How To Finance Plastic Surgery

Dr. Cat’s Plastic Surgery Financing Guide: Tips for Investing in You

If you’re dreaming of a new, rejuvenated you but worried about the price tag, you’re not alone. After all, cost plays a big role in your decision to undergo plastic surgery.

But there’s good news: thanks to plastic surgery financing, you don’t have to keep your dream transformation on the back burner over a constrained budget.

At Dr. Cat Plastic Surgery, we believe that feeling your absolute best isn’t a luxury reserved for certain bank balances. Everyone deserves access to life-changing procedures, and understanding your financing options is the first step in making that dream a reality.

Today, we take a comprehensive look at financing options for cosmetic surgery and guide you on the smartest route to a brand-new you.

Benefits of Financing Plastic Surgery

Imagine a world where the only thing between you and your dream aesthetic is a simple, easy-to-manage monthly payment.

Sounds too good to be true? Think again.

By financing plastic surgery, you can break down the cost of your procedures into bite-sized installments that fit seamlessly into your budget.

Farewell, financial stress. Hello, self-love and reinvention!

Yet, that merely scratches the surface of the advantages to financing your makeover. Other perks include:

Speedy Approval

Many financing options offer a quick approval process, so you can move forward without waiting for approval, unlike traditional loans.

No Upfront Costs

Most financing plans require little to no money down, so you can start your transformation sooner rather than later.

Makes Surgery Accessible

Financing can make higher-end procedures and top-rated surgeons more accessible,  so you won’t have to compromise on quality due to budget limitations.

Builds Credit Score

If managed responsibly, financing your surgery can improve your credit score as you make consistent payments.

Freedom to Choose

With the finances handled, you can focus on what truly matters: choosing the right procedure and surgeon to meet your goals.

Peace of Mind

Knowing that you have a solid financial plan relieves stress and allows you to approach your surgery with a more relaxed and positive mindset.

Clearly, financing may open doors to life-changing procedures that might have otherwise seemed out of reach—but not anymore.

So, what are your choices when it comes to financing your transformation?

Financing Options for Cosmetic Surgery with Dr. Cat

We get it—financing surgery is a big deal, and we want to make it as stress-free as possible for you.

Dr. Cat prioritizes flexibility by not restricting patients to in-house financing or fixed monthly payments. Instead, we allow patients to pay at their own pace until one month before surgery.

This lets you research options and pay as it suits your financial situation.

Dr. Cat’s preferred third-party financing options for cosmetic surgery are:

Care Credit

Care Credit is a popular choice for many patients. The application process is incredibly straightforward and user-friendly. Most applicants receive a decision within seconds of submitting their applications.

You can even check for pre-qualification through their website, giving you an idea of your eligibility before you commit.


Like Care Credit, Alphaeon is another reliable option for financing your surgery.

Similarly, Alphaeon offers a “Pre-Qual” feature that lets patients know instantly if they’ve been approved and for how much—without hurting their credit score.

While we can guide you on which plans we accept, the eligibility requirements are something you’ll need to explore directly with Care Credit or Alphaeon. Each has its own criteria, and it’s crucial to understand these before proceeding.

And don’t worry, even though you’re responsible for the application process, Dr. Cat’s surgical coordinator, Amy, is always on hand to guide you through your options and answer any questions.

Factors to Consider for Financing

As you compare your financing options, knowing the key factors to consider will help you make the most sensible and empowering choice.

Interest Rates

A lower interest rate can save you money in the long run, but it’s crucial to read the fine print for any hidden fees or potential rate increases later.

Payment Terms

Make sure the repayment terms fit comfortably within your budget so you can manage payments without stress.

Credit Impact

Learn how your financing option will affect your credit score in both the short and long term.


Some financing options are very flexible, allowing you to pay more in some months and less in others. This is particularly useful if your income varies from month to month.

Prepayment Penalties

If you anticipate repaying your loan ahead of schedule, you’ll want to avoid extra charges, so review early pay-off policies.

Application Process

Some lenders, like Care Credit or Alphaeon, offer quick pre-qualification checks that won’t hurt your credit score. Knowing how long the application process takes and what documentation is required can help you plan effectively.

Provider Acceptance

Financing isn’t universal, so you’ll need to double-check that your chosen provider accepts the option you’re considering.

Hidden Fees

Always read the fine print for any hidden fees (like late payment charges, annual fees, or setup fees). These can add up and make financing less affordable than it seems.

Carefully weighing all these considerations will steer you toward a path that fits your financial needs and lifestyle.

Plastic Surgery Budgeting Tips


Budgeting is your secret weapon for affording plastic surgery without breaking the bank.

Here are some easy strategies you can put into practice right away:

  • Develop a clear understanding of your monthly income and expenses.
  • Prioritize expenses by identifying areas where you can cut back.
  • Consider opening a separate savings account specifically for your surgery.
  • Budget for pre-operative tests, post-operative care, and other unexpected expenses that may arise.
  • Finances are dynamic, so review and adjust your budget regularly.

By implementing these savvy tips, you’ll be well on your way to financing your transformation in a smart and sustainable way.

Advantages of Partnering with Dr. Cat

When it comes to financing, Dr. Cat goes above and beyond to ensure you make the most informed decisions possible.

Unlike other practices, we don’t leave you to navigate the complex world of plastic surgery financing on your own. At the end of each consultation, our team is standing by to discuss your quote and available financing options.

But what truly sets Dr. Cat apart? It’s her emphasis on the bigger picture.

She believes that a successful outcome is determined by both the surgery and also the journey leading up to and following it. This means ensuring that you don’t ever feel burdened financially.

Her philosophy is simple: quality results shouldn’t come at the cost of financial strain.

By prioritizing education and transparency, Dr. Cat ensures that her patients achieve their desired physical transformation without ever sacrificing financial confidence and peace of mind.

Dr. Cat Plastic Surgery: The Investment of a Lifetime

Monetary constraints shouldn’t be the obstacle standing between you and the best version of yourself.

With a variety of plastic surgery financing plans, we promise there’s an option tailored just for you. And remember, the best investment you’ll ever make is in yourself.

Each payment is one step closer to unlocking a happier, more confident you.

Now, that’s priceless—book your consultation with Dr. Cat today.