What is a Designer Vagina?

One of my specialties is vaginal cosmetic surgery, which is usually a combination of labiaplasty with or without clitoral hood reduction. It is also known as “Designer Vagina.” This procedure is very common. I perform several a week and the age of my patients ranges from teenagers to even older patients in their 60s. 

Why do people get Designer Vagina Labiaplasty?

There are several reasons women get labiaplasty, or “designer vagina”. For example, many of my patients mention that their excess labia caused them to feel self-conscious, it rubbed against their underwear, they could see it in yoga pants, and overall it just got in the way. Toilet paper can sometimes get stuck in that area and many patients feel that they can’t keep themselves clean. Not only that, but it interfered with confidence when it came to intimacy. 

Also, many of my labiaplasty patients are women who have had children. After all the hormone changes, they felt that the labia area protruded more or they felt more uncomfortable because the lips were thin, asymmetrical and sometimes they had incisions performed to the labia area that were made and had unsightly scarring from the delivery. Lastly, I have many patients who are older and have either a lot of laxity and also excess labia. Some women just want the area to look aesthetically pleasing, to achieve the “designer vagina” look, and to feel confident in and out of clothes. 

What to Know Before a Labiaplasty Procedure

The preoperative consultation and the pre-op visit and planning are very, very important. It’s important for me to understand what bothers the patient, and what look they’re trying to achieve. We will go through all of my before and after pictures, and sometimes patients even bring in pictures of women in adult films as examples and they tell me what they like and dislike about it. For me, what matters most is getting a result that my patients like. Overall, as a woman, I feel that what most women like is a gentle curve, where there’s a slight amount of labia or protrusion, with the legs apart, but then with the legs together, everything’s nice and tucked in. 

Every woman has a unique anatomy. Some women have extra folds, some women have extra pieces, and for some women, one side is longer than the other. There is no such thing as “normal.” My goal is always to create a result for my patient that is symmetric and aesthetically pleasing. The surgery itself takes anywhere from two to sometimes four hours depending on the complexity. This can involve shaping extra pieces of labia that are on the side of the labia minora, trimming the clitoral hood, and sometimes it involves removing extra tissue in the rectal area- every patient is a little bit different. I go through systematically, each little area of the vagina to see what that patient wants to have fixed. The preoperative markings are very detailed. I go over the specifics with each patient as we go into surgery, and teach them everything they need to know about labiaplasty. For your comfort and safety, labiaplasty will be performed under general anesthesia.


How Labiaplasty is Performed for a Designer Vagina

The way that I perform my labiaplasty procedure is tailored toward the individual patient. I like to call it designer vagina because it is precise shaping and tailoring of the vaginal area to the patient’s individual concerns and what they want to look like aesthetically. I have developed a special technique that has no pain, a nearly invisible scar and natural-looking results.

I perform the labiaplasty surgery under 3.5X microscopic examination in order to create as precise and symmetric results as possible. The sutures that I use are extremely delicate and small so this also helps me see every little last detail down to the millimeter. I need my patients to be completely still for the procedure. To me, even millimeters matter.

I feel that it’s critical for patients to have anesthesia for this surgery. One, for comfort. Whether it’s physical comfort or the fact that emotionally and mentally, it’s easier for patients to take a nap and wake up and have their surgery be done. Rather than lying on the operating room table in lithotomy position which is a little bit embarrassing and compromising while there is other medical staff around. Patient privacy and making sure that my patient is fully covered and comfortable as well as protecting their modesty is really important in a surgery like this which is intimate and in a sensitive area.

I perform my surgeries under 3.5x magnification because I trim and shape the labia to make it as symmetric as I possibly can, adjusting it by millimeters at a time to get it as precise as possible. Therefore, I want my patients to be as still as they can because I’m working under such high magnification with such small sutures. This is critical to minimizing complications and also having a smooth and easy recovery. Creating a beautiful shape is really in the details. Although I authored a book chapter on cosmetic vaginal surgery many years ago, I’ve actually since then developed and refined that technique. The surgery that I perform creates a very beautiful symmetric shape, the suture line is almost invisible, and the recovery is very easy for my patients. 

Labiaplasty Recovery

Before the patients wake up, I put a long-acting numbing medication in all areas, so they have several hours of pain control, and then when they wake up it’s done. The majority of my patients take either a single pain pill or just Tylenol; most of them don’t even need any pain medication at all! This is due to the gentle technique that I’ve developed and the technical details I pay attention to during labiaplasty surgery. It’s a very easy process.

Most patients come into my office very apprehensive, thinking it’s going to be a long and hard recovery or very painful, or they’ve read all kinds of horror stories on the Internet. However, my patients’ have said it was such an easy recovery, they wish they had done it years ago. I’m very passionate about this surgery because I feel like it makes such a big difference for women. It helps with patients’ overall quality of life; whether it means that they’re more comfortable wearing their clothes, they don’t see extra bulging or extra tissue when they’re wearing leggings or swimwear, and overall it makes them feel more confident. Labiaplasty is something that they can have done with an amazing experience, and move on with their lives. I always joke around and tell them that it’s such an easy process for them that they move on and forget all about me!

Designer Vagina Demonstration by Dr. Cat (labiaplasty surgery)

Dr. Cat: Labiaplasty Specialist

Dr Cat and ThermivaDr. Cat is a Labiaplasty Specialist in Beverly Hills. She is a pioneer in the field of Labiaplasty and she has developed her very own special, surgical technique that has no pain, a nearly invisible scar, and creates a natural-looking, symmetric, and tucked-in shape. Her patients fly in from all over the world to have labiaplasty with Dr. Cat because of the gentle and meticulous technique that Dr. Cat has developed that has no pain and a quick recovery. Dr. Cat also has aesthetics in mind when reshaping and removing tissue and skin. Dr. Cat has developed a technique to create a natural look where no one can tell surgery was ever done and a nearly invisible scar. Many of Dr. Cat’s patients report an improvement in intimacy and sensation because there is less irritation, discomfort, and pulling. 

Every procedure that Dr.Cat performs is customized to the unique needs of each individual patient, taking into account their vision and lifestyle. With Dr. Cat’s experience in cosmetic surgery and commitment to serving patients for many years, you can be assured that you will get the best and most attentive care for your plastic surgery in Beverly Hills.