Cauliflower Ear Correction: Recognizing the Impact and Seeking Change

For most people, ears are just…well, ears. But for those with cauliflower ears? This seemingly inconspicuous body part is often a source of self-doubt and emotional distress. The constant need to hide behind hats and hair can feel like a never-ending battle.

Here’s the truth: Your insecurities don’t have to dictate how you live your life. Cauliflower ear correction returns your ears to their natural shape and appearance, empowering you to reclaim your confidence.

At Dr. Cat Plastic Surgery, we specialize in reversing cauliflower ear damage, helping patients step into a fuller, more vibrant version of themselves. Today, we’re delivering all the necessary insights so you can pursue your ear transformation with confidence.

In this article, we explore what aesthetic ear reconstruction entails, Dr. Cat’s approach, testimonials, and more. By the end, you’ll be ready to take that first step and book your consultation!

Understanding Cauliflower Ear: Beyond the Aesthetics

Cauliflower ear refers to bumpy, deformed ears caused by abnormal cartilage buildup. This condition usually happens when the ear is injured, gets infected, or experiences trauma. This is why cauliflower ear is so common in contact sports like wrestling or boxing.

As cartilage builds up in the ears, it begins to pull away from the perichondrium (a thin layer of protective tissue). When that happens, blood flow gets cut off and leads to tissue damage, giving the ear its unique look.

But as we’ve discussed, the implications of cauliflower ear extend far beyond the physical. These individuals often struggle with insecurity and an urge to camouflage their ears behind hair and accessories. There’s even an impact on social interactions.

Fortunately, there are transformative ear procedures available to address both the physiological and psychological effects of cauliflower ear—enter otoplasty.

Correcting Cauliflower Ear: The Art of Otoplasty

Otoplasty, also known as ear reshaping surgery, is a cosmetic procedure designed to reshape or reposition the ears to improve their appearance.

This procedure addresses concerns like protruding ears, large or disproportionate ears, and ears that are misshapen due to genetics or injury (like cauliflower ears).

The catch? While many providers offer aesthetic ear reconstruction, not all share the same expertise in such a specialized area.

Otoplasty demands a precise and artistic touch to achieve natural-looking results that truly complement your other facial features. For that, you need the right surgeon.

Otoplasty with Dr. Cat: Ear-resistible Results

As a dual-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Cat Begovic brings a wealth of specialized knowledge to each cauliflower ear correction.

Her training in Facial Plastics has honed her eye for aesthetics, ensuring beautifully balanced results. Meanwhile, her background in otolaryngology has given her a deep understanding of ear anatomy and physiology, allowing her to address any underlying issues contributing to cauliflower ear.

The results? Ears that are both beautiful and functional.

In addition to Dr. Cat’s professional otoplasty insights and expertise, she truly shares in her patients’ emotional journeys, fully investing in your transformation as much as you do.

This compassionate approach, paired with her reputation and roster of satisfied patients, has solidified Dr. Cat as the premier choice for Beverly Hills ear surgery. Why entrust your ears to anyone else?

Cauliflower Ear Correction: From Consultation to Reclamation

The first step in your otoplasty journey? A detailed consultation with Dr. Cat.


During this meeting, you and Dr. Cat will go over your medical history, lifestyle, concerns, and desired outcomes. She’ll answer your questions and verify that otoplasty is the ideal solution for you.

Some criteria otoplasty candidates should meet include:

  • Good overall health
  • At least 5 years old
  • Realistic expectations
  • Non-smoking
  • Mental readiness

Once Dr. Cat determines that ear reshaping surgery is right for you, she crafts a personalized ear surgery plan tailored to your unique needs and anatomy.


On surgery day, you’ll meet with Dr. Cat once more to recap your procedure details. She’ll also mark the incision areas on your ears.

For your comfort, your ear surgery is performed under general anesthesia. Depending on your circumstances, Dr. Cat may also apply a numbing solution so you awake at ease and pain-free.

During surgery, Dr. Cat employs a 3.5X microscope to get the most precise view of your ear structure. This ensures the most natural and flattering outcome for your unique appearance.

When reversing cauliflower ear damage, Dr. Cat makes discrete incisions behind or within your inner ear crease. These incisions depend on which she feels is best for removing and reshaping the ear cartilage in your particular case.

Surgery typically lasts between two to three hours.


The beauty of ear reshaping surgery? It’s an outpatient procedure, so you’ll be discharged to recover from the comfort of your home that same day.

You’ll have some bandages around your ears for protection and support. Dr. Cat will remove these, along with your stitches, about a week after surgery.

Some swelling and redness are normal but subside on their own over the next two to three weeks.

Your main priority during this time? Avoid any potential trauma to the ears. Hit pause on strenuous activity, and sleep on your back to prevent excess pressure to either ear.

As the swelling and redness fade, the gorgeous results of your otoplasty unveil. And rest assured—these results are here to stay, barring any future trauma to your newly rejuvenated ears.

Worried about scars? Don’t be. Thanks to Dr. Cat’s meticulous technique and exclusive scar treatment, your scars will be nearly invisible.

Real Stories of Regained Symmetry and Confidence

With decades of experience in ear reshaping, otoplasty with Dr. Cat has transformed the lives of countless patients, helping them regain confidence and achieve aesthetic balance.

Here’s what her patients have to say:

An incredible experience and journey from beginning to end. Any kind of surgery can be overwhelming, intimidating and scary. Dr. Cat and her medical family made every step of the process, comfortable, knowledgeable, thorough and efficient when it comes to making an educated decision. The physical process was even better. With Dr. Cat’s calm demeanor, her assistants, the nurses, and recovery staff made each step of the process comfortable, and simple. The entire team was superb and went beyond to make sure all questions were answered, nerves were put to rest and a peaceful environment was created. Well done!
– Lisa Martsolf (Google Verified Review)

FAQs: Demystifying Cauliflower Ear Correction

Here are some answers to Dr. Cat’s patients’ frequently asked questions about correcting cauliflower ears:

Does cauliflower ear affect hearing?

Not typically. However, if the condition is severe and leads to blockage or damage of the ear canal, it could impact hearing.

Can you permanently get rid of cauliflower ear?

Yes. Otoplasty can permanently correct cauliflower ears by reshaping and restoring your ears to their natural appearance.

What is the recovery time for cauliflower ear surgery?

Most of Dr. Cat’s patients return to work within a few days after surgery. Full recovery takes about two to three weeks.

How much does otoplasty cost?

On average, in the U.S., otoplasty prices range between $3,700 to $5,000. In Beverly Hills, prices can reach $9,000.

Dr. Cat Plastic Surgery: Restoring Ears, Renewing Confidence

Ready to swap out the hats and headbands for chic updos and sleek bobs?

Whether it’s the aftermath of an ear injury or a mark of your athletic journey, cauliflower ears don’t have to define your look forever.

But cauliflower ear correction does more than broaden your hairstyle options—it’s a catalyst for reviving your self-confidence. With Dr. Cat by your side, you can be sure you’re on the way to falling back in love with your ears.

Windows may be the eyes to the soul, but ears are the conduits to the melodies of life—trust Dr. Cat to make them as beautiful as the sounds they hear. 

Book a consultation with Dr. Cat today.