“What is Skinny BBL”

Skinny BBL Uncovered: Sculpting the Body When You’re Naturally Lean

Dreaming of a round, sumptuous derriere? You might consider treating yourself to a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) for a curvier silhouette. But the traditional BBL isn’t for everyone—particularly, women with petite, leaner figures.

The bright side? A skinny BBL might be the perfect alternative.

Renowned Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Catherine Huang-Begovic covers all these BBL nuances in her in-depth consultation. A three-time winner in the Best of Beverly Hills in the cosmetic surgeon category, Dr. Cat is an experienced BBL surgeon who tailors each procedure to her patient’s unique body, health history, and dream aesthetic.

Lean ladies, you deserve to feel confident in your new BBL without the worry of an awkward, unbalanced appearance. Read along as we walk you through the details of a skinny BBL, how it differs from the traditional surgery, and when it’s the right choice for you.

What Is A Skinny BBL?

A traditional BBL combines two surgical procedures: liposuction and fat transfer. Liposuction removes fat from other parts of the body (often the waist and back) to then inject into the hips and buttocks for a rounder, more lifted look.

A skinny BBL (a Brazilian Butt Lift for lean patients) is similar, but tailored to women with more petite frames, leaner figures, and lower body fat percentages.

You see, a BBL’s goal is to enhance curves while still maintaining a natural look. This becomes even more important for people with leaner figures due to the risk of a disproportionate look if too much fat is injected into the buttocks.

Let’s say you’re extremely fit, or perhaps you have a health condition that ramps up your metabolism, giving you a smaller shape or hip dips. In this case, you may not have enough fat to satisfy a traditional BBL’s average (which is about 1000 to 2000cc  per buttock). This is why fat transfer for skinny patients can be a bit tricky.

A skinny BBL is a more subtle version of the procedure, requiring around 500cc to 800cc of fat per buttock instead. For patients with low body fat, BBL’s like this make their dreams of having a coke bottle shape a tangible reality.

Now, let’s discuss pre-op prep.

How to Prepare For a Skinny BBL

Dr. Cat has a perfect success rate for BBLs, due in part to her prowess, but also to her strict pre-operative guidelines. She requires patients to stop smoking at least two months to a year before surgery, depending on their smoking history.

On top of that, Dr. Cat asks patients to stop taking anti-inflammatories, aspirin, as well as any alcohol or herbal medications at least two weeks prior. This cuts down the risk of excess bleeding during surgery.

And if a BBL is part of a grander weight loss journey? You’ll want to ensure you’re as close to your goal weight as possible before your skinny BBL. As Dr. Cat puts it, you’ll see the best results without much “yo-yo-ing” on the scale.

The Surgical Process: Precise Contouring with Dr. Cat’s Technique

Did you know that 50-70% of the fat cells transferred in a BBL don’t survive? Not necessarily ideal, right?

That’s why Dr. Cat uses a multi-phase lipo and fat transfer technique that prioritizes fat cell survival and promises post-op success every time.

In addition to her intricate understanding of BBL surgery, she sees this procedure as an art. That means she’ll discuss your desired shape extensively before the procedure. And during? She’ll carefully turn and position you to perform the procedure from every angle, guaranteeing a beautifully balanced, natural look.

Skinny BBL Results: What to Expect from BBL for Slim Body

The skinny BBL isn’t the kind of booty transformation you’d see on Kim K or Real Housewives of Atlanta’s NeNe Leakes. You’re working with less body fat, meaning instead of a dramatic increase in size, you’re looking more at contouring with skinny BBLs.

You’ll notice a slight increase in volume, but the real magic is in the sculpting and shaping. Maybe your natural backside has uneven hip dips or a flat, deflated profile. After your skinny BBL, you’ll enjoy a more rounded shape that enhances your curves subtly yet effectively.

Here’s an example from one of Dr. Cat’s patients. At 24 years old, she had a lean build that she chiseled with a strong commitment to exercise and a healthy diet:

To rejuvenate her shape, Dr. Cat removed fat from the waist and thighs to harvest just the right amount for her goal aesthetic.

In her after photo below, you’ll note that her backside isn’t necessarily much larger, but rather more rounded and bouncy. Her thighs also look more defined, with a slight inner dip where the thigh meets the booty.

Subtle, yet transformative… and gorgeous.

Skinny BBL Risks: The Importance of an Experienced BBL Surgeon

We’ve all heard of those viral BBL horror stories. From serious complications (like blocked blood vessels and infections) to aesthetic mishaps (like lumpy scars and tissues), BBL risks are abundant.

Skinny BBLs aren’t immune to complications either.. However, the risk of aesthetic issues is even greater, due to the nuances of working with lower body fat.

A skinny BBL needs to look proportionate to the patient’s leaner build, which raises the stakes. Just half a cubic centimeter of too much fat extracted could severely alter a skinny BBL patient’s frame—the same goes for a tad too much fat (or too little) injected in the wrong area. The outcome of a botched skinny BBL? Potential bumps, skin irregularities, and even injury.