Embracing Curves: How BBL Transforms Hip Dips and Boosts Confidence


Buttock and hip contouring have become one of the most popular aesthetic surgery procedures today. Despite changes in general beauty trends, the adulation of perfect curves has been immortalized by artists and sculptors for millenia. Today, instead of just admiring the few with lucky genetics, we, the plastic surgeons sculptors, can help patients achieve beautiful, timeless results. Like all things artistic, there are levels to understanding how to achieve these wonderful results. In this article, we discuss hip dips, a common area on the buttocks that can affect the quality of the result. 

Hip dips, subtle curves or indentations between the hip bone and thigh, can be a source of insecurity for many individuals. This essay explores how advancements in body contouring, particularly Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) surgery, have offered a transformative solution to address hip dips and enhance body confidence.

Understanding the Role of BBL in Addressing Hip Dips

BBL surgery offers a comprehensive approach to address hip dips. The BBL is a name given to a procedure that involves both liposuction and fat grafting to shape the body.  In short, fat is removed from undesirable areas and then transferred to an area that would benefit to have more volume.  Frequently, fat is removed from the abdomen, flanks, and back to shape the waist.  Other areas can be reduced in size, as desired. The fat that is removed is then processed carefully. This cleaned, healthy fat is then gently placed into new areas. The most common areas to be injected are the buttocks and hip dips. 

If the hip dips are not addressed properly, the buttocks may be larger in size overall after the procedure and everything may even look great on “side-view.” But the appearance will still not be ideal. The persistent hip dips will flatten the outside portion of the buttocks and make them look more square than desired. This will affect the hourglass appearance when looking at the person’s silhouette when they are facing toward or away from you. Perfect execution of this surgery will fills in the hip dips, other indentations but also enhances curves, creating a smoother transition between the waist, hips, and thighs. By doing so, BBL helps achieve a more balanced and proportionate silhouette, ultimately boosting self-esteem.

Assessment and Consultation Process

A crucial aspect of BBL surgery is the thorough assessment and consultation process with a board-certified plastic surgeon with experience in BBL surgery. During these consultations, the medical history of the patient is reviewed as well as prior surgeries or procedures that may affect the safety or results of additional surgery. Medications are reviewed as some may increase the risk of bleeding or clotting. With regard to the procedure itself, the surgeon evaluates each patient’s unique anatomy and aesthetic goals to tailor the BBL procedure accordingly. Each area of the body is reviewed for symmetry, fat pinch as well as asymmetries (for example, a higher hip or bending of the spine) that may be unnoticed. This personalized approach ensures that the surgery meets the needs and expectations of each patient. The consultation is also an opportunity to discuss challenges with achieving certain results given the patient’s goals and personal anatomy. The “journey” of the patient, from prior to surgery, the surgery itself, and after the surgery, is spelled out carefully to fully inform them of what to expect.

Surgical Techniques for Enhancing Hip Dips

BBL surgery employs various surgical techniques to address hip dips effectively. In general, BBL surgery involves artistic lipocontouring techniques that both add AND subtract fat around the body to achieve the desired look. In deficient areas like hip dips, the area needs to be built up rather than suctioned down. Therefore, fat grafting is commonly used to fill these areas and add volume to the hips. This helps the appearance of the waist down to the outer buttock, creating a gentle S-shape which is pleasing to the eye.  Addition and subtraction of fat work in tandem to smooth transitions and create more harmonious curves, significantly improving the overall appearance of the hips.

Managing Expectations and Realistic Outcomes

It’s essential for individuals considering BBL surgery to understand the procedure’s limitations and be given realistic expectations. Addressing common misconceptions and concerns about BBL for hip dips helps patients make informed decisions about their body contouring journey. By managing expectations, patients can achieve realistic and satisfactory outcomes that align with their aesthetic goals.

One challenge in treating hip dips with the BBL procedure is in the inherent unpredictability of fat retention and survival after grafting. It is important to remember that fat is a living tissue that requires blood supply to survive in its new location. Unfortunately, not all of the fat survives when transferred to another part of the body. Surgeon technique is incredibly important for optimizing the amount of fat that stays after surgery which is why it is very important to find an experienced BBL surgeon to maximize the result and minimize unpredictability and complications.

Another challenge related to hip dips is the ‘tightness’ of the hip area. The skin in this region is more tightly adhered to the body, has less of its own fat to add to, and has a worse blood supply than other parts of the buttocks. Therefore, expansion of this zone can be more difficult and unpredictable. While there will be an improvement of the contour in this region, it is possible for it to lag behind that of the rest of the buttock. Occasionally, patients with a primary goal of building out their hip dips may desire a second round of fat grafting to enhance the result in this region.

Expert Insights from Plastic Surgeons

Board-certified plastic surgeons specializing in BBL surgery provide valuable insights into the BBL surgery process, specifically addressing hip dips. Their expertise is critical for patient selection (finding patients that are great candidates that will have great results and do well), performing the technical aspects of the surgery, and having excellent follow-up care to make sure the healing process is normal. Having an exccelelnt BBL process allows surgeons to achieve  optimal results with maximal safety. 

Recovery and Aftercare

The recovery process following BBL surgery requires careful attention to post-operative care. Your surgeon and their team should have detailed instructions as well as adequate pre-opearative counseling to minimize any anxiety associated with the surgery. Additionally, there should be a team member that can help to answer questions as necessary. This includes managing discomfort and swelling, wearing compression garments as recommended, and following post-operative instructions diligently. By adhering to these guidelines, patients can optimize their recovery and achieve the best possible results.

Patients are highly motivated to achieve the best result they can. However, they may also be worried about the discomfort associated with the surgery. Read about Pain after BBL for more information about this topic.

Recovery after a BBL surgery with fat grafting to the buttocks and hip dips, requires care and attention to achieve the best results. Each surgeon will have a different protocol, but it is very important to have a good nutritional balance after surgery, stay well hydrated, and to walk around, at least a little bit to reduce the risk of blood clots. You will also have a compression garment placed during surgery that you will wear for several months after surgery. This garment is important to help shape the result, to minimize swelling and scarring, and for improving patient support and comfort. Importantly, you should not place any pressure on zones where fat was injected for at least six weeks to minimize stress and trauma and to help the fat survive. 

Conclusion: Embracing Curves and Confidence

BBL surgery offers a transformative solution for individuals looking to improve their body contour and specifically any hip dips. By enhancing their curves through BBL, almost anyone can boost their self-confidence and embrace the best version of their desired body. It is very important for anyone interested in BBL for body contouring or to address hip dips research and schedule consultations with board-certified plastic surgeons with extensive BBL experience. Ask many questions to feel confident about your surgical team and the surgery process. We have extensive BBL experience and would love to meet you and help you achieve your dream body. Schedule a consultation with us at 310-858-8808