide a complete reshaping of the breasts to improve their look and feel while taking away their excess weight. Dr. Cat is a wonderful resource on every facet of breast reduction surgery and can help you make the most informed decision for yourself. “If you would like to learn more information about breast reduction to help guide your decision as you interview doctors in your area, we can set up a consultation. I can take the time to tell you how the procedure is performed as well as do a detailed anatomy analysis.”