Your Plastic Surgery Consultation: 10 Steps to Help You Prepare

When considering undergoing a cosmetic procedure, the first step is booking, planning, and preparing for your plastic surgery consultation with your plastic surgeon of choice.  Dr. Cat’s talented team of knowledgeable, highly skilled members are all personally trained by Dr. Cat herself and are here to help answer some preliminary questions you may have and help get you set up with an initial consultation with Dr. Cat.  Here’s everything you need to know.

1. Plastic Surgery Consultation Defined

Whether you’re seeking a tummy tuck consultation, a labiaplasty consultation, a liposuction consultation, a Botox consultation, a BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift) consultation, a breast augmentation consultation, or any other of Dr. Cat’s signature cosmetic procedures, the most relaxing and enjoyable plastic surgery consultation awaits you and is the crucial first step in your plastic surgery journey.  Your plastic surgery consultation will be a calm and peaceful time to discuss your aesthetic goals, the areas of your face/body you wish to address/change/enhance, including the procedures you’re interested in undergoing.

The initial meet-and-greet is the time to establish a potential doctor/patient relationship, disclose any pressing concerns/questions, and lay it all out on the table. Dr. Cat will need to know your full medical history, any medications you’re currently taking, any dietary supplements you’re consuming, diets, etc in order to create a customized plan based on your anatomy as well as your aesthetic goals. It is important to be as communicative as possible with your surgeon so they can give you the best possible results. Dr. Cat considers age, overall health, emotional well-being, as well as expectations for surgery when evaluating a candidate for procedures.

Your consultation is designed to help Dr. Cat learn your aesthetic goals and determine your own unique, customized surgery – made just for you – while preparing you for your surgery day and recovery.  Expect your consultation to run for about an hour.  The goal of the plastic surgery consultation is to ensure both you and Dr. Cat receive the best possible experience in the first step to a solid, satisfactory doctor-patient relationship you both can feel confident about.

2. Plastic Surgery Consultation Cost

Because the consultation is single-handedly the most integral step of the entire process, Dr. Cat’s consultation cost is $500, which is applied to any cosmetic procedure you and Dr. Cat agree upon.  However, this $500 fee cannot be applied to Botox® and/or filler treatments.  Dr. Cat really is extremely empathic to understand each patient’s goals/concerns, while determining the best course of action to meet the patient’s expectations.

Patients should expect a detailed medical history and full physical, where Dr. Cat will assess any previous surgery sites, old scars, and any other physical finding(s) that may affect the final result. This is where patients will especially experience (and appreciate) Dr. Cat’s candid transparency as she helps patients to understand what to realistically expect from their surgery while discussing and answering their questions and concerns in depth. Keep in mind, Dr. Cat performs ALL consultations herself.  Rest assured you’ll be receiving Dr. Cat’s full, undivided attention from start to finish, as she deeply values every single one of her patients and nurturing a new doctor-patient relationship.

3. Plastic Surgery Consultations for Out-of-Town Patients

You do not need to live locally in Los Angeles to book a consultation with Dr. Cat. Patients can call the office at 310-858-8808 to speak with any of Dr. Cat’s amazing team members or email [email protected] to schedule a video/Zoom consultation from the comfort of your own home – anywhere in the world! Dr. Cat and her staff make this process very simple and seamless for out-of-town patients since about half of Dr. Cat’s patients come from overseas or out-of-state.

4. Getting Started

Plastic Surgery Consultation RoomDr. Cat understands the decision to undergo any cosmetic procedure is a deeply personal one that requires time, sufficient planning, and adequate resources.  As one of the biggest life-changing decisions you’ll ever have to make, Dr. Cat wants you to know you’re not alone.  She and her staff are here to assist you every step of the journey.  The following is a brief overview of what to expect from the first call to the final results:

Schedule a Free Phone Consultation: Any one of Dr. Cat’s personally trained and highly knowledgeable surgical consultants can address any preliminary questions about the procedure(s) you’re interested in, as well as getting you booked for your initial consultation with Dr. Cat.  Simply fill out the form at the bottom of this page or call the office at 310-858-8808 between the hours of 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM PST Monday through Friday.

Initial Consultation with Dr. Cat: This is the first step of your transformation and you’ll finally get to meet Dr. Cat in-person/via video to discuss the plastic surgery procedure(s) you’re interested in, your aesthetic goals, full physical exam, and all of the details regarding the procedure, recovery, and results. At the end of your consult with Dr. Cat you will:

  • Have the information you need to make an informed decision
  • Have all of your questions and concerns answered
  • Feel excited, comfortable, and safe proceeding with surgery

Surgery Day: The day you’ve been dreaming of is finally here! It’s important to remember Dr. Cat and her staff are here to assist you with any/all last-minute questions and/or concerns you may have. You will have already been given your complete pre-surgery instructions, do’s and don’ts, and other imperative information leading up to your big day so you feel prepared. Dr. Cat believes it is important to go into surgery without fear. Dr. Cat’s operating room is warm, calm, and there is always meditation music playing. She often holds patients’ hands and when they slip under anesthesia they are feeling calm and peaceful energy.

Enjoy Results! Since every procedure and patient is unique, requiring different recovery trajectories and OR time involved, patients should expect some downtime before their final result is revealed.  All this will be discussed in detail beforehand, ensuring a smooth road to recovery with remarkable results.

5. How to Prepare for Your Plastic Surgery Consultation in Beverly Hills

As a courtesy to the doctor, staff, and other patients please be on time for your scheduled consultation. Dr. Cat’s staff has allotted that time specifically for both you and Dr. Cat to discuss your intended surgery and the details in depth so you feel excited, comfortable, and safe proceeding with surgery. Arriving early will allow you to be relaxed and ready for your consultation with Dr. Cat. Write down any questions you have and be open-minded regarding suggestions from Dr. Cat. You may learn that a surgery(s) you were interested in won’t actually be beneficial in achieving your goals, as Dr. Cat may have a better solution(s).  Dr. Cat’s years of unmatched expertise and elevated aesthetic eye have afforded her a loyal social media following and trust from patients all over the world with their faces and bodies.

At the start of your consultation, you will be given a gown to change into for your comfort, and Dr. Cat will examine your area(s) of concern. Dr. Cat’s beautiful, brand-new office on Rodeo Drive is unlike any other.  Her state-of-the-art office is bright, inviting, and will make you feel right at home. Dr. Cat and her staff will instantly make you feel comfortable and they are committed to taking the time to understand the individual needs and desires of each patient. You will truly get the VIP treatment you deserve at your consultation with Dr. Cat!

6. What to Expect During Your Plastic Surgery Consultation in Los Angeles

The consultation with Dr. Cat will take about an hour to ensure it is a meaningful initial doctor-patient experience. Some things to expect include:

  • Filling out forms regarding your personal medical history and current health status ( Cat’s office usually has patients complete their attestations at home, though other arrangements can be made.)
  • Meeting with Dr. Cat
  • Discussing finance/payment options: If a patient is unable to pay for their surgery in cash, Dr. Cat’s team will guide them through financing options to help the patient get their surgery done in their preferred time frame.
  • Scheduling of surgery: At the end of your consultation, Dr. Cat’s patient coordinator will provide you with the pre-operative requirements and medical testing required for your specific procedure as well as discuss financial information. You will receive the final quote for your procedure as well as the available surgery dates. If you are ready to schedule surgery, you are able to secure your surgery date at the end of your plastic surgery consultation!

7. Things to Ask Your Plastic Surgeon During Consultation

Dr. Cat expects you will have questions – lots of them!  It is best to write the questions down, but if more questions arise after your consultation, Dr. Cat and her staff will be accessible to you and willing to help.  However, there is a general checklist of questions recommended by both the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery as well as the American Society of Plastic Surgeons to help guide you through the initial meet-and-greet and help you make the most of your time together with your doctor at the plastic surgery consultation:

  • Are you a board-certified plastic surgeon with the American Board of Plastic Surgery, a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, and specifically trained in the field of plastic surgery? Dr. Cat is certified across the board. Please visit her ABOUT page for a complete list of accredited certifications and memberships.   Dr. Cat is also a Harvard graduate who completed her medical degree at UCLA, while successfully completing TWO medical residencies!
  • How frequently do you perform the procedure I am interested in and how many procedures of this type have you performed? Dr. Cat is known for her quality of work and unparalleled patient care, so her surgery schedule is always booked out months to a year in advance. She specializes in a wide variety of procedures as well as correcting irregular and undesirable results in complex revision procedures. You can view snippets of her most sought-after surgeries, including her signature labiaplasty tummy tuck, on her Instagram @beautybydrcat and @surgeon.  Dr. Cat can also provide before-and-after’s showcasing her most esteemed work.
  • What type of anesthesia will I receive and who will provide said anesthesia? Dr. Cat and her staff will discuss this with you.
  • Am I a good candidate for the surgery I want? Sometimes, patients think they want one procedure but actually need something different to address their concerns. Dr. Cat tailors each surgery to the patient as many factors are taken into consideration.  It is important to be open-minded to suggestions made by Dr. Cat, as she has your best aesthetic interest at heart. Dr. Cat considers age, overall health, emotional well-being, as well as expectations for surgery when evaluating if a patient is a candidate for a procedure.
  • What are the risks/complications associated with the procedure(s) I will be receiving? As with any kind of surgery, there are rewards as well as risks. It’s important to discuss these with Dr. Cat as they pertain to you and the procedure(s) you’re interested in undergoing. Dr. Cat’s patients do not have complications because of her meticulous attention to detail, and her unique skill. For our comprehensive look at Breast Implant Illness, please CLICK HERE.
  • How long of a recovery period should I expect and what kind of assistance will I require during the recovery process? Every procedure is different, requiring different recovery durations and expectations. Knowing when you can return to work/school and when to resume physical activities is especially important. Also, be sure to go to all of your follow-up appointments to ensure your body is healing properly and there are no signs of infection. Surgical technique is the most important thing when it comes to results and post-op pain. Thankfully, Dr. Cat’s meticulous, proprietary-developed techniques allow for minimal bruising, imperceptible scarring, and quick downtime.
  • What will be the total costs for my plastic surgery? This should include Dr. Cat’s fees, anesthesia, operating facility expenses, and any materials, if applicable, such as breast implants.  Every patient’s case is unique as Dr. Cat tailors the procedure to the patient, as well as the geographical location of the surgeon. If you need to travel to Los Angeles for surgery, Dr. Cat’s office works closely with a postoperative nursing facility and a luxury hotel close to the office that provides her out-of-town patients with a relaxing and calm recovery experience. Financing options are available especially if the patient is unable to pay in cash, which allows them to have their surgery much sooner than they expected.

Most plastic surgery is elective, therefore traditional insurance coverage will most likely not apply to your surgery.  Dr. Cat’s staff is very knowledgeable regarding financing options exclusively tailored toward cosmetic surgery that you may be qualified for.

8. Things to Bring to Your Plastic Surgery Consultation

Here’s a checklist of things to bring to your meeting with Dr. Cat:

  • ID
  • Full medical history
  • Medications/supplements you’re currently consuming
  • List of questions

9. Should You Bring Someone with You During Your Consultation?

Undergoing plastic surgery is a deeply personal decision and while some patients wish to keep their plastic surgery discreet, others may feel more comfortable having a close friend, family member, or spouse accompany them.  The choice is always completely up to you.  Always remember you should never feel influenced by someone else when having cosmetic surgery. The decision to have a cosmetic procedure needs to be one that is made by you and for you.

10. Timing between the Consultation and Surgery

Dr. Cat is one of the busiest, most sought-after plastic surgeons in the world. And, while her compassionate, caring staff is committed to making every effort to schedule your surgery as soon as possible, there are some factors to take into consideration. Dr. Cat is known for her quality of work and unparalleled patient care, so her surgery schedule is usually booked out months in advance. If you plan to schedule surgery during a specific time frame, it is best to schedule surgery at the end of your consultation so you can be sure to secure the surgery date of your choice.

Why do patients choose Dr. Cat as their Plastic Surgeon?

Located on iconic Rodeo Drive in the heart of beautiful Beverly Hills, California, Dr. Cat Begovic is the unparalleled leader in plastic surgery and body and facial aesthetics.  With an elevated eye for aesthetics, beauty, and artistic, proprietary plastic surgery techniques, including being the pioneer in labiaplasty, Dr. Cat continues to provide the highest quality patient care, compassion, and empathy.

An expert in minimally-invasive procedures for both the body and face and founder/creator of medical-grade, luxury skincare line, MD GLAM, Dr. Cat exudes warmth, expertise, a genuine love for her work, and a desire to help all her patients achieve their aesthetic goals while providing each and every patient the VIP, star-status treatment from the first phone call to consultation to surgery and beyond. Plastic surgeon to some of the most recognizable faces and bodies to grace covers, the big screens, and the red-carpet,

Dr. Cat has spent over 12 years as the leading, most sought-after plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills. Additionally, Dr. Cat has an impressive resume of industry accomplishments, awards, media/press coverage, a cast member on E! Network’s Doctor 90210, as well as being a trusted and respected medical influencer with a compelling online presence and a follower base of 1.2 million users on Instagram. Nearly half of all Dr. Cat’s patients fly into Los Angeles from all over the world seeking her star-studded surgical skills, meticulous attention to detail, proprietary techniques, and unwavering patient satisfaction that go beyond the operating room.

Famous for breaking women free from societal stereotypes and her unorthodox approach to plastic surgery, Dr. Cat is also respected for her transparency, compassion, and commitment to getting results!  Whether you’re seeking Botox® or a BBL or breast augmentation, undergoing plastic surgery is a life-changing decision and Dr. Cat and her staff are extremely sensitive to that.  Be sure to follow these top ten steps to ensure you have the best possible, most productive consultation experience.

Need more information about your initial consultation? Please visit our FAQ section or Book Your Appointment now!