Dr. Cat on UNWAXED podcast with Sophia and Sistine Stallone

It was such a pleasure meeting Sophia and Sistine Stallone and being a guest on their podcast show UNWAXED. I couldn’t decide what was more incredible – the fact the sisters decided to do something creative together with so much love and support for each other, or their show itself discussing adulting, pop culture, their relationships, their careers as actresses, models, and lifestyle influencers and their unique experiences as part of one of Hollywood’s most prominent families.

We had real and unfiltered conversations about so many things – body image, plastic surgery, skincare, my new show Dr. 90210, and how important it is for women to feel free to be themselves in today’s society. I was so impressed by these two young women and I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed our female positive conversation.

Make sure to listen to episode 5 featuring more here

Or watch on YouTube here