Butts Are the New Boobs – Brazilian Butt Lift

Focus Has Shifted From Boobs To Butts

Butt shots on Instagram are the trend and now the norm! Having that full, perfectly curved behind is almost a new currency when it comes to Instafameous celebs and popular social media models. Everyone is focusing on butts nowadays and my practice has reflected the trend. This last year has been the year of the Brazilian Butt Lift. I have had a 300% percent increase in the number of BBLs performed. Women want to have that super tiny waist that slopes into a round full and sharply behind. I always encourage women to diet and exercise and squat squat squat but genetically and anatomically, some women just need a little extra or a lot of extra help.

Fat is liposuctioned carefully from around the abdomen and waist and lower back and sometimes other areas. The fat grafts are carefully separated out and then injected precisely into the buttocks area to create fullness. I tell my patients to imagine they are made of clay – the clay is scooped from around the waist and areas where there is excess and then placed and shaped into the buttocks.

The recovery is much easier than most people think. The procedure is performed through very tiny incisions so there is almost no scar. Most patients are sore for a few days like they did an intense workout but very rarely need pain meds for longer than that. I do require patients not to put pressure direct pressure on their buttocks for a month and they have to wear a special garment for 6 weeks.

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