Dr. Cat on Dr. 90210 Premiers Tonight

Dr. 90210 TV Show is so near and dear to my heart. 5 years ago I teamed together with a producer from EntertainmentOne and presented a plastic surgery showreel to various networks. We ended up having a meeting at the E! Network and I expressed to them how I wanted to show a different side of plastic surgery than had been presented on TV before – one that was meaningful, inspirational, and shared the empowering stories of our plastic surgery patients. Botched has been a successful show for E! and we briefly considered having me join Botched – but they were excited by the idea of having a female plastic surgery show. After several meetings, it became evident that not only was there a need to show plastic surgery in a different light, but TV needed female positive programming. This evolved into a female plastic surgery ensemble (getting our final cast together was the most challenging part ) and then it was launched by the network as a reboot of Dr. 90210 from the 90s. We share our surgeries, our relationships with our patients while balancing our careers, family, and personal life. For me, I am not only super excited to be part of this groundbreaking show, but also feel that this is the culmination of years of time and effort finally coming to fruition.

The surgeries range from the everyday plastic surgery cases to the extreme and I mean extreme! I probably did one of the most challenging surgeries of my career on the show. Fun office and smaller procedures are also mixed in as well as a taste of our personal lives and behind the scenes. What is really impactful are the patients and their stories. You will laugh, you will cry, you will be inspired and it will change you. It did all of those things for me during the filming.

I hope that the show inspires young girls and women that anything they can dream they can achieve. I hope this show encourages women to be themselves and believe in themselves and to know that life is full of possibilities.

I want viewers to see how plastic surgery truly changes people’s lives. The show also educates the public about what it means to be a board-certified plastic surgeon and the training and standards that go along with that. Also – I hope that plastic surgery is not just viewed as something superficial or vain but transformative – As I say in the intro to the show “plastic surgery may seem like it’s all about the outside but it’s really all about the inside.”

Dr. 90210 premieres tonight Sept 28 at 10 pm on E! Catch it every Monday!