How to Address Tummy Tuck Scars

Looking for information on tummy tuck scars? A tummy tuck can transform the abdominal region by removing hanging skin, removing fat, and making stretch marks disappear. It can also help you to feel stronger by tightening the ab muscles. 

One of the primary concerns patients have regarding a tummy tuck, also known as an abdominoplasty, is how much scarring they will be left with permanently on their stomach region. 

Here, we’ll provide some insight regarding tummy tuck scar treatment as well as ways to prevent significant tummy tuck scarring. 

Tummy Tuck Scar 

Whether you have a tummy tuck scar or a revision scar, you’re probably searching for the best tummy tuck scar treatment. Abdominoplasty scars can run horizontally from one hip to the other, and there may be a tummy tuck belly button scar as well. The scar can be hyperpigmented or lighter than the skin around it. When some surgeons rush through surgery and do a quick stitch-up, there can be more scarring than those with a more refined technique. Some patients, post-tummy tuck, can feel self-conscious wearing a bikini or other clothing that shows off a large and noticeable scar. This can cause many tummy tuck patients to seek out a tummy tuck scar treatment. But what is the best treatment for a tummy tuck scar?

An abdominoplasty scar can be minimized by good aftercare. This includes taking steps such as quitting smoking or avoiding corticosteroids, which can slow healing. Silicone gel sheets and silicone topical treatments may also help minimize the tummy tuck scar. Other lifestyle strategies that can help include maintaining a nutritious diet and staying out of the sun. In fact, you’ll want to apply sunscreen once your incision heals anytime you’re in the sun, and be diligent with this habit for the first year post-surgery. 

Other Treatments for Tummy Tuck Scars

While oral and topical therapies can minimally offer some help in smoothing out the color and intensity of a tummy tuck scar, there are other scar therapies to consider. Scar massage can begin after several weeks post-surgery. This can soften the scar area and encourage healing. Steroid injections and laser resurfacing can also help minimize the scarring. Both of these can help with scar tightness and inflammation. 

What is Tummy Tuck Scar Revision Surgery?

Finally, there is another option to deal with a significant tummy scar and this is tummy tuck scar revision surgery. Typically this is reserved for serious scars that need medical attention. During this surgery, a cosmetic surgeon will remove the scar tissue and carefully stitch the area back to create a less obvious scar. This procedure isn’t something people post-tummy tuck surgery should consider until at least a year after surgery. 

Dr. Cat provides tummy tuck scar revision surgery where she corrects errors that other surgeons have created in a previous tummy tuck surgery. This type of scar surgery can also help with scarring from past liposuction surgery. In this procedure, Dr. Cat will address irregularities in the scar, removing excess skin and scar tissue and smoothing the area to create a more harmonious look to the abdominal region. 

The Best Way to Prevent Unsightly Tummy Tuck Scars

Scar treatment for a tummy tuck is not a 100% effective solution to scarring. Topical treatments can only minimize the look and feel of tummy tuck scars. And many patients post-surgery don’t want to wait months for tummy tuck scar revision surgery, not to mention the added expense and time for this additional surgery. 

Instead, it is better to work with a surgeon who works to minimize scarring as much as possible so that there isn’t a large scar to attempt to deal with after surgery. Dr. Cat understands that patients seek out a tummy tuck for a smoother, more refined belly region. The last thing they want is to undergo the tummy tuck surgery, only to then have to worry about covering up a large scar. That’s why she uses a meticulous incision closure technique. 

tummy tuck scar resultsThe Beverly Hills Tummy Tuck Surgeon Who Works Hard to Minimize Scarring 

So how does Dr. Cat create a scar so thin and consistent that you can hide it with the tiniest string bikini? First, during the tummy tuck procedure, she closes the incisions in layers. This takes much more time and concentration than a typical incision closer. But, it’s worth the effort, because it produces thin, light, barely visible scars. 

Dr. Cat schedules only one surgery per day so that she has the time to dedicate to each patient and provide this high level of care. Giving each patient her undivided attention has been a hallmark of Dr. Cat’s cosmetic surgery practice. She believes no surgery should ever be rushed and would rather perform fewer surgeries each year than cram patients into each day. ‘With my special incision closure technique, scars are basically invisible once you are fully healed,” explains Dr. Cat. “I believe it is important to create the best possible result and incision without any bunching, irregularities, or step-offs. I take extreme pride in my attention to detail with every single step of this surgery.”   

Advice from a Cosmetic Surgeon on Tummy Tuck Scars

One thing that impresses prospective patients is Dr. Cat’s before and after tummy tuck photos of her patients. Here you can see how the incision scars are consistent without any bunching or irregularities. She advises anyone considering a tummy tuck to look out for certain issues with tummy tuck scars in the after-result photos. 

When reviewing before and after photos, it’s important to look closely at each and make certain that the surgeon you’re considering shows you both photos or videos of the scar at all points in the healing process. Don’t just accept photos from the OR table, those that show one-year post-op, or images that have the patient appearing in thick underwear. Only after seeing exactly what their results look like at all stages will you get a feel for their success in tummy tuck scar minimization. 


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If you are interested in learning more about a tummy tuck procedure and you want to learn more about Dr. Cat’s meticulous technique that helps minimize scarring and leads to a swift recovery, schedule a consultation. View some of Dr. Cat’s before and after tummy tuck photos online. Her team is happy to show further evidence of how minimal tummy tuck scarring can be with her technique. Find out why patients from all over the world travel to Beverly Hills to seek the expertise of Dr. Cat. With a skilled team experienced in helping visiting patients navigate their surgery and recovery period, Dr. Cat’s team is here to help create a safe and welcoming space for you to transform your body.