Chin Implant vs Chin Filler: What is better?

Are you considering surgery for a more prominent chin? The chin frames the face and gives structure to the jawline. Sometimes a chin that is small or unpronounced can create disharmony with the rest of the facial structure. Cosmetic chin augmentation can help bring greater balance to the face and create harmony with your other facial features.

Chin Augmentation for Weak Chin

If you are looking to bring greater harmony to your face by having volume added to your chin area, there are several options to consider. Cosmetic procedures can enhance a small chin or add volume to a chin that has receded with age or weight fluctuations. A chin implant is a cosmetic surgery that can create a more pronounced chin. Then there is the chin filler option, which is a non-surgical procedure that can also enlarge the chin area. When choosing which option is right for you to achieve a more defined and contoured chin, let’s look at the differences between a chin implant and a chin filler.

Chin implant or chin fillers?What is a Chin Implant?

A chin implant uses an implant to add volume to the chin region. This silicon implant feels similar to the tissue that naturally occurs in the chin, so to the touch, it will feel like your own chin. Chin implants come in a variety of shapes and sizes. At Dr. Cat Plastic Surgery, our facial expert Dr. Aric Park takes into account your specific facial features to select an implant that will enhance the balance of your face.

A chin implant is a permanent solution to a weak or receding chin. Based on the size of the implant and other specifics, a chin implant can be done under local anesthesia in our Beverly Hills office. However, for more complex chin implant surgeries, your surgery would be performed under general anesthesia in our surgery center.

A chin implant may be completed through an incision inside the mouth or discreetly placed under the chin. Dr. Park takes great care to ensure incisions are as small and precise as possible. His gentle and meticulous surgical technique allows patients to have a quick recovery with little to no pain and bruising. You can expect to return to normal activity after two weeks and can begin working out and resume your active lifestyle after six weeks when the vast majority of any swelling should be subsided.

What is Chin Filler?

Chin augmentation fillers use dermal fillers to add volume to the chin region. These are the same fillers that are used to plump up lips and smooth out wrinkles. Dermal fillers use hyaluronic acid to add volume to an area, providing a more full, youthful look. Chin fillers have become popular in recent years with those seeking to give their features more of a heart-shaped face anchored by a more pronounced chin.

Chin augmentation with fillers doesn’t involve surgery, so they can be an easy, convenient non-surgical chin augmentation that can be done right in our Beverly Hills office. You might be wondering, “How long do chin fillers last?” and that’s a great question. Chin fillers are not permanent, and will need to be replenished over time. You can expect your chin filler to last anywhere from one to three years.

What is better for facial harmony? Chin Implant vs Chin Filler

Chin augmentation in general helps balance out the facial features and creates better facial harmony. Both a chin implant and chin filler can give you this tightened with a more defined jawline. The difference between the two procedures is how long they will last. A chin implant is a permanent implant that doesn’t need to be removed. No further attention is needed.

In contrast, chin fillers are not permanent. They cost far less, do not require surgery and require very little recovery time. However, you will need to have your chin filler replenished every few years to maintain the look. Since a chin implant can look very similar to the results of chin filler, many patients opt to first try chin filler. This is a great option for patients who aren’t sure if they want the surgery just yet. Chin fillers allow them to try out how they look with an enhanced chin to get an idea of the look.

Chin augmentation Chin Augmentation in Beverly Hills

A chin augmentation can bring harmony and balance to your facial features. Both a chin implant and chin filler can provide the volume needed to add a more defined look to a weak or receded chin. Dr. Park is our renowned facial expert and understands how important the look of your face is. He uses a precise and gentle technique inspired by his decades of training and procedures. Dr. Park ensures that your comfort is a top priority, whichever chin augmentation option you choose.

If you’re looking to bring more definition to your chin, reach out to the knowledgeable team at Dr. Cat Plastic Surgery. They are happy to answer any questions you might have about chin implants, chin fillers, or combining chin augmentation with other procedures. Whether you choose a permanent chin implant or the more economical chin fillers, our team will provide you with the highest level of care and artistry to give your face the harmonious look you desire.