A Day In Life Of A Plastic Surgeon

Being a plastic surgeon in private practice doesn’t start or end in the operating room. You have to wear many hats and I have learned many things that weren’t a part of my education. They can only be learned in real life by going through the process of starting and running a medical practice.

I’ve learned how to be an entrepreneur, the administrator of my business with all its associated paperwork and staff, being on call 24/7 for my patients without many days off, learning marketing and market research, staying on top of HIPAA and medical compliance, and many many other things that are needed to run a medical practice. It has been a long and hard road getting to where I am and it’s a lot of work every day but the light in my life is operating and taking care of my amazing patients.

The special relationships that I have with them and the immense gratification and appreciation I have for being able to improve their lives make all the hard times worth it. For those who are thinking of a career in surgery or plastic surgery, do it only because you truly love it and because you truly believe it’s your calling in life. If you are doing it for the money, the idea of having the title, the glamour, or any other reason, it is not meant for you. Always choose a career that is the best for you and what you feel is your passion and love.

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