8 Biggest Plastic Surgery Trends for 2024

First published on February 28, 2022. Updated on June 14th, 2024 for accuracy and completeness.

Digital culture is changing the way people view themselves and shifting the beauty industry. Even though there is a logical understanding of the difference between photo filters and what you see in real life, there is an ongoing desire to improve the appearance and invest in med spa and plastic surgery treatments.

Advances in surgical technology make it easier than ever to make seemingly minor cosmetic adjustments that produce noticeable results. So, whether you want to improve skin texture or remove fat from a few problem areas, plastic surgery is a great option.

Take a look at the infographic below to learn more about the biggest plastic surgery trends for 2024.


Plastic Surgery: Cultural Acceptance

In the past, there was a stigma around the topic of plastic surgery. People who were choosing to invest in these procedures kept it a secret because they didn’t want the judgments of neighbors, friends, and family.

Now, the mindset has shifted, making it a more acceptable part of life. For example, friends plan Botox parties or coordinate their surgical treatments so they can spend time in recovery together.

Not only has this cultural shift made cosmetic treatments more accessible for people of all ages, but it’s creating an opportunity for people to speak openly about their self-care. Correcting some of the most common cosmetic concerns is an effective way to boost overall self-esteem. These self-improvement steps help each individual feel more confident in social settings, which has a domino effect on every area of their life: career, friendships, romantic relationships, family dynamics, and more.

Medical Tourism or Local Plastic Surgery?

As these mindsets continue shifting, many people opt to stay close to home when they are ready for plastic surgery and other cosmetic treatments. There was a time when people combined plastic surgery and vacation time, spending a few weeks in a tropical location while recovering from cosmetic procedures.

But medical tourism is getting a bad reputation because of the lower quality results that people are getting. This low-cost alternative comes at a price: potentially dangerous outcomes that don’t produce the results patients were seeking. Too often, complications occur, or someone comes home needing a complete revision. The overall cost is more expensive, plus you can’t put a price tag on the pain and suffering from a poor surgical outcome.

Instead of risking your health and appearance at an overseas medical clinic, it’s easy to see why most people choose to stay close to home. Technology makes cosmetic treatments more accessible for everyone, which means you can enjoy the benefits without traveling too far. If the pricing seems too good to be true, then it probably is… you get what you pay for!

8 Top Plastic Surgery Trends

What treatments or procedures should you invest in if you want to upgrade your appearance? The truth is that there isn’t a cookie-cutter solution for every person. Instead, it’s best to schedule a consultation with an experienced plastic surgeon to discuss your concerns and design a treatment plan together.

You will be surprised to learn about the long list of available plastic surgery treatments. Some of these cosmetic services offer excellent results from minimally-invasive methods. Other services involve surgical procedures, with stunning results after recovery.

Here are a few trends that we are seeing in the plastic surgery industry this year:

Injectables Are Becoming More Popular

While Botox and fillers fall in the “med spa” category (not plastic surgery), it’s worth a mention to discuss these injectables. Many people prefer to start with minimally-invasive treatments to delay the need for major plastic surgery services. Injectables are easy to customize and offer immediate results.

These injections reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while also boosting volume and plumpness.

Here are a few reasons why Botox and fillers tend to be the first step when someone is working to improve their appearance:

  • Affordable: The price of injectables is a fraction of the cost of full surgery. If you are on a tight budget, then Botox or fillers can be a great way to boost your confidence while saving up for the more extensive treatments you want in the future.
  • Fast: The treatment takes less than an hour, making it easy to schedule a Botox appointment on your lunch break. There’s no reason to schedule time off work when you can fit a quick injection treatment into your busy schedule.
  • Downtime: There is minimal downtime after Botox and fillers. You might feel tenderness and have a bit of swelling. But these symptoms aren’t going to disrupt your daily routine.
  • Introduction: Many people feel like there is a lower barrier to entry when using injections instead of going in for cosmetic surgery right away.
  • Minimally Invasive: If you don’t like the idea of going under the knife, then talk to our cosmetic team about injections and other minimally invasive treatments.

According to the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS), plastic surgeons that focus on face enhancements have as many as 4 out of 5 procedures concentrating on non-surgical treatments (like fillers and Botox).

Treatments for Men and Women

Another way the stigma is changing about the topic of plastic surgery is that these services are becoming more common for both men and women. Plastic surgeons are seeing an increase in men who want to maintain a youthful appearance. As a result, the percentage of men seeking services increases each year.

These services were primarily for women in the early years of plastic surgery. Now, there is equal access for cosmetic treatments available to everyone – regardless of their gender.

Men love the results from skin treatments to slow the signs of aging. Other plastic surgery treatments for men focus on services that help to improve overall masculinity. For example, these cosmetic services often focus on the jawline, neck, and chin.

Body Contouring to Enhance Fitness Results

While watching what you eat and spending time in the gym is always important, it’s common to hit a plateau that you can’t overcome with daily habits. Plastic surgery and minimally-invasive body contouring offer simple solutions to help you overcome those last, stubborn pounds.

Radiofrequency technology tightens the skin and there are others that help to break down fat. For more noticeable results and fast weight loss, liposuction is another option to target specific areas of the body.

In fact, when the fat is removed from the unwanted areas of the body, the plastic surgeon can reposition the fat to proportionately smaller regions. This overall body contouring technique improves balance and proportions to create ideal symmetry. Examples of body contouring procedures include:

  • Brazilian Butt Lift
  • Liposuction
  • Mommy Makeover
  • Fat Transfer to the Breast

Subtle is Better

One way we see the plastic surgery industry shift is in the requests that people are making for treatments. Gone are the days when patients are asking for exaggerated cosmetic services, such as overfilled lips or huge breast enhancements. Instead, most people are looking for ways to enhance their looks while maintaining a natural appearance at the same time.

As a result, many plastic surgery treatments aren’t always obvious. In most cases, patients are looking for ways to maintain their general appearance and just want to make tweaks to refine their features and maintain youth as long as possible.

When we talk to new patients, it’s rare for us to hear someone who wants to look like the unrealistic supermodel on the cover of a glamor magazine. Instead, most people want to achieve a natural look that is similar to the filtered photos they are posting on social media. As a result, cosmetic treatments and med spa services aren’t really obvious – instead, they are minor adjustments that help the person feel just a bit more confident.

More Options Are Available

The possibilities are endless when you are working to improve your appearance. Previously, people only thought about Botox, breast implants, liposuction, and facelifts. Now, there are seemingly endless procedures that are specific to certain parts of the body.

One example is in the way fillers can be used to plump and create more fullness. At first, these injections were primarily used in the cheekbone area. Now, fillers are often injected to reduce the appearance of crow’s feet, improve the undereye area, plump up the lips, and more. In fact, fillers aren’t limited to just the facial area. These injections are also commonly used on the decolletage, chest, hands, and more.

Additionally, many plastic surgery treatments involve lasers instead of a scalpel. These lasers fine-tune the treatment process, helping to optimize overall results. At the same time, lasers can speed up recovery, depending on the type of treatment you are using.

Multiple Cosmetic Procedures

Some people take a slow and steady approach, using only one cosmetic treatment at a time. For example, the first cosmetic surgery might be breast augmentation. Then, the next appointment is to improve the shape and contour of the stomach with a tummy tuck.

You can spread out these services if you want immediate results but need more time to prepare your budget. Or, some patients are investing in everything at once: scheduling multiple procedures at the same time to minimize downtime. However, you will need to check with your surgeon about the complexity of your procedures because this can also increase the risk of complication, lengthening the recovery time.

During the consultation, you will talk to the plastic surgeon about everything you want to change about your appearance. Then, a personalized treatment plan is designed for your upcoming surgery.

Prevention vs. Correction

Consider your motivations for plastic surgery and other cosmetic treatments. For example, do you have existing problems you would like to correct? Or, is your motivation focused on slowing the aging process?

We are seeing the patient demographic getting younger in plastic surgery clinics. Previously, older adults used plastic surgery to change signs of aging that were already apparent. Now, younger generations are taking a proactive approach to prevent some of these issues and slow down the signs of aging.

As you learn more about the industry, it makes sense: getting regular treatments in the earlier years of life reduces the work that needs to be done in the future. In addition, it’s a small investment now to have minimally-invasive procedures, helping you save time and money in the future by delaying and preventing major plastic surgery treatments.

There’s no reason to wait until it’s time for drastic measures. If you are seeing the signs of aging starting to sneak in, it’s time to schedule a consultation with a plastic surgery expert to learn more about your treatment options.

Remember: talking to a plastic surgeon doesn’t mean that you will end up with a recommendation for invasive surgical treatments. Instead, our team is happy to discuss all of the possibilities and help you compare the benefits of minimally-invasive services with the bigger surgical treatments. We always dedicate the time and attention that our patients deserve, helping you design a personalized plan that fits your needs and preferences.

Changes to Previous Plastic Surgeries

While many people opt for breast lifts and augmentation, there is also a growing trend of people who want to change the results they previously achieved through plastic surgery. These follow-up treatments often happen for two reasons:

  • Updating the Appearance: If you had plastic surgery years ago, it might be time to consider your options again. The aging process can take a toll over time, resulting in the need for follow-up treatments so you can maintain the same results. In addition, this maintenance surgery extends the outcome for the future.
  • Revisionary Surgery: Another trend is among patients who change their minds about the previous treatments. For example, some women choose breast explants after living with implants for a while. Plastic surgeons can help with both exchanges and full removals, depending on your desired outcome.

The Plastic Surgery Industry Continues to Grow

There’s no question that plastic surgery is an in-demand industry. As people came out of COVID pandemic restrictions, they had money in their pockets and the desire to upgrade their lives. As a result, plastic surgery is booming right now, and it’s anticipated that this trend will continue growing in the future.

If you’ve been on the fence about investing in plastic surgery, then right now might be a great time to learn more and consider your options. Scheduling a consultation doesn’t mean that you are obligated to move forward with these services. Instead, you can learn more and determine the right timeline for your desired treatments.

Plastic Surgery Options: What is Right for You?

Are there any specific concerns you would like to discuss with a plastic surgeon? There are cosmetic treatments available for almost every part of the body! Aesthetic goals often focus on these categories:

Fat Removal

Whether you want to slim down and get rid of the last few pounds or desire a drastic change in your appearance, many minimally-invasive and surgical techniques can help with fat removal and body contouring. The benefit of plastic surgery is that you can remove fat from areas that do not respond to diet and exercise.

But remember: if you have plastic surgery for fat removal, it’s wise to change your habits after the treatment so you can prevent the weight from coming back. Plastic surgery corrects the immediate issues, but some patients follow the same habits and end up undoing the results when they gain weight again.


The signs of aging are often most noticeable on the face, which is why many plastic surgery treatments focus on this area of the body. Anti-aging treatments help to lift sagging skin, reduce the appearance of dynamic wrinkles, wipe away fine lines, and more.

Aging is a normal part of getting older. But modern treatments make it easier than ever to turn back the clock and look younger. For example, combining at-home skincare products with med spa and plastic surgery services creates noticeable results for older adults. At the same time, these services are effective for the delay of aging among younger generations.

Body Imperfections

Seemingly simple body issues can take a toll on self-confidence and body image. So instead of feeling unhappy when you look in the mirror, it might be helpful to talk to a plastic surgeon about treatment options to correct these issues.

Body imperfections are different for each person. Choosing a plastic surgeon with a wide range of experience means that you can optimize your overall results by addressing these specific concerns. Cosmetic procedures target the specific area of your body that you want to change, helping you feel more like yourself.

Is It the Right Time for Plastic Surgery?

Timing is everything, especially when you are investing in services to improve your appearance. Here are a few signs that you shouldn’t delay a consultation to learn more about available treatments and services:

  • Dissatisfied with Your Appearance: There are parts of your body that you aren’t happy with, and you know that you would feel better if you changed these areas.
  • Signs of Aging: When you look in the mirror, can you see that the years are starting to show on your face? It’s normal to experience the signs of aging, and plastic surgery can help to reverse these things.
  • Beauty Products Aren’t Working: You’ve invested in expensive creams, but they just don’t seem to be working. While thousands of anti-aging products are available for purchase, the results usually don’t match what can be achieved through plastic surgery.
  • Available Time: When you are undergoing a significant procedure, you need to plan on downtime for recovery. If you know that you have vacation time to use or you’ll have a quieter month, then it might be the perfect opportunity to schedule the treatment you’ve been considering.

Book a Consultation with a Local Plastic Surgeon

There’s no question that your life will improve when you feel more confident after plastic surgery. If you are interested in learning more, book a consultation with a surgeon you can trust: Dr. Cat Begovic, a board-certified surgeon.

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