Plastic Surgery Tourism: Out of Town Patient Process

One Simple Solution for Looking Good and Feeling Great

Have you considered plastic surgery but cannot find a top-quality cosmetic surgeon in your area?

If you want to improve your image, choosing the best plastic surgeon to meet your needs is important. Sometimes that surgeon is nowhere near where you live.

There has been a huge increase in the number of patients traveling cross-country or even overseas to have cosmetic procedures performed in recent years. This growing trend is now being referred to as “plastic surgery tourism.”

Dr. Cat Begovic is a board-certified cosmetic surgeon in Beverly Hills who specializes in various plastic surgical procedures.

As a leading provider of liposuction, labiaplasty, breast augmentation, and more, Dr. Cat has performed thousands of procedures with remarkable outcomes.

Her reputation is so renowned that patients travel from all over the world to have her perform their cosmetic surgeries.

Defining Plastic Surgery Tourism

Plastic surgery tourism is the growing phenomenon involving people traveling from across the country or overseas to receive cosmetic procedures in certain cities.

This migration occurs because the most renowned, expert plastic surgeons are found in particular areas.

For example, plastic surgery tourism in Beverly Hills is very popular because the surgeons there enjoy the most expertise and provide the best outcomes.

Patients travel from every state and every country to have their plastic surgeries performed in certain cities. Outside of the USA, the Middle East is home to one of the greatest populations of plastic surgery tourism patients traveling to Los Angeles for care.

Plastic Surgery Tourism in Los Angeles: The Process

As an expert provider of plastic surgery to patients from every corner of the world, Dr. Cat has developed a specific process for her out-of-town patients.

This process allows for the smoothest, most successful plastic surgery tourism experience. If you are interested in traveling for plastic surgery with Dr. Cat, you can learn more about the process below.

Consultation Scheduling

Your plastic surgery tourism journey will begin with booking a consultation.

When you come from overseas or another state, your consultation will likely be through a video chat or phone call.

First, you will need to fill out the request form under “Book Consultation” on Dr. Cat’s website. From there, Dr. Cat’s staff can help you schedule your consultation.

Submitting Photos

Once your consultation is scheduled, you’ll need to submit photographs to Dr. Cat so that she can see what your body currently looks like and assess whether you are a good candidate for the procedures you desire.

Dr. Cat’s staff will email you an invitation to sign up for OnPatient, an online portal where you can upload your photos. Make sure to choose good-quality pictures taken with adequate lighting so Dr. Cat can see your body clearly.

Plastic Surgery Tourism Consultation

After Dr. Cat has received your photos, you will have your consultation by phone or video chat.

During your consultation, Dr. Cat will discuss the procedures you’re interested in, your desired outcome, and whether you are a good candidate.

If you are deemed a good candidate, she will discuss the remainder of the process, the surgery itself, recovery, and any other questions or concerns you may have.

The consultation fee is $500 and will be applied to the total cost of your procedure.

Scheduling Your Procedure

Once you’ve completed your consultation, Dr. Cat’s surgical consultant will provide you with your final quote for your procedure and help schedule a date for your surgery. To book your surgery date, there is a $2,500 deposit that will be applied towards the total cost of your procedure.

Read and Sign

With a surgical date scheduled, your next step is reading and signing all required paperwork and consent forms.

You will receive a packet that contains all of the necessary paperwork, as well as your pre- and post-op instructions, when you schedule your procedure.

Medical Clearance

Before any cosmetic surgical procedure, you will need to receive medical clearance from a physician. This examination ensures that you are healthy enough to go under general anesthesia for your surgery.

The exact testing each patient goes through varies depending on what procedures they will be having, but most medical clearance exams consist of comprehensive blood work panels and a complete physical.

If you are having a breast augmentation, you will need to have had a mammogram in the last 12 months. If you are having a labiaplasty, you will need to have a current negative pap smear.

Your doctor should complete your medical clearance at least two weeks before your scheduled surgical date. This period gives Dr. Cat time to receive and review your test results.

Travel Plans and Recovery

Dr. Cat’s office works with the concierge luxury hotel, AKA, to host out-of-town patients in Beverly Hills.

We recommend arriving in the area at least one day before your scheduled procedure so that you can have a pre-operative appointment with Dr. Cat.

After your surgery, you will either be required to stay in an aftercare facility or be discharged back to your hotel the same day. This determination depends on which procedures you have had.

After your surgery, you must remain in the area for at least one week. Plastic surgery tourism patients with more complex or extensive procedures should stay in the area for at least two weeks.

Dr. Cat recommends every out-of-town patient bring an adult friend or family member who can assist you in your recovery during this time.

If you cannot bring someone, we will help arrange for a private nurse or caretaker to assist you until you are cleared to go home.

Frequently Asked Plastic Surgery Tourism Questions

Before jumping into your plastic surgery tourism journey, there are certain things to consider. The following are some of the most common questions patients have before traveling for cosmetic procedures.

Is Plastic Surgery Tourism Better Than Having Surgery In Your Home Country?

This determination depends largely on where you live.

Suppose that you live in a region where cosmetic procedures are scarce, or the existing surgeons are inexperienced. In that case, traveling to a more high-demand city for plastic surgery is a better option.

Surgeons in high-demand cities are more experienced, and the plastic surgery clinics there are held to higher standards.

Patients who receive surgery with an inexperienced surgeon in an area that uses unsafe or outdated methods are more likely to experience unsatisfactory outcomes.

These surgeons and their clinics are not held to the same safety standards as clinics in areas like Los Angeles. This disparity is why it is important to research the region in which you desire surgery and the number of practitioners there.

Is It Safe to Travel for Plastic Surgery?

Yes, traveling for plastic surgery is typically very safe. Please do your research beforehand and become familiar with the city you will be visiting.

You will want to be well-informed about where you will be staying, as well as the clinic where you will be receiving your procedure.

When Can I Fly After Plastic Surgery?

Most plastic surgery tourism patients can fly at least two weeks after their procedure.

For outpatient procedures, patients may be able to fly at least one week after their surgery. Dr. Cat can advise you on the best time to return home by plane after your specific procedures.

For more information, please see our Out of Town Patients page.

Plastic Surgery Tourism in Beverly Hills

If you are interested in plastic surgery tourism in Los Angeles, please contact the office of Dr. Cat Begovic.

Dr. Cat is an expert cosmetic surgeon who provides procedures like tummy tucks, vaginal rejuvenation, and mommy makeovers to patients from all around the globe.

She has developed innovative techniques for some of the most common procedures to ensure that her patients receive the best possible results with minimal pain and a faster recovery.

This expertise is why so many patients are eager and willing to travel far and wide for her services.

Dr. Cat has a smooth process for out-of-town patients. Her staff can walk you through the process each step of the way, helping you to have the best plastic surgery tourism experience possible.

From consultation to recovery, you can rest assured that Dr. Cat will make your cosmetic procedure a success. Book your consultation with Dr. Cat today to begin your plastic surgery journey with the best foot forward.

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