Breast Revision Cost Guide

Breast revision cost can play a major role in the decision-making process for this type of surgery. It’s important to factor in the experience, skill, and track record of your cosmetic surgeon while also researching cost. 

Of course, having a breast augmentation procedure correctly completed the first time is ideal and the most cost-effective option. By doing the proper research and investing in a high-quality procedure, you can avoid the higher costs of complicated breast revision surgery. 

However, there are many scenarios where breast revision surgery is necessary for a number of reasons, which we’ll explore. So if you’re looking for information on the cost of breast revision surgery, read on to find out how to make the best choice when it comes to breast augmentation revision. 

An Expert in Breast Revision Surgery Provides Experience and Insight

Breast Revision Results

Years ago, Dr. Cat herself had a personal experience undergoing a breast augmentation surgery that did not turn out the way she wanted. She chose to undergo breast revision surgery and the experience made her even more dedicated to perfecting her craft in breast augmentation and learning all that she could about the procedure and how to avoid complications and unsatisfactory outcomes. 

Today, Dr. Cat understands what women go through when they are unhappy with their breast implants. She is sensitive to the fact that this process can be frustrating for patients. As a breast revision specialist, Dr. Cat is now renowned for her meticulous skill and knowledge of breast revision surgery. In fact, patients have traveled from all over the world seeking Dr. Cat’s expertise. She’s now known as the best of the best when it comes to breast revision surgery, so is the perfect resource for any discussion of breast revision surgery.

What is Breast Revision Surgery 

Breast revision surgery is a cosmetic procedure to change implant shape or size or correct an issue from a previous breast augmentation surgery. A breast revision can involve removing scar tissue, correcting pocket issues within the breast or revising a breast lift. A breast revision surgery can not only correct unpleasant and unsightly complications but can also provide you with the outcome that you were initially seeking: youthful, full, uplifted breasts that have a natural look and feel. 

Reasons Why Breast Revision Is Needed After Breast Augmentation

There are in fact multiple reasons why patients may seek breast revision surgery. Some women go through breast augmentation surgery just fine but require revision surgery after their anatomy changes due to variables like weight fluctuations or pregnancy. These types of body changes can significantly alter the look of breast implants and cause patients to grow unhappy with their look and feel. Below is a list of factors that can cause breast revision surgery to become necessary:

  1. Capsular contracture of implants – here hard scar tissue forms around the implant.
  2. Breast implant pocket problem – when this occurs, the implant can slip into the armpit or side of the body. The implant can also “bottom out,” which refers to what happens when the implant falls under the crease of the breast.
  3. Cleavage problem – implants were placed too wide apart during surgery or poor implant choice affected the look of the implants.
  4. Improvement of implant choice – Sometimes patients want to upgrade to a more advanced, natural-looking, and feeling implant. This can help improve breast shape and eliminate a too-wide or flat look. Patients may also want to change the size of their implants. 
  5. Muscle issues – this can include animation deformity, where the chest muscle was not detached properly during surgery. 
  6. Previous lift or reduction asymmetry – These breast augmentation surgery shortcomings can include not properly measured breasts, and areola that are asymmetrical, oversized, or irregularly shaped.

Breast Revision Cost

Average Breast Revision Costs In USA

When considering breast implant replacement costs, it’s important to understand that every revision carries with it its own unique set of variables. This makes no two breast revisions the same. The cost of breast implant replacement is just one part of the cost. So how much does it cost to replace breast implants? The breast implant revision price will factor in both the materials used, the complications that need to be overcome, and the experience of the surgery you’ve chosen to work with. Therefore breast augmentation revision costs can be anywhere from several thousand dollars to upwards of $75,000.

Beverly Hills Breast Revision Surgery

Breast Revision Surgery Before and After

Dr. Cat has performed countless breast revisions, ranging from simple implant removal or swapping of implants to intricate, highly-difficult revision surgeries repairing grade 4 capsular contracture and fixing pocket issues. Dr. Cat is known as the cosmetic surgeon to turn to when dealing with complex breast augmentation issues such as recurrent capsular contracture. Patients who come to see her sometimes have already undergone multiple surgeries with other surgeons and finally find their capsular contracture completely resolved once Dr. Cat is their surgeon.

As you can see, choosing a budget breast augmentation surgery can lead to complications, unsatisfactory results, and discomfort. Rather than saving on the cost of breast augmentation surgery, this type of decision can end up costing far more in the higher cost for additional surgeries, not to mention the time, discomfort, and recovery time needed for these breast augmentation revisions. 

That’s why it’s always advisable to choose a highly-regarded cosmetic surgeon who has the knowledge, skill, and reputation for completing successful breast augmentation and breast revision surgery. Although the breast revision cost may be initially higher than other surgeons, you’ll know that you’ll receive the best care and more effective techniques to resolve whatever breast augmentation issues you may be experiencing. 

Book a consultation with Dr. Cat’s team today to take the first step to moving past your breast augmentation issues and feel confident and comfortable with your body again.