Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) Week-By-Week Recovery Timeline

A curvy butt is stylish again thanks to celebrities and influencers. But what can you do if you’re very slim naturally or a little less curvy than you would like? Or perhaps your natural curves are obscured by areas of excess fat, such as around the waist?

The great news is that BBL or Brazilian Butt Lift can enhance your buttock area without using silicone implants. This more natural approach involves harvesting and using your own fat to contour and reshape your butt. At the same time, your waist, back, tummy, and other areas can be sculpted and slimmed to create a more pleasing body shape overall.

If you’re considering butt augmentation, you may be wondering about what’s involved in BBL recovery. Below is a BBL recovery week-by-week outline to help you know what to expect and how to prepare for your procedure. Keep in mind that everyone experiences the recovery process differently, and this BBL recovery timeline should be used as a general guide only.

BBL Recovery Week-By-Week


One Week Post-Op BBL

1 week post-op BBL You’ll need to assign a caregiver to help with your BBL recovery following surgery. This will include picking you up after your BBL procedure and then helping you on a daily basis for at least the first two weeks post-op.

When you arrive home after your procedure you may still be numb from the pain medication and general anesthesia administered during surgery. By the next morning, however, all the drugs will have worn off and you may start feeling some tenderness, discomfort, and swelling. If you were prescribed pain medication, make sure to take it as directed to minimize any pain.

After you wake up from surgery, you may notice that you’re wearing compression garments in areas where the liposuction was performed. These will help to reduce BBL swelling time and promote optimal adhesion between your skin and the underlying tissues below.

Your surgeon will advise you to wear your compression garments continuously for at least two weeks during your BBL recovery, with the exception of using the bathroom and bathing. Keep in mind that discontinuing wearing your compression garments too soon can affect your final outcome.

One week post-op BBL is the most crucial time. Adhering to your surgeon’s instructions will ensure that your recovery goes smoothly and that you will be thrilled with your results. The most important rule to follow is to avoid sitting directly on your butt for at least two weeks.

One thing you may notice 1 week post-op BBL is that your butt may appear larger than expected. Or your butt may have a different shape than you discussed with your surgeon. This is perfectly normal and expected. During surgery, living fat cells are harvested from a donor site and then transplanted into your buttocks. This process is called autologous fat transfer or micro-fat grafting.

The nature of the procedure is such that not all fat cells will survive. Only about 30-60 percent of the fat will re-establish a blood supply and become permanent. Thanks to Dr. Cat’s unique fat transfer technique, however, the maximum number of viable fat cells survive the grafting process.

Additionally, her meticulous step-by-step, attention to detail means she can give her patients a shapely, beautiful figure with less swelling, bruising, and minimal pain.

Two Weeks Post-Op BBL

Over the next couple of weeks of your BBL recovery timeline, more of the excess fat cells will be reabsorbed by the body. As this happens, you’ll slowly notice small refinements taking place in your butt’s shape and size. You’ll still be swollen but it will be much less noticeable. Most bruising and discoloration should be gone by now as well.

2 weeks post-op BBL
At this point, you’ll start to feel much better and become more mobile. You are encouraged to start walking and getting gentle exercise several times a day to boost circulation and minimize BBL swelling time. You may also be wondering how long after BBL can I sit on my butt?

For the first two weeks of your BBL recovery, you should avoid sitting on your butt completely. This includes taking care to sleep on your stomach or side. Using a special contour pillow can help take the pressure off your buttocks. After the second week, and for the next two months, avoid sitting on your butt for extended periods of time.

If your job requires you to sit for many hours per day, you may want to take time off or make alternate arrangements. Following this post-care instruction is extremely important to your recovery process and ensuring that the transplanted fat grafts have the best chance of survival.

Weeks 3-4 Post BBL

3-4 Weeks Post-Op BBL Results

At this point in your BBL recovery timeline, you’ll start to look and feel much better overall and most of the pain and discomfort should have subsided. You may still have swelling in some areas; however, with each passing week you’ll notice it less and less. Please note: if you’re still experiencing any pain, discomfort or excessive swelling, let your surgeon know right away.

Visually, the liposuctioned areas will start to look much smoother as well. The flow and transition in contours between the butt, waist, back, and tummy will appear more seamless. Any lumps and bumps will be gone.

You can increase your physical activity at this stage in your BBL recovery. Performing household chores, shopping, running errands, and going back to work are permitted. Light exercise is recommended while heavy lifting and extremely strenuous exercise should be avoided.

Continue to limit the amount of time you spend sitting on your butt, which should be as little as possible. This will minimize the number of fat cells that are lost or damaged due to too much pressure being placed on them. If you’re not sure how much sitting is appropriate, ask your surgeon during your next follow-up appointment.

You should start to see more of your butt’s final shape and size after four weeks. Keep in mind, however, that the final results will not be visible until 6-12 months after surgery.

BBL Recovery: Other Useful Information and Tips

Dr. Cat Performing BBL Surgery

Attending all your follow-up appointments is extremely important. This will help your surgeon check in with you in person, monitor your progress, and address any minor complications that may occur, such as infection or seroma (fluid build-up). They will also take BBL healing stage picture to document your recovery and final outcome.

Good nutrition can go a long way in boosting your recovery process. Make sure to consume plenty of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and lean proteins. Drink plenty of water and herbal teas to help with water retention and swelling. Avoid heavily processed foods as these don’t provide adequate nutrition for your body.

Eating a healthy diet has another benefit as well. It will help to keep your body at a healthy weight. Although any body contouring liposuction performed during your BBL is permanent, the remaining fat tissue can still get bigger.

Furthermore, other areas of the body are affected by weight gain too. Therefore, dramatic fluctuations in weight post-up can throw off the balance and proportion that your surgeon worked so meticulously to create.

Are you ready to take the next steps to have a curvy, beautiful butt? Schedule your pre-consultation phone call now to start your journey!