Butt Injections vs. Brazilian Butt Lift: Weighing Your Options

Thinking about revamping your derriere? Chances are you’re debating between butt injections and a Brazilian Butt Lift.

One of these procedures involves surgery and an extended recovery, while the other is swift with no downtime. But is there a hidden cost to going the quick and easy route?

Dr. Cat is a board certified, award winning plastic surgeon boasting decades of experience in full-body transformations and natural butt lifts. After helping countless women from across the globe fall back in love with their curves, she’s mastered the technique and artistry required to achieve desired results.

Today, we’ll help you explore the differences between surgical and non-surgical butt lifts. By the end of this article, you’ll have a clear picture of which is the perfect fit for you (and your booty).

What is a Brazilian Butt Lift?

A Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) is a surgery that uses your own fat to resculpt your buttocks. Dr. Cat achieves this by liposuctioning fat from other areas of your body and artfully injecting it into your backside for enhanced volume and shape.

Since this is a surgery, she performs BBLs under general anesthesia. To ensure an even more comfortable experience, Dr. Cat also applies a local numbing solution to the treated areas.

Throughout your procedure, Dr. Cat takes her time with each stroke and motion to ensure the most natural butt lift results. She’s extremely meticulous about transferring fat into the buttocks, turning you in different positions to re-shape you in a way that‘s both proportionate and feminine.

A BBL can take four to seven hours, depending on the extent of fat removal and other surgeries.

Once surgery is done, it’s time to heal.

BBL Recovery and Results

Immediately post-op, you’ll awaken wearing your post-surgical compression garments, which you’ll wear for the next several months.

In the coming days, you’ll lean heavily on your caregiver for support—this can be your significant other, a relative, or a friend. They’ll pick you up and take you to your home or hotel to recover.

In the first week, you’ll experience some swelling and discomfort. Most of Dr. Cat’s patients find it’s more than manageable with OTC pain meds like Tylenol. During this time, rest and recovery are your priorities. And the most important rule? Keep pressure and strain off your buttocks.

Don’t worry—that doesn’t mean you’ll be stuck standing or lying on your tummy all recovery. You’ll have special BBL pillows to help keep pressure off your new curves when you’re not on your feet.

As you near the end of your second-week post-op, the changes in your newly reshaped derriere become more noticeable. Swelling and bruising fades, and your ease of mobility improves.

After three to four weeks, you can return to sitting on your buttocks for short periods. The swelling continues to fade, but most of your discomfort should be gone by now.

Around six to eight weeks after surgery, you meet the “fluff fairy!” Your skin slowly settles around your new curves, getting softer by the day.

In twelve weeks, the results of your BBL will start to come into view. However, the full results of your transformation can take between six months and a year.

Time to enjoy your gorgeous silhouette! But wait—are there any risks?

BBL Risks

BBLs yield an incredibly tailored and natural butt lift. Since it relies on your fat as opposed to foreign substances, it’s also a more natural approach to buttock enhancement.

That said, BBL surgery isn’t without its risks. These can include:

  • Bumps and irregularities due to overaggressive lipo
  • Fat reabsorption and volume loss post-op
  • Fluid accumulation where fat was removed
  • Blood clots and excessive bleeding during surgery
  • Fat embolism from improper fat transfer technique
  • Potential for scarring, infection, or anesthesia reactions

Your key to mitigating these? Choose a board-certified, licensed plastic surgeon like Dr. Cat with a history of happy patients and exceptional BBL results.

Now, let’s talk pricing.

BBL Cost

In the U.S., a BBL can cost between $2,000 and $12,000. In more upscale locales (like Beverly Hills), it can run you anywhere from $13,000 to $40,000.

Of course, these figures can vary according to your surgeon’s skill, facility, location, and local demand.

So, how does a BBL compare to butt injections?

What are Butt Injections?

Instead of fat transfer to the buttocks, butt injections use synthetic fillers to add volume and reshape your backside. This “non-surgical BBL” is an ideal alternative for patients who lack adequate donor fat for BBL surgery.

The procedure for butt injections is pretty straightforward. After sterilizing the targeted areas, your provider uses a syringe to inject the filler into your buttocks. Sometimes, they’ll apply anesthetic, while others don’t feel it’s necessary.

In 30 to 45 minutes, you’re all done!

The most appealing aspect of butt injections? There’s zero downtime.

Buttock Injections Recovery and Results

After your treatment, you can get right back to your everyday life. Technically, you can sit on your buttocks right away. However, some providers recommend avoiding excess pressure on your buttocks for at least three to five days after your injections.

As for your results, they can vary. With butt injections, you’ll often notice a change the very same day. That said, it can take several weeks to a month for your results to settle and the injections to take their full effect.

Unlike a BBL, which delivers long-lasting results, you may need repeat treatments to maintain your desired look with butt injections.

Another plus? Less risk than surgery.

Buttock Injections Risks

Buttock injections are minimally invasive, but there are some risks you’ll want to bear in mind. Mainly:

  • Limited volume enhancement
  • Limited body contouring
  • Adverse reactions to injectables

While there’s less risk, the chances of experiencing them are somewhat higher. This is because butt injections, unlike BBLs, aren’t always performed by a licensed plastic surgeon. Aesthetic clinics and dermatologists also perform butt injections.

Don’t get us wrong—we aren’t saying this isn’t inherently bad. But it does leave more opportunities for unsafe butt augmentation because of the greater likelihood of unqualified providers.

As for the price tag of non-surgical BBL…

Buttock Injections Cost

In addition to its minimally-invasive approach, many patients gravitate to butt injections because of the seemingly affordable price.

Butt injections in the U.S. can cost between a few hundred dollars to $6,000, depending on your practitioner’s skill and where they’re located.

Seems like a good deal, right? That is until you remember that the results of butt injections aren’t permanent. Therefore, you’ll need repeat maintenance sessions every few months to preserve your re-shaped derriere.

Dr. Cat Plastic Surgery: Your Curves, Your Way

Weighing the differences between butt injections and a Brazilian Butt Lift can be overwhelming, especially when you aren’t sure which suits your needs and anatomy.

To hone in on your ideal treatment, consult a licensed plastic surgeon with a legacy of safe butt augmentations and beautiful results.

Dr. Cat prioritizes open communication, transparency, and safety in every patient interaction. Her sole focus is tailoring bespoke treatments that ensure your ideal outcome.

It’s time to ditch the guesswork and leave your silhouette in trusted hands.

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