Becoming A Plastic Surgeon

The process of becoming a plastic surgeon was long, painful, and many times felt like a dark tunnel without any light on the horizon. Invested time and money wasn’t my biggest sacrifice. It was giving up myself as a person in order to be able to become good healthcare professional. It was a conscious decision I made when I initiated that journey and I was ok with it. Once I started practicing medicine and plastic surgery, not only did I start growing as a plastic surgeon, but I also started coming out of my shell as a woman. Step by step I was able to find myself.

As I was finding myself, I started discovering the importance of my work. It was no longer just a matter of modifying a woman’s body. My purpose started slowly meeting me halfway as I was finding myself as a woman. I quickly realized that the aesthetic of the female body and beauty has been re-defined so many times throughout history but never on our own terms. It was the philosophy behind the aesthetic and beauty as seen from a man’s perspective. It has been like that for thousands of years and it still hasn’t stopped with Hollywood and fashion trends that are being forced on us. I’ve slowly started adjusting multiple procedures in my approach to practicing medicine and plastic surgery due to my discoveries. I’ve decided to fully embrace my role in redirecting the shift of female beauty and aesthetics to serve us, women, in the first place. Everything else will fall into its place.